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IN SHORTS 📢 weekly wrap-up of punk, hardcore, metal, alternative releases of the week of January 22nd

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Vægtløs by Holmsgaard Photography
Vægtløs by Holmsgaard Photography

Step into our curated collection of this week’s most notable releases spanning hardcore, punk, metal, screamo, emo, and a dash of alternative rock. We’ve ventured into the depths of under the radar music and explored the outskirts of the mainstream to unearth these delightful findings. Explore below.

Iconic Seattle emo band SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE has broken their decade-long hiatus with a brand new song, “Novum Vetus.”

This seven-minute track, initially conceptualized in 1997 during the band’s reunion for the album ‘How It Feels to Be Something On,’ has been brought to fruition with the aid of new members Greg Suran and Chris Jordan at Seattle’s London Bridge Studio.

Accompanying the release of “Novum Vetus” is a music video, offering fans a visual experience of this long-awaited original song since 2014’s “Lipton Witch.” The recording session for “Novum Vetus” also served as an opportunity for the band to work on a live re-recording of ‘Diary’, their landmark 1994 debut. This special version, ‘Diary – Live at London Bridge Studio’, is set for release on May 3.

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of ‘Diary’, and Sunny Day Real Estate is celebrating with a tour, playing the album in its entirety. This new activity follows their reunion in 2022, which saw them returning to the stage for the first time since 2010, and continuing to perform live into the following year.

Sunny Day Real Estate’s return to the music scene, especially with “Novum Vetus,” has been highly anticipated, adding a new chapter to the band’s influential legacy. The release is a reminder of their enduring impact on the emo genre and their place in music history.

SKYCAMEFALLING, Long Island’s metalcore veterans, have dropped a brand new single titled “Laura Palmer”.

Known for their intense sound since forming in 1996, the band has embarked on a new chapter after reuniting their core lineup in 2010. Following their passionate journey to reimagine their classic ‘10.21’, this new track symbolizes both a homage to their roots and a bold step forward.

With the album’s vinyl release, featuring refreshed guitars, modern remixing by Chris Bittner, and mastering by Will Putney, it presents a contemporary twist on their iconic sound. The artwork by Jon Contino beautifully reinterprets the original design, complete with a full-color gatefold and an insert that dives into the EP’s history. Fans can grab their pre-order at and be part of Skycamefalling’s continuing legacy.

COLISEUM, the revered trio known as C.L.S.M, just broke their silence with ‘Infinity Shit’, their first album drop in a decade since ‘Anxiety’s Kiss’.

They’re cranking up the volume with a fresh music video for “The Strange” off the new album. Fans are pumped as the band gears up to hit the stage at Planet Of Tapes in Louisville, KY on April 20th.

After a surprise reunion and album release last November, COLISEUM’s return to the live scene was met with such fervor that a second show on April 21st was swiftly added to appease the demand.

With tickets flying, the band’s heartbeat, Ryan Patterson, reflects on the undying connection between him, Carter Wilson, and Kayhan Vaziri. Fueled by a burst of inspiration and a solid bond, ‘Infinity Shit’ is the result of hardcore D-beat rhythms, friendship, and a relentless creative drive. Get ready, Louisville—COLISEUM is back.

ALKALINE TRIO is back with their 10th studio album, ‘Blood, Hair And Eyeballs’, an apocalyptic journey that serves as their first offering since 2018.

Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano, in their interview with NME, describe the album as a dark record filled with moments of hope, a departure from their recent hiatus and a return to their roots of visceral storytelling and edgy soundscapes.

The band, known for their raw, punk-influenced tracks, promises that ‘Blood, Hair And Eyeballs’ will deliver the same fierce energy that marked their earlier work, with a modern twist.

The album signifies not just a number in their discography but a return to form, as Skiba’s renewed focus post-Blink-182 combines with Andriano’s sincere melodies to unleash what could be one of their most compelling records to date. Fans can expect ‘Blood, Hair And Eyeballs’ to hit all the right notes of nostalgia while firmly planting its feet in the present.

Alkaline Trio took the stage as the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, treating fans to a performance of “Bad Time.”

Stockholm’s hardcore scene gets a jolt of energy with the release of a demo by UNCHALLENGED.

Titled “Demonstration-01,” the demo features gritty tracks like “Grinding Teeth” and introduces a fresh wave of Stockholm hardcore. Recorded at The Dustward, Stockholm’s UNCHALLENGED delivers a dose of 90s-inspired hardcore with a blend of Merauder and Integrity influences. It combines aggression with danceable beats, infusing the Stockholm hardcore scene with a refreshing sound reminiscent of the past.

Ontario, Canada’s RUST has joined the New Age Records family.

Known for their metallic-hardcore sound influenced by bands like Terror, Hatebreed, and Machine Head, Rust has quickly gained recognition in the Ontario hardcore scene. They have opened for bands like Backtrack and Billy Club Sandwich and released singles, a 4-way split, and an EP titled “World Upside Down.”

Now, in 2024, Rust is set to release a new EP titled “True Decline” on New Age Records. This EP, mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, features 5 tracks of relentless metallic hardcore. The band consists of Tommy Wood on vocals, Rick Beaulieu on guitar, Rob Beaulieu on bass, and Dillon Forret on drums.

