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IN SHORTS #26 📢 late November MEGA News Roundup

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London straight edge hardcore pack PAYDAY are streaming their debut demo ‘Second To None’. The record is scheduled for an early 2018 release via British label Quality Control Records.

As teased in early October, Berlin’s emotive post hardcore band ERAI have released their new EP on lifeisafunnything. The amazing record has been unleashed for streaming below.

The very same label has dropped a full stream of “Empty rooms, full bodies” by BONEFLOWER, an incredible, heart-wrenching alt post hardcore / post rockish act from Madrid. Heartfelt and nostalgic, the record resonates deeply, and is a must listen for this Winter. The record will be available through Lifeisafunnything (Hof, Germany), Saltamarges (Girona, Spain), Dingleberry records (Giessen, Germany), zilpzalp records (Leipzig, Germany), Walking is still honest (Berlin/Córdoba, Germany/Spain), À fond d’Cale prod (Nancy, France), Unlock yourself (Rostov-on-don, Russia), and Tirano intergaláctico (Toledo, Spain). Check out the full stream below, stay tuned for the physical release and GO HERE to see their upcoming dates.

Austrian screamo / emoviolence bands UNABLE TO FULLY EMBRACE THIS HAPPINESS and VARICELLA ZOSTER have shared their new split record.

Small Czech IY collective Happy Mutant has shared a cool new compilation of 11 tracks from 6 alt, emo, post hardcore bands worth a check this Winter.

London post punks NEGATIVE SPACE are streaming their debut LP Gestalt, out now on UK’s Drunken Sailor Records and South London’s queer label Always Restrictions.

Berlin’s shoegaze/alt/emo label Backpack Records has released an amazing, compilation featuring 8 tracks that will stick with you for weeks! The purpose of the release is to give some attention to smaller bands that we think are doing something great and different. All profit from the compilation will be donated to the Berlin based animal welfare charity Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V..

Noise/sludge experimental duo SHOTO (interviewed for IDIOTEQ last year)
have released a new grim record called ‘SHOTO V2​.​0’,delivering a twisted mixture of influences and creating a fresh touch to the mixture of many contrary styles. There’s an admirable level of refinement to their extreme intensity, even as it also feels perfectly controllable. You’ve been warned.

Post hardcore act GLASSJAW have finally confirmed the release of their long awaited third album, ‘Material Control’. It will be released on the 1st December via Century Media Records. Check out new single ‘Shira’ below.

REFUSED have entered a Gotland, Sweden recording studio, to begin work on their next record and follow-up to 2015’s Freedom. See some teasers HERE and HERE.

Book Yer Ane Fest, a three-day celebration of DIY punk music and culture as a positive force, start this weekend! Dubbed “Hardcore Against Immiseration”, this year’ss edition takes place in Dundee, Scotland. It aims to raise money and awareness for a number of important charitable organisations whilst supporting their ongoing work in our communities. GO HERE and HERE to get more details.

Grungy stoner alt indie rockers FK MT. and IRIS JUPITER arer streaming their new split record, available now on Open Door Records. Listen below and GO HERE to check out CASUAL FRIDAY’s recent tour diary, featuring mentions of both bands.

Powerviolence acts ENDLESS SWARM (Edinburgh) and DISPARO (Sydney) are streaming their new brutal split below!

Brazilian experimental noise rockish post hardcore band ENEMA NOISE have dropped their third recorcd “Eventos Inevitaveis”, and it’s one hell of a twisted ride! The record serves a more fully realized and textured vision of what they offered on their previous offerings, and it’s literally fizzing with exploratory vibrancy. be sure to give it a listen!

Seattle metalcore act HIMSA will reunite at Northwest Terror Fest, scheduled for May 31 through June 2 at the Neumos, Barboza, and Highline Bar venues in Seattle, WA. The band will perform their Courting Tragedy and Disaster album in its entirety.

Basque Country sick noise grind duo MUTILATED JUDGE are streaming new record “Coldplay Is A Shoegaze Band” via Parisian label KNIVES OUT RECORDS. Join the wicked ride below.