NØ MAN’s fresh track “Glitter And Spit” is tearing through the scene.

With roots tied to the pivotal Virginia hardcore band Majority Rule, this crew is no stranger to the hardcore labyrinth.

Their sound—a legacy continued from the screamo titans like Pg. 99 and City Of Caterpillar—is evolving yet again. Teaming up with Maha Shami, who once graced Majority Rule’s “Packaged Poison,” NØ MAN is an eruption of that relentless energy.

They’re hot off two blistering albums and a feature on Jeremy Bolm’s screamo compilation ‘Balladeers, Redefined’. Now, gearing up for their next drop ‘Glitter And Spit’, they promise a spring release that’s a sonic embodiment of fury, sparked by Shami’s profound experiences in Palestine. “Glitter And Spit” isn’t just a song, it’s an anthem for authenticity in the face of life’s distortions and imposed fantasies.

Danish screamo band DEMERSAL is gearing up to release their self-titled album later this year, and they’ve just dropped the first single, “Lys I Natten.”

Known for their expansive screamo sound, the band elevates their new track with theatrical vocals, metallic riffs reminiscent of Converge, and striking horn sections.

“Lys I Natten” tackles themes of anxiety, powerlessness, and the grief surrounding global crises like climate change and war, reflecting on the individual’s limited ability to effect change. The band also delves into the notion of privilege, acknowledging how people in the West can sometimes detach from these crises. The song is a call to remain conscious of global despair while sharing vulnerabilities with loved ones for mental well-being.

The upcoming album focuses on the significance of care and mutual support in times of crisis, challenging modern capitalist ideals of self-sufficiency. It’s about embracing vulnerability and seeking support in a world that feels increasingly difficult to navigate.

Hungarian metal/hardcore band THE SOUTHERN ORACLE is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a new single titled “Nocturnal Kingdom,” which includes two songs, “Executioner” and “Bodysnatcher”.

Known for their independent and DIY approach, the band has established itself as a metallic hardcore powerhouse in the Central-Eastern-European scene.

They have toured with acts like Harms Way, Sepultura, Hatebreed, Walls of Jericho, and Deez Nuts, showcasing their live skills and addressing political and ecological issues. The new single, “Nocturnal Kingdom,” explores old school metal roots with precision and attention to detail, promising a solid punch in the head.

COCK SPARRER has just dropped their latest music video for “With My Hand On My Heart”.

This track is a highlight from their upcoming album ‘Hand On Heart’, set to release in April 2024 under labels Captain Oi! in the UK, Randale in Europe, and Pirates Press in the USA.

ARROW MINDS just dropped their latest single ‘Waterfalls’, and it’s an electrifying blend of anger and emotion.

This track is a clear testament to the band’s evolving sound—never static, always in motion. ‘Waterfalls’ captures the essence of living in the now, cranking up the intensity for those who crave that full-throttle moment of clarity.

With a mix of gritty verses and an irresistibly clean chorus, this single is a shout out to love in the midst of chaos, complete with a breakdown that’ll leave mosh pits reeling. If you’re into the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, or Parkway Drive, you’re going to want to blast this at max volume.

HIGH AND DRY are back at it, sprinkling their trademark sad chorus pedal vibes over two new singles.

If their social media blitz slipped past you, here’s the lowdown: these latest tracks, ‘Fzed Out’ and ‘Thirteen’, are the final fruits of their collab with Chris Johnson from Deafheaven and Doomriders from last year. Brace for a potent mix of grungy emo and sad indie punk that’s as catchy as it is melancholic.

Post-hardcore metal mavens DSGNS are cranking up the volume in Austin, Texas.

Their latest single ‘Bloom’ just dropped, a heady mix of Southern-style chaotic hardcore and piercing metalcore vocals. Get ready to mark your calendars; their fresh EP ‘NOTHING IS WAITING FOR US’ is set to blast through your speakers on February 16, 2024. It’s all about that brain-burrowing scream and riff-heavy mayhem.

Singer-songwriter Frank Turner has unveiled exciting news regarding his upcoming 10th album titled “Undefeated,” set to be released on Friday, May 3rd, via Xtra Mile Recordings.

To coincide with this announcement, Turner has released the album’s debut single, “Do One,” accompanied by an accompanying music video. Fans can delve into the article below to experience the new track and discover further details about the album.

Los Angeles math-rock duo STANDARDS has announced their upcoming 3rd studio album titled ‘Fruit Galaxy,’ set to be released on March 22.

The album features a fruitful blend of musical expertise and catchy guitar-driven melodies, creating danceable yet complex instrumental rock.

They have also unveiled the first single, “Cosmos,” along with a music video, showcasing their ambitious musical prowess. The duo, known for their engaging live performances, is gearing up for a U.S. tour supporting Elephant Gym from March 1st-16th.

THE SMILE, a band featuring Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead along with drummer Tom Skinner from Sons Of Kemet, has released their second album titled ‘Wall of Eyes.’

The album blends jazz, kosmische, and prog influences, taking the band in a new direction compared to their previous work.

Jonny Greenwood’s guitar work and the production by Sam Petts-Davies emphasize eclecticism and volatility. Tracks like “Friend of a Friend” and “Bending Hectic” showcase the band’s allure with contrasting spectacles. “Wall of Eyes” continues the path set by their debut album, exploring exciting musical ideas that emerged during the pandemic.

The Smile has also announced their first European tour in March.

Chicago’s hardcore punk scene just got a fresh jolt of adrenaline from SNUFFED, who are currently streaming their new single “VICARIOUS EMBARRASSMENT.”

It’s a taste of what’s to come from their upcoming EP “Lobotomy Dream,” set to tear through your speakers on February 9th, courtesy of Another City Records. Crank it up and catch the single on all major platforms now—this is Chicago punk in its rawest form, no apologies.

Dead Serious Family just got tougher with NEW HATE RISING in the fold.

The group’s blend of classic New York Hardcore’s raw power and memorable melodies is the latest addition to the label’s roster.

Get ready for a mix of anthemic choruses and commanding guitar work that grips you and won’t let go. Stay tuned for their new 10″ record set to drop around May, with the exact date landing soon. Meanwhile, blast their latest single “As One” and brace for more tracks that’ll hit you like a freight train.

TNSrecords has just released the new single “No More” by Manchester garage punks BRUISE CONTROL.

This high-energy track is hardcore-tinged and showcases frenzied, fuzz-saturated playing and guttural howls. It captures the chaotic live energy of the band and serves as a cathartic anthem for those who can relate to the sentiment of screaming “No More!” repeatedly.

Bruise Control is also set to play a series of headline dates in London, Nottingham, and Manchester at the end of February, and they are gearing up for the festival season. Their debut album “Useless for Something” is available on vinyl.

Danish post metal band Vægtløs is releasing their album ‘Aftryk’ on February 2nd, and we’re premiering the last song from the album titled ‘Tag dit knuste hjerte og lav det til kunst’.

This song is dedicated to singer Troels Højgaard’s friend Christian, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The song reflects unconditional love between friends and incorporates quotes from Højgaard’s sons, who found it difficult to grasp the concept of young people dying. The song is a testament to Vægtløs’ unique style of addressing difficult and fragile topics through their music. The video for the song was created by artist Ingerlise Øllgaard.

Philadelphia’s KAONASHI unleashes their new EP, “The 3 Faces of Beauty: A Violent Misinterpretation of Morgan Montgomery,” via Equal Vision Records.

This EP, part of a series exploring the intricate lives of characters from Lemon House High, delves into Morgan Montgomery’s perspective, blending chaotic metalcore with themes of bullying and self-acceptance. The band’s latest music video for the intense track “We Got One” portrays Morgan’s struggles through a mix of grayscale and red visuals.

Vocalist Peter Rono addresses deep societal issues like race and homophobia, aiming to evoke the emotions of the character to offer a new understanding of young Black experiences. The EP’s sound is a dynamic journey, shifting from loud to soft, backed by improvised guitars and pulsating drums, all held together by Rono’s unique vocal style. The closing track, “Exit Pt. V,” leaves listeners anticipating what’s next from this genre-pushing band.

The noisecore scene just got hit with a sonic sledgehammer: the SEDEM MINUT STRACHU / 3 ONANY BOYS split 7″ is now streaming, courtesy of SPHC Records.

Sedem Minut Strachu, hailing from Slovakia, continues to reign as noisecore royalty with their brand of auditory onslaught, this time amped up by the infamous Spacegrinder from Japan.

On the flip side, Czech Republic’s own 3 Onany Boys bring their discordant freakout tunes to the party. With 300 copies up for grabs, this split is a must-have for noisecore aficionados and anyone craving a dose of extreme, ear-blasting euphoria.

Indie emo rockers KNAVERY are hitting new notes with new single “937”.

The Dayton, Ohio crew, known for blending alternative and indie vibes, has been making waves since their drummer/bassist Austin Labig and guitarist Alex Dahle joined forces with Grey Hawson. They’ve cranked out tunes for six years, leading up to their 2022 debut LP ‘Control,’ where they tossed in Nicholas Foley on lead guitar to up their game.

2023 saw them drop the existential EP ‘Neverlasting Life,’ teasing more with the single ‘Cool’ from their next album. They’re now hyping up fans for ‘Jamais Vu,’ a track promising to rock their foundations with post-hardcore vibes. On stage, they’ve jammed alongside emo icons like Hawthorne Heights and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, proving they can hang with the big names.

Hardcore punk band BIB has returned with their latest EP, “BIBLICAL,” featuring five frenetic and self-reflective hardcore punk jams.

The EP, released through Quality Control HQ, showcases the band’s signature style: chaotic yet poetic. BIB had the opportunity to collaborate with producer Arthur Rizk (known for Ghostemane and Power Trip), allowing them to push boundaries and experiment further with their music. The result is a collection of tracks characterized by BIB’s intense vocals, noise-driven riffs, and infectious rhythms.

The lyrics delve into themes of life, death, and the cyclical nature of existence.