If you are into 250bpm blast beats and gory bass grooves, make sure to stop and check out this promising weed-party harsh grindcore euro band. You can’t escape them, they tour everywhere at any time !!! Their first studio release “Coldplay Is A Shoegaze Band” will be out January 2018. This gem was recorded and mixed at The Cripple Room in Lureuil, France with the amazing blast-beat machine Guillaume Béry (Pulmonary Fibrosis, Embryopathia) on drums, and mastered in Portland, OR, USA by Joel Grind, the guy behind Toxic Holocaust and who mastered Poison Idea’s latest release, Integrity and Power Trip’s “Nightmare Logic”, among others.

Michigan post hardcore alt rockers LA DISPUTE are prepping their new album with producer and engineer Will Yip (Turnstile, Quicksand) – see the video teaser HERE. They commented:

“We’ve been writing and recording another LP this year and are looking forward to sharing it with everyone. It took us a while and we’re still working but things are great and we’re all very proud and happy. William Yip has been a king in the studio with us, I’d be remiss not to mention the hard work he’s contributing too. More updates soon!”

One year after the premiere of their previous record here on IDIOTEQ, Italian hardcore punks RAKE-OFF are back with a new album called “Feeding the Fake”, to be released next month via CBCprod label. Check out the new song “Closed Minds, Open Mouths” below.

Emotional, melodic hardcore punk band TERRIBLE LOVE are streaming the title track for their new record “Doubt Mines”, slated for a January 19, 2018 release via Through Love Records and Big Scary Monsters.

London based Terrible Love are set to return with their second EP, ‘Doubt Mines’.
Having to overcome lineup changes, busy schedules and writers block caused the writing process to stretch out for the best part of a year. It is a small miracle that the record exists at all, let alone be a step up from 2015’s critically acclaimed ’Change Nothing’.

From the minimalist lament of the opener ‘First Flowers’ to the two and a half minute barrage of the title track, ‘Doubt Mines’ showcases a growth in the bands sound, adding melody and nuance without sacrificing any of the intensity of their brand of post-hardcore.

With production once again in the hands of Lewis Johns, the band spent a week in Southampton crafting the songs, resulting in a dynamic eighteen minutes of introspection and interweaving guitar lines, all bolstered by a brawny low end and deft drumming, and rounded out perfectly by new vocalist Jack Saunders.

PENNYWISE have finished recording their long-awaited new album, soon to be mixed for a potential spring 2018 release. Their last record Yesterdays was released in 2014 on Epitaph.

“It’s already done, just waiting for it to be mixed. We have about 15 songs in the can. One of them is called “American Lies,” if you want some inspiration it’s right there, a song Jim wrote and I think you can probably figure out what the song is about from the title alone. We’ve got a raging fast album that I feel like is our best work since Full Circle and Straight Ahead. We’re able to go back to the old school vibe and that’s hard to do. Bands try to go back and recreate their first or second albums and somehow this time we stumbled across an old formula that really worked. It’s aggressive and has a lot of cool lyrics. We’re looking forward to getting it out there around March. We don’t have a title for it yet but we’re meeting this week to put the finishing touches on it and get another one out there for the masses.”

La Vida Es Un Mus label is streaming the new dark, raw, and obscure demo from SUBDUED, an unearthy hardcore punk band wirth a check while the gloomy winter months might still be upon us.

Australian creepy death metal enigma PORTAL have dropped a new track called “Phreqs”, coming from the band’s upcoming debut “ION”, to be released on January 26, 2018 via Profound Lore Records.

After two hundreds of shows, four tours along Europe and UK, opening for Converge, Full Of Hell, Birds in Row, Graf Orlock, Mutoid Man, Unsane, Jungbluth, Celeste, La Dispute, Suis La Lune, and Norma Jean, raging hardcore/metal hybrid STORM{O} (interviewed for IDIOTEQ 3 years ago) are storming their ways through Europe once again! GO HERE to see the details.

“Hailing from Belluno, an Alpine town embedded in the Dolomites of Northern Italy, come STORM{O}, a young and fucking annihilating hardcore band who’s debut album just literally explodes in your face like a hand granade, pulverizing bones in a cloud of pure rage”

Pittsburgh punk rock label A-F Records are streaming their new sampler featuring bands that performed at Pre-Fest 5, and FEST 16!

After numerous tours with Napalm Death, Heaven Shall Burn, Mantar and many more, muscular metallic hardcore pack DEATHRITE are back on the road in Germany in February/March! They will join forces with SPACE CHASER from Berlin and PHANTOM WINTER from Würzburg. GO HERE to see the details.

Berlin raw punk’n’rollers LAMEBRAINS are streaming their debut record “Lobotomy Lifestyle”, full of catchy hooks, DIY approach and great feel of early melodic punk and gritty pop punk from the 90s.

Orange County veteran street punk rockers U.S. BOMBS (Slope Records) are back in action and recorded new music for Slope Records while they prepare for a US tour in January and early February. The band has two new releases set to drop, one of which is a Clash tribute EP and one is an EP of brand new songs. See more details HERE.

Grungy funeral post hardcore act NECRODANCER has premiered their debut record “Void”, co-released by Throatruiner Records and Lost Pilgrims Records, and available via Deathwish Inc. distribution. Check it out below and expect a physical release in mid February. GO HERE to listen.

If you have been following the label over the years you have probably already heard these guys – Necrodancer’s vocalist was on both Verdun records, their guitarist/backing vocalist sings in Belgium’s most underrated band DAGGERS, and their drummer played on the Cowards/Amanda Woodward offshoot Death Mercedes. “Void” was recorded and mixed in Laval by Amaury Sauvé at The Apiary • Recording Studio, Laval FR, then mastered at AUDIOSIEGE by Brad Boatright. And as if the record wasn’t great enough I provided some backing vocals on “The Inquisition”. The band will play their first shows in ten days (Dec.8 in Liège and Dec.9 in Paris) and are working on an european tour with Sataŋ in February.

Franco-belgian squad NECRODANCER doesn’t waste time with warning shots and directly introduce themselves to the world with “Void”, their debut album. Formed in 2016 between Paris and Liège by members hailing from various corners of the heavy music realm (Verdun, Daggers, Death Mercedes, Radio Maquis…) the band establishes with “Void” an already personal, hard-to pin sound. Drawing as much from swampy noise rock as from the punkier edge of later-era Darkthrone, these self-proclaimed funeral grungers are as comfortable with surprisingly catchy melodic hooks as with remorseless crust assaults. Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row, Plebeian Grandstand, Death Engine) then mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Okkultokrati, Nails, Full Of Hell) for maximum damages, NECRODANCER’s firepower will be hard to ignore.

Glasgow’s multi-cultural fuzzy indie rockers HOW WE GOT GIRAFFES have self-released their second EP “Taste, or Don’t” and you can stream it below. Ready for late night independent radio airplay, the record sounds brilliantly unsettling, and hopefully teases more intriguing records in the months to come.

We formed in late 2015, started writing our own first songs in a bedroom and played our debut gig in a tenement living room in January 2016. In the same year we have recorded and self-released our first EP “Leaves on the Ground”, and later a cover of “Shade and Honey” for a Sparklehorse tribute project – “A Room Full of Sparkles” – thought up by our friends at Oh Dear Records and released in March 2017.
Around the same time we piled into a tiny car with the double bass, keyboard, guitar and drums and we embarked on a tour of Scotland and the North of England. After hitting the studio upon our return to Glasgow, our new EP, “Taste, or Don’t” was released at the end of September.

French punks SYNDROME 81 have teamed up with Sabotage Records to release their new record Beton Nostalgie, a collection of songs released on various EP and split records. The full stream of the LP has been released through the player below.