Tokyo-based label, BSDJ, is sharing a cover compilation album titled “For Palestine” featuring 9 tracks as a fundraising effort for the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund.

The compilation spans a variety of genres within the emo spectrum and emphasizes human rights and spreading love while fighting hate. All profits, after fees, will be directed to the relief fund.

Triple B Records has just rekindled hardcore history by releasing “Demo 88” by RAW DEAL, a seminal force in the 80s New York City hardcore scene.

Formed by ex-members of Breakdown, including Carl Porcaro, Rich McLoughlin, and Anthony Drago, RAW DEAL quickly made a name for themselves in the hardcore community. The addition of Anthony Comunale (formerly of Token Entry) on vocals and Mike Sentkiewitz (ex-Sick of It All) on guitar completed the lineup, forging a sound that would leave an indelible mark on the scene.

RAW DEAL, which later evolved into Killing Time, embodied the raw energy and unfiltered aggression of the era. “Demo 88” is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a pivotal piece of hardcore history, capturing the essence of a band that would influence countless others. This release is a must-have for hardcore enthusiasts and a testament to the enduring legacy of one of the genre’s most influential bands.

Buffalo, NY-based band SPACED announce new album, “This Is All We Ever Get,” scheduled for release on March 22nd via Revelation Records.

Known for their unique blend of hardcore and otherworldly sounds, Spaced has created an explosive and hallucinogenic musical landscape.

The album, consisting of eight enthralling and dynamic tracks, kicks off with the single and album opener, “Landslide,” which is already available for streaming. “Landslide” boasts a powerful bounce, with vocalist Lexi Reyngoudt’s commanding vocals complementing the band’s swirling rhythms.

The accompanying music video, directed and edited by Adam Kellerman, features Lexi leading a “moshercise” class while the band provides the soundtrack. Spaced is gearing up for a North American tour starting on February 11th, supporting Militarie Gun and sharing the stage with Spiritual Cramp and Pool Kids.

Additionally, they will embark on a UK headline tour in March, joined by Going Off, Shooting Daggers, and Uncertainty on select dates. With their signing to Revelation Records in 2023 and the upcoming release of “This Is All We Ever Get,” Spaced continues to make waves in the hardcore scene, blending a range of influences while maintaining their unique identity.

Florida’s hardcore and metal scene is currently experiencing a resurgence, and leading the charge is the metallic hardcore band DOMAIN.

Having already released two EPs, they are gearing up for the release of their first full-length album, “Life’s Cold Grasp,” this Spring via DAZE.

As a teaser of what’s to come, the band has unveiled their latest single, “Spores Of Industry.” The track is a relentless onslaught of sinister guitar riffs, featuring heavy vocals by Alex Rothber and a guest appearance by Tyler Mullen of Scarab. “Spores Of Industry” culminates in a sonic assault that is bound to leave its mark in the mosh pit. Domain is set to perform at several Florida shows this weekend and will also take the stage at LDB Fest in Louisville, KY in March.

Antwerp-based metalcore crossover outfit, BECOMING A.D., has unveiled their latest EP, “SHEDDING,” through the KickOutTheJams label.

Hailing from Belgium, this thrash crossover hardcore band offers a fresh addition to the metalcore scene with their new release, showcasing their unique musical style and passion for hardcore music.

Post rock act ATONALITA has graced the ambient music scene with a new single, ‘The Last Sunset Symphony’, a cinematic and post-rock odyssey that encapsulates the essence of aural storytelling.

This track, released January 26, 2024, in collaboration with Eternal Colossus Records, is an exemplar of how to craft tension and narrative within a song.

With an expansive running time of over nine minutes, ‘The Last Sunset Symphony’ unfolds gradually, holding back the introduction of percussion until the sixth minute — a bold choice that demonstrates the track’s ability to transport listeners without it. It’s a testament to Atonalita’s compositional prowess, as the project builds an immersive soundscape that evolves seamlessly, engaging the listener’s imagination and evoking a multitude of emotions.

INFINITY SHRED, the instrumental band known for their cinematic and ethereal soundscapes, has released an impressive new EP titled “Sanctuary 2023” on January 26, 2024.

The EP features a blend of electronic, post-rock, and synthesizer elements that create a futuristic and immersive listening experience. All songs on the EP were composed and performed by Infinity Shred, which consists of Clara Warnaar, Damon Hardjowirogo, and Nathan Ritholz. Additionally, Jonathan Baken contributed to production, additional composition, and synth programming.

The EP was recorded by George Stroud at the First Presbyterian Church of Highland, mixed by George Stroud, and mastered by Nathan Ritholz. The cover art for “Sanctuary 2023” was created by Asif Siddiky.

Chinese post-punk band FAZI has re-released their concept album ‘Folding Story’ in Europe through Berlin’s Pelagic Records.

FAZI, based in Xi’an, China, has already established themselves in the alternative music scene with five full-length records.

‘Folding Story’ is described as a cyclic experience of rebirth and renewal, featuring contemplative tracks and a thematic motif of water. The album invites listeners to flow through it on a never-ending loop, representing the band’s array of experiences and lessons learned.