18 songs from their Demo, Litovsk split, UVPR compilation song, Desert Urbain, BMAB single serie and Urban Savage split. It is coming in a gatefold jackets with awesome drawing by All Cats Are Grey

France’s Syndrome 81 started gaining momentum in the Punk scene with their 2013 demo tape, drawing comparisons to the plethora of great bands that defined the French Oi sound of the 1980s with a heavy stomp culled from classic USHC. The band has progressed since then, and the sound is more diverse but also more defined, having filed off some of the American influences and moved in a darker, distinctly French direction that is both melancholy and anthemic, with lyrics being influenced by growing up in Brest, France.

The band comes from this dark place and write songs about their personal struggles growing up and growing old. These are songs about watching your friends lose sight and move on while you question why you are still here, haunted by your past and having to look your former self in the eye while you apologize for who you’ve become. These are songs about trudging through a desert you built yourself.

Poznań based psych tinged rock’n’roll trio ETERNAL SKY has released their debut EP, available for streaming below.

The electric power trio is driven by simplicity and raw energy, fueled by the blues roots and psychedelic rock with heads turned up to space. Everybody is welcomed to take a ride on our space odyssey.

This is our debut EP and in the times of electronic beats and computer made music, we wanted it to be as authentic and organic as it can be. There was only one recording session, the tracks were recorded in one or two takes, and there were no overdubs. Simple as that, we captured our live sound, with all the background noises, mistakes, and other gems, that we are proud of.

Minnesota’s emotive alt punk rockers TINY MOVING PARTS are releasing a new song, titled “Caution” today with an accompanying video directed by John Komar. The new track hints at exciting things to come for the band – make sure to keep an eye open for more announcements over the coming weeks!

Vocalist/guitarist Dylan Mattheisen has played in Tiny Moving Parts with his cousins, brothers Matthew Chevalier and Billy Chevalier since junior high school, and their tight, mathy post hardcore-pop punk combination shows their skills in spades. Their live show is frenetic, and their musical prowess is impressive – the complexity of their songs makes it difficult to believe there are only three of them onstage. The band first drew attention with the release of their debut LP This Couch Is Long & Full of Friendship in 2013 on Kind of Like Records, eventually signing to Triple Crown Records in 2014, who released their second LP Pleasant Living later that year. In 2016, Tiny Moving Parts released their third LP, Celebrate, to widespread acclaim from NPR, Noisey, Alternative Press, the AV Club and many others and were nominated for the “Best Underground Band” award at the 2016 APMAs and “Best New Artist Music Video” at the 2017 APMAs.

Arrest Records Australia has unveiled a new split record from thrashy hardcore punks HOSTILE OBJECTS and CHINESE BURNS UNIT

Italian melodic thrashy skate punks THANX 4 ALL THE SHOES have released their third LP called Another Ride, an excellent addition to their discography and a fine treat for fans of PROPAGANDHI-alike offerings. Released through White Russian Records, Disconnect/Disconnect, and No Reason Records, the record can be heard below. It’s a powerful mixing pot of important issues, emotions, and loads of energy, as well as contagious hooks that makes it a really good listen! Check it out and tell your friends!

Thumper Punk Records is honored to announce the release of Chris Jones’ contribution to the 3 Song Acoustic EP series. As the leader of Orange County, California, punk bands Call to Glory (RIP) and currently The Heroes (formerly Bar Room Heroes), Chris’s music is best described as “greasy rock-n-roll for Jesus”. His 3 Song Acoustic EP blends punk, rock & roll, rockabilly, and a bit of country into three amazingly heartfelt songs from the tattooed Deacon.

Canadian alt hardcore punk band SINGLE MOTHERS have released the full stream of their recent AudioTree Session. Founded by lead singer Drew Thomson,, the band have gone through a series of incarnations and traded/lost many members over their career but Thomson has always remained the driving force and cornerstone of the aggressive, poetic project. Check out their brutally introspective, loud as hell performance right here.

Italian thrashy hardcore/metal machine MuD are streaming their new record “The Sound Of The Province”. Listen below and GO HERE to see their upcoming dates.

Tiny Engines label has released their first ever free sampler compilation, featyring tracks from THE HOTELIER, SINAI VESSEL, LOOK MEXICO, and 21 other bands worth a check!

Indiana hardcore band IN THE FACE OF WAR have shared the full stream of the only surviving audio from their final show that took place in Indianapolis on May 11th, 2011.

In a year filled with album releases from some big names in the indie rock world, it’s understandable that some great records from smaller artists would somehow slip under your radar. Hence, a friendly reminder about TELETHON‘s wonderfully, ambitious indie/punk rock opera ”The Grand Spontanean: A Tale Told In Five Acts’, which you may have missed upon its release earlier this fall.

Produced by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor, The Smith Street Band) ‘The Grand Spontanean’ is a cosmic trip of punk rock filtered through straight up rock n’ roll a la Thin Lizzy, Weezer’s anthemic power pop and every other style in which they could meld their sound into. It resulted in a true blue rock opera about a self-centered, internet addicted twenty-something realizing the world’s about to end in a storm of noise and chaos.

Brighton indie-punks HARKER are delighted to announce their debut album ‘No Discordance’ which is set for release on Friday, February 9th, 2018. To celebrate, the band are streaming a new track titled ‘300 Cigarettes’ which you can hear below:

With 10 tracks of valve-busting punk rock, No Discordance is the result of months of hard work and an exhaustive journey to create what is a true mission-statement of an album. “No Discordance is a beast. We’ve thrown everything at it. It’s been the most difficult, but rewarding work we’ve done,” explains vocalist/guitarist, Mark Boniface.

THE NUMBER TWELVE LOOKS LIKE YOU will celebrate the 12th anniversary of its second full-length, Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear., by performing the album in its entirety across a 12-date US tour, kicking off in Philly on Dec 12th. Supporting The Number Twelve on the “12 Days of 12” tour are the UK’s Rolo Tomassi and new Good Fight Music signing Cryptodira. The band has now launched a brand new promo video for the tour. Watch below. In addition, now through November 27th, fans can buy Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear. at a 25% discount through Silent Pendulum Records’ holiday sale. The album is available in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, including color vinyl variants that were previously sold out. Shop here and enter discount code “nuclear”:

Philadelphia hardcore outfit JESUS PIECE has confirmed a co-headlining run of Eastern US Tour dates with Vein for January. The newly-confirmed tour sees JESUS PIECE beginning what will prove to be a tour-packed 2018 right from the start, kicking off on January 2nd in Boston, followed by a show in Wilmington on the way to their return to FYA Fest 5 in Tampa. Following the fest, the tour runs through Decatur, Memphis, Cincinnati, and ends in Louisville on January 11th. In addition to Vein, Typecaste and Separated will provide support on all shows. GO HERE to see more details.

Alternate punk band STEAL THE CITY have just released their new single Manufactured. Watch below and GO HERE to see our late August premiere of their previous video “Beating Heart”

Sonic adventurers DARK HORSES have just launched a brand new music video for their single ‘XIII’ this week – ahead of their tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club which kicks off tomorrow – and we’d love to hear what you think! The new single is out now (released Nov 24th) and this accompanying video is a collaboration with Italian dancer / choreographer Király (AKA Marta Antinucci) and visual artist T.S. Sanchez. Shot in Berlin, it depicts the coexistence of everyday life alongside the surreal, in a Fritz Lang futuristic style, with urban dystopian scenes.

Boston-based pop punk band BLEACHER DAYS will be releasing their new EP I Only Saw True Purpose on December 1st, but the band has teamed up with New Noise Magazine to share an exclusive stream early. The six tracks produced by Chris Piquette (Trophy Wives, Lions Lions) are angst-charged, introspective songs that are poppy, but still pack enough punch to keep the mosh pits moving.

Bleacher Days will be setting out on tour this December with Riviera (who recently performed at the Warped Rewind at Sea event). The punk package will start in Stroudsburgh, PA and end in Attleboro, MA on 12/16 (full list of dates HERE).

The CURSED EARTH / SHACKLES tour which is rolling through Australia in December. GO HERE to see the dates, but first hit the play button below to see what to expect.