Despite their commercial success, FAZI maintains their authenticity and integrity, tackling philosophical and existential themes in their music. The album, initially released in 2022 on Space Circle, is accompanied by a feature-length companion film.

XREDLINEX, emerging from Chicago’s hardcore furnace, is storming onto the scene with their new track “Gatekeeper.”

This blistering anthem is a part of their debut release, set to drop on March 15th in both 7″ Vinyl and Digital formats via Steadfast Records.

The band, a formidable force in the hardcore world, is led by Marko Karacic, a notable figure from Chicago’s 90s hardcore scene, formerly with Blindside. XREDLINEX is a melting pot of talent, featuring members from 2Minute Minor (Chicago), Life Force & Vanguard (Texas), ZAO (West Virginia), and Tuning & Discourage (California). Their sound is an unyielding blend of Straight Edge Hardcore, rich with diverse influences yet unwavering in its intensity.

Catalan punk act, ENEMIC INTERIOR, has just dropped their new EP titled “III”. This release features 5 new songs that showcase the band’s signature somber punk sound with a unique twist.

Their music combines catchiness with emotive and bleak melodies, creating a sonic atmosphere that blends elements of Punk, Post-Punk, and even Death-Rock.

The EP was recorded by ENEMIC INTERIOR and mixed and mastered at Dead Air Studios by Will Killingsworth. The art and layout were done by David Sota, completing the package for this compelling release.

Sanctus Propaganda has recently unveiled “Niewolnicy” by CHUJOZA, featuring two new tracks that are currently available for streaming.

Chujoza is a young and passionate crust punk band hailing from Poland, making their mark on the DIY punk scene. Their debut LP comprises 11 old-school crust punk songs characterized by socio-political lyrics. The album also boasts impressive artwork created by Warbad Artwork and the mastering expertise of Dobra 12 Studio.

Fans of the DIY punk scene can anticipate the release of “Niewolnicy,” scheduled for April 1, 2024.

SATYASENA’s highly anticipated self-titled album is now available, marking a significant milestone in the journey of Pej Mon, the mastermind behind this project.

After memorable stints with bands like Secret Chiefs 3 and Ghoul, Pej Mon’s evolution into a multifaceted musician, mastering guitars and vocals, is fully realized in this debut.

The album, released on January 26, 2024, showcases Pej Mon’s deep dive into his creative essence, a process that began in 2016. Recorded at Sound of Siren studios in Los Angeles under the expert guidance of Toshi Kasai (known for his work with Melvins, Tool, and Big Business), the album is a polished and raw embodiment of Pej Mon’s artistic vision. Mastering by JJ at Golden Mastering and the captivating cover art by Mackie Osborne further elevate the album’s appeal.

Satyasena features a rich collaboration with various artists, including bassists Jeff Matz, Joe Lester, and Rusty Kennedy, as well as K.J. Karam on keyboards and synths.

Los Angeles-based noisy punk band CNTS is set to release their second album, “Thoughts & Prayers,” on March 29th via Ipecac Recordings.

The band consists of guitarist and producer Mike Crain (known for Dead Cross, Retox, Festival Of Dead Deer), drummer Kevin Avery (Retox, Planet B), and vocalist Matt Cronk (from Qui).

The band faced a major setback when Matt Cronk lost his vocal cord in a devastating car accident, leaving him unable to speak or sing. However, against the odds, Cronk’s injured vocal cord began to heal, and within two months, his voice returned. This unexpected recovery inspired the band to reunite and continue making music.

“Thoughts & Prayers” explores themes of pain, anger, and frustration, drawing from the challenges Cronk faced during his recovery. Songs like “Smart Mouth” and “Thoughts & Prayers” capture his emotions and experiences. The album also delves into topics like inequity and romantic conflicts.

Vancouver’s hardcore scene just got a seismic jolt with GHAUL’s latest EP, ‘Down Here Where I Am’, released through Rest Assured Records.

This four-track powerhouse is a visceral blend of aggression and catharsis, designed to echo in the ears of listeners and ignite mosh pits at live shows. Tackling themes of despair and the human struggle, Ghaul channels the spirit of hardcore luminaries like Bitter End and Take Offence, delivering their own take on the genre’s emotionally charged ethos.

Ghaul, composed of Rob Doucette on vocals, Skylar Townrow shredding guitar, Jordan Verrecchia on bass, and Caleb Campbell on drums, is gearing up to bring this new material to life on stage. Catch them at The Cobalt in Vancouver on February 10, or head down to Pizza Twist in Seattle on February 17 to experience the raw energy of ‘Down Here Where I Am’ live and unfiltered.

Punk rock icon Dave Smalley, known for his roles in bands like Don’t Sleep, DYS, Dag Nasty, All, and Down by Law, is battling cancer.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched by friends and family to assist with his mounting medical bills. After a challenging year that included chemotherapy, surgery, and Encephalitis-related hospitalizations, Dave is in recovery but facing significant financial burdens. Any contribution to the campaign will go directly towards his medical care and aid in his journey back to health, as expressed by his children who remain optimistic about his progress.

English musician Pete Barnes, under the moniker THISTLE SIFTER, has dropped his latest ambient instrumental post-rock album titled “Circles.”