Italian emotive alt pop punk rockers A KIND OF SUPERHERO have premiered a new music video for their song On My Own. Watch below.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed 7th studio album “The Canyon” via Hopeless Records, THE USED are excited to announce their live return to Europe. See the dates HERE.

Southern California-based metal/hardcore outfit TWITCHING TONGUES will kick off their North American tour supporting Hatebreed this week. The 20 Years Of Desire, 15 Years Of Perseverance tour will commence on November 22nd in Poughkeepsie, New York and run through December 9th in Sayreville, New Jersey. Additional support will be provided by Dying Fetus and Code Orange. See confirmed dates HERE.

ARCADIAN CHILD, a psych rock amalgam from Limassol, Cyprus, has released their debut record “Afterglow”, available for streaming below. There’s an interesting confidence in the slower tempos and more dynamic hooks that add as sense of richness and smart thinking to their alternative take on psych rock, and it’s really worth a check!

Their sound is defined by guitar driven psychedelia infused with ambient elements, hallucinogenic patterns and cathartic outbursts. Accommodating their style, elements of both the Western and Eastern culture enrich their expressive canvas while their lyrics interpret contemporary society’s status quo after taking a deep plunge into one’s subconscious. During their live performances the band creates a high intensity surreal audio-visual stimulant resulting into a deep connection with the audience. After a series of impressive performances across the island’s major venues and accredited festivals including Fengaros Festival, Flying Away Festival, Limassol Rock Festival, Nicosia Rock Festival, the International Tattoo Convention and Nicosia Youth Festival; the band recorded and released its debut album “Afterglow” on the 29th of October in 2017.

Parisian alt rockers CHASING DAISY have shared a new videoo for their song “Here And Now”.

MARIJANNAH, a new stoner/doom metal band from Singapore featuring members of grindcore band WORMROT (Earache Records), one of our most beloved emo/post-hardcore bands THE CAULFIELD CULT and sludge band ABOLITION A.D.. The band has recently announced that Pink Tank Records from Germany will be releasing their debut record “Till Marijannah” on 15th March 2018. You can check out the band’s debut single “Snakecharmer” on Spotify, iTunes, and below.

Italian psych tinged garage indie rockers BEE BEE SEA are streaming their new record ‘Sonic Boomerang’.

“… a psychedelic speedway rammed through by the frenetic spit of punk.” (NPR Music)
“… they have welded and melded a glorious pop-inflected garage psych sound that should propel them around the world on a wave of euphoria.” (Louder Than War)
“… guitar music at its most primal” (Clash)
“… a record so intricate that it fits its own name perfectly” (Northern Transmissions)
“… an authentic rock sound that’s unapologetically raw and refreshingly sincere.” (EarMilk)

South Carolina’s HUNDREDTH released their critically acclaimed full length, RARE, earlier this year on Hopeless Records, making a dramatic sound change from aggressive hardcore to a dynamic blend of lush shoegaze and driving post-punk. Today, the band have shared RARE B-Sides, “Melancholia” and “Porcelain,” two driving tracks from that recording session. GO HERE to check it out. The band will be hitting the road this week to start their full U.S. headlining tour, with support from Gleemer, Tennis System, and Spotlights. See the full itinerary HERE.

15 years of pop-core act A DAY TO REMEMBER – the band will be hitting the road this February to celebrate, and PAPA ROACH, FALLING IN REVERSE, as well as THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA will be joining them. GO HERE to see the dates.

Southern post hardcore hard rockers HE IS LEGEND have released a new music video for their song “Sand”, directed by Justin Reich (Black Label Society, Zakk Wylde etc). The track comes from their new record ‘Few’, released earlier this year.

MACHINE HEAD have shared a live video for their track “Now We Die“, shot at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA back in 2015. The footage will be included on a bonus DVD featured with the CD/DVD digipak edition of their album, “Catharsis“, which is out January 26th, 2018.

RADIOHEAD have announced 2018 tour dates in South America in April. GO HERE to see the details.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 2018 Grammy Awards. They include CODE ORANGE, MESHUGGAH, and BODY COUNT. GO HERE to browse through them all.
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