Following his 2022 debut, “A Spectral Moon,” the album explores themes of mindfulness and spiritual renewal, reflecting Barnes’s personal journey after a serious cycling accident in 2020.

Denver-based emo band CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE has released a remastered version of their single “Slide,” previously featured on their 1995 anthology album alongside Jimmy Eat World.

Formed in 1993, the band’s brief but impactful career left a significant mark on the emo scene, despite their limited recorded output. After disbanding in 1996, they continue to inspire emerging artists, making this remastered release another notable reissue event for fans.

EMPTY FULL SPACE, a fresh addition to Spinda Records, has released their debut single “Amnesia,” blending psychedelia, kraut-rock, and space rock in their music.

This young French band, making waves in the Parisian indie scene, is already gaining attention from global indie media outlets.

Their debut album, ‘From the Limbo,’ is scheduled for release on March 20, with pre-orders available in limited editions on compact disc and vinyl records through Spinda Records.

Tennessee’s KNOLL is reshaping the grindcore landscape with their latest release, ‘As Spoken’.

Since their inception in 2017, they’ve consistently pushed boundaries, and this third album, clocking in at 41 minutes, is their most adventurous yet. Released on January 26, 2023, and self-produced, ‘As Spoken’ is a masterclass in controlled chaos, blending dizzying riffs, intense vocals, and a descent into what feels like a hellish abyss. The album’s standout feature is its ability to transform grindcore’s relentless blasting into something more nuanced, creating spaces that intensify the listener’s experience rather than provide relief. Tracks exceeding five minutes – a bold move in grindcore – exemplify this approach.

What sets ‘As Spoken’ apart in the grindcore genre, which is inching its way into the metal mainstream, is its blend of traditional grind elements with unexpected twists. The album weaves together classic death metal riffs, noise-influenced segments, and even melodic horn sections, offering a fresh take on a genre known for its extremity. The penultimate track, “Fettered Oath”, is a perfect example of this innovation, introducing horns that guide the listener through its heavy maelstrom.

Doom post metallers DEFYING are set to release their album “Wadera,” and you can currently stream three tracks from it.

The album is available for pre-order on Bandcamp and will be released on February 23, 2024. “Wadera” is a concept album inspired by the Polish horror film “The Wolf” (1983) and the short story “Wadera” (1977) by Jerzy Gierałtowski.

It tells a musical story about revenge from beyond the grave in the spirit of dark romanticism. The album was recorded using traditional equipment and microphones, without the use of plugins or samples, and features more than a hundred-year-old instruments to create a 19th-century atmosphere.

“LP1” by URAGANO is a sonic journey that delves into vectorial post-hardcore, offering a blend of deconstructed and nervous screamo.

The album incorporates elements from various genres such as post-metal and electronic, creating a unique soundscape that evolves with each riff. The lyrics in “LP1” combine everyday storytelling with hermetic metaphors, exploring themes of feeling out of place in an inhospitable environment. The album’s fragmented and dramatic nature captures the essence of uragano’s soul.

Polish hardcore outfit THE DOG has unleashed their fiery new single and video, “Bat-Friend.”

This intense track is the second glimpse of what’s to come from their upcoming album, “Somewhere Anywhere,” set to drop in February 2024.

THE SOUND OF ANIMALS FIGHTING Live in Philadelphia vinyl was a bigger hit than we anticipated!

The album, which captured the essence of a remarkable live performance, is now set to reach an even wider audience. On the occasion of the show’s 1-year anniversary, the band has decided to make the album available on all major streaming services, allowing fans to experience the magic once again.

This second pressing will feature alternative artwork and new variants, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts. Orders for the new vinyl edition will commence shipping on February 1st, ensuring that fans won’t have to wait long to get their hands on this extraordinary release.

Swedish modern metal outfit EYES WIDE OPEN have unleashed their latest single “Watch You Bleed”.

Hailing from Karlstad, the band fuses the legacy of Swedish melodic death metal with the vigor of metalcore, resulting in a unique blend marked by catchy melodies, robust drumming, dynamic rhythms, and a wide range of vocal styles. Their lyrics delve into both personal aspirations and the darker realms of fears and challenges.

Described by Alex from Heavy New York as “the smorgasbord of Swedish metal,” Eyes Wide Open comprises Erik Engstrand on vocals, Kristofer Strandberg wielding the guitar, Jesper Lindgren on bass, and Lucas Freise behind the drums.

Melodic post-hardcore emo rockers DREAM STATE have unveiled their latest work, ‘Still Dreaming,’ an EP that encapsulates the band’s relentless energy and evolution since their lineup refresh in 2022.

The Welsh quartet, now with Jessie Powell’s commanding vocals, Jake Bowen on bass, and Tom Connelly’s dynamic drumming, have not only survived a tumultuous journey since ‘Untethered’ but have thrived, carving out a sound that’s heavy, harmonious, and haunting. The EP is a testament to perseverance, a message to keep pushing regardless of life’s obstacles.

In a candid discussion with Rock Sound, Jessie Powell reflects on the whirlwind experience and the surreal feeling of achievement, from touring Europe to playing alongside Funeral For A Friend. The EP, ‘Still Dreaming’, isn’t just a collection of tracks; it’s the band’s affirmation, a statement of intent, and a showcase of their chemistry and growing synergy.

Across seven tracks, Dream State stretches their creativity, blending electronic-rock with heavy riffs and energetic synth-rock, all anchored by Powell’s confident and potent vocal performances. ‘Still Dreaming’ is a powerful step forward for Dream State, a band that continues to dream, create, and inspire.

London’s punks MVLL CRIMES just unleashed a live beast with ‘SLED ISLVND 2023’.

Their latest collection, featuring raw cuts like ‘MOSH COP’ and ‘SINS OF FYTHER’, captures the gritty essence of their stage presence. Fresh from stirring things up on CBC Music’s The Intro, they’re turning heads and dialing up the discourse with tracks from their biting EP ‘You Embvrrvss Me’. Expect a mix of furor and satire—this is MVLL CRIMES live, no holds barred.

IRON LUNG Records has released a new EP by punk band VIOLIN.

This EP features London’s hardcore punk band Violin and includes four tracks that collectively span less than 6 minutes in total. It delves into themes of willful ignorance, metropolitan dread, paranoid visions, and fatal submissions.

DEATH SPA, a weirdo hardcore band with current and former members of various other bands, has released their first single titled “Cracked Eggs” on Bandcamp.

This single represents the first studio recordings of Death Spa as a full live band, offering definitive versions of their songs. The band’s music is influenced by a range of genres including prog, no wave, thrash metal, and 70’s and 80’s synthy horror movie soundtracks.

They have been described as a mix of The Residents and Lightning Bolt, delivering a unique and unconventional sound that will blow your ears from the first listen.

Hardcore group ’92 is making waves with their latest track and video for “Above the Law,” a precursor to their highly anticipated self-titled debut EP, set to drop on February 23 via Rude Records.

The EP is a reflection of the turbulent 1992 riots, weaving themes of social justice and inclusion into their unique blend of hardcore and hip-hop.

The band recounts that the genesis of “Above the Law” began years ago with a bass line from guitarist Brandon DeVincenzo. This funky yet aggressive riff set the tone for a song that’s as much at home in a mosh pit as it is booming from car speakers. Jabril Ward’s vocals are front and center, delivering hard-hitting truths that make the lyrics the focal point of the song, distinguishing it from the rest of the EP with its pronounced rock/hip-hop elements.

KILL THE THRILL has just released their new album “Autophagie” on January 26, 2024, under the Season Of Mist.

The band’s music, deeply rooted in the noisy wave of the early ’90s, combines post-punk and post-rock elements to create an immersive and hypnotic atmosphere characterized by its dense, multi-layered sound. With a history dating back to their formation in 1989, Kill The Thrill has evolved over the years, exploring various sonic landscapes.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Swans, Einstürzende Neubauten, My Bloody Valentine, Young Gods, Killing Joke, William Basinski, and Brian Eno, Kill The Thrill’s music is described as haunting, exciting, and beautifully arranged, making it a noteworthy addition to the post-punk and noise rock genres.

THE CHISEL, known for their hardcore punk rock anthems, is set to release their highly anticipated new album, “What A F*cking Nightmare,” on February 9th via Pure Noise Records.

They have recently shared the final single from the album, titled “Bloodsucker.”

This high-energy track blends Oi! hooks with hardcore stomp, delivering a powerful and catchy sound. The song “Bloodsucker” is about dealing with someone who won’t stop bothering you with their nonsense.

They have also announced upcoming shows in the US, UK, and EU, including dates with bands like Madball, Scowl, Sunami, and Home Front.

WHITECHAPEL’s latest live album, “Live In The Valley,” is officially released today through Metal Blade Records.

The recording was captured during the band’s seventh annual Christmas Benefit Show on December 22nd, 2022, in Knoxville, Tennessee, featuring tracks from their albums “The Valley” and “Kin.” The audio for the live album was meticulously recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by WHITECHAPEL’s guitarist, Zach Householder. This release serves as a conclusion to one chapter in the band’s career as they gear up to work on their ninth studio album.

Fans can check out the live video for “This Is Exile” on the band’s official platform and previously released live footage for “Lost Boy” at another location. WHITECHAPEL’s impressive discography has solidified their reputation in the metal scene, with albums like “The Valley” and “Kin” showcasing their evolution and dedication to pushing the genre’s boundaries.

TSURIS, Atlanta’s blackened death metal stormbringers, have unleashed their latest auditory assault, ‘Black Magick Ecstasy’.

Emerging from Georgia, US, the band fuses a relentless metal onslaught with punk undertones, crafting an explosive blend that promises to detonate through the scene.

This release is a whirlwind of intensity, a convergence of everything that can blow a listener’s mind. Strap in for a wild ride with TSURIS, where black metal meets its match in raw, unbridled energy.

BRUGADA has officially released their new album ‘To Slow Death and Fast Riffs’, a sonic expedition that marries the raw edge of metal with technical mastery.

As discussed in our piece nine days ago, Brugada steps out from Astrakhan’s shadow, brandishing a melodious yet razor-sharp approach to their music. The debut of their music video for “Bossfight” showcases a visceral portrayal of internal conflict, a theme that resonates throughout the album, especially with its unique homage to classic cinema lines recontextualized into songwriting.

The album, available digitally and for the analog-inclined on cassette through Tone Zone Records, features contributions from the likes of Kevin Keegan and Jeff Radomsky, adding to its textured depth. ‘To Slow Death and Fast Riffs’ is not just an auditory experience but a journey through personal battles, with each track symbolizing a fight against inner demons, much like the monstrous adversaries from the golden era of gaming.

This record is a beacon for those seeking revival in the realm of hard rock and heavy metal. Brugada’s infusion of sludgy riffs, compelling grooves, and electrifying melodies are a call to arms for fans of Baroness, Priestess, and Year Of The Cobra. It’s an album crafted from the ashes of despair, transformed into a high-octane, manic expression of resilience. Embrace the power of Brugada’s ‘To Slow Death and Fast Riffs’, and let it fuel your fire.

Swedish crust/grind outfit CHILD is set to release their second full-length album titled “Shitegeist” on March 29th via Suicide Records.

Formed in 2015 by Albin Sköld and Alex Stjernfeldt, prominent musicians from the Stockholm music scene, CHILD’s aim is to create a raw and aggressive fusion of grindcore, punk, and hardcore. The band’s lineup was solidified in 2021 with the addition of Jocke Lindström, Staffan Persson, and Per Stålberg, leading to the creation of their first full-length album released in 2023 on Eat Heavy Records, which received positive reactions from fans and critics alike. Now, CHILD has signed with Suicide Records for the release of “Shitegeist,” a powerful album that blends grindcore, crust punk, death-metal, and noise rock.

Heave Blood & Die’s new album ‘Burnout Codes’ is officially out today, marking a significant milestone for the Norwegian post-punk band.

Known for their high-energy, modern sound, the band has gained notable recognition, including a Norwegian Grammy nomination for their third album, “Post People.” This latest release, recorded and produced by Karl Løftingsmo Pedersen and Ariel Joshua Sivertsen and mixed by Magnus Lindberg, offers a poignant homage to their late bassist, Eivind Imingen.

The album, blending hypnotic synth-driven rock with punk and electronic influences, is a testament to the band’s evolving sound and artistic depth. It features tracks like “Dog Days,” which vividly captures the anxiety of urban life, likened to a neon-lit brawl reminiscent of ‘Tekken 3’. The album’s dedication to Imingen adds a layer of emotional resonance, making ‘Burnout Codes’ not just a musical journey but a tribute to a missed band member.

With its rich production and Annika Linn Verdal Homme’s striking artwork, ‘Burnout Codes’ is set to be a significant addition to Heave Blood & Die’s discography, offering both intense energy and emotional depth. Fans and new listeners alike can now stream the album, experiencing the band’s unique blend of genres and their tribute to their fallen comrade.

Post-punk and psych rock fuse in a cosmic dance with BUTTERFLY BULLDOZER’s latest spectacle: the BTF BDZ | ROCKET Pilot Live Session.

Captain Fuzz, 0B-1, Zarkor, Rocket, and Professor Tricks are steering the ship straight into the heart of their narrative-driven sonic universe. With a debut that channels the groove of Squid and the decibel-defying roars of Slift, along with the noisy pop of Pond, they’re set to drop ‘The Great Becoming Of Captain Fuzz’ on February 16, 2024, via the Belgian label Tempest of Noise.

Their pilot live session, a visual and auditory feast, was captured in Angers at Le Chabada, offering a glimpse into their grand tale of space escapades and the crew’s assembly. It’s a prologue to a larger story—a humano-droid odyssey against the backdrop of a decaying planet. Get ready to embark on BUTTERFLY BULLDOZER’s maiden voyage, where post-punk meets the final frontier.

Austin’s alt-rock scene just got hotter with DIE HARD HABITS, a fresh act shaking things up with their debut EP “Hey You!”, dropped on January 13, 2024.

These guys are all about breaking the mold, blending sharp guitar riffs and thumping basslines with a post-punk vibe. Their lyrics? A mix of personal battles and social commentary.

They’re hitting the stage at South Austin Summer Fest on July 6, 2024, at the Far Out Lounge. This gig’s set to show off what makes them a standout in Austin’s music scene.



Philadelphia’s own REW teasing new LP ‘REWIN’ on April 26th.

Today marks the release of the lead single “CEMETERY SKIN,” a track that resonates with the depth and edge of acts like Teen Suicide, Smashing Pumpkins, Nothing, and Deftones. The single is available for immediate release, and you can catch the haunting visuals for “CEMETERY SKIN” now.

REW, hailing from the Delaware suburbs, meticulously crafts his sound from a fusion of shoegaze, emo, grunge, and bedroom pop. He’s a true DIY artist, involved in every aspect of his music, ensuring an authenticity that echoes throughout his work. His deeply personal lyrics have a universal appeal, and his tracks like “Plastic Lungs” have already garnered attention from Brooklyn Vegan and Flood Magazine for their hazy, dream-pop quality.

Emo and EDM collide in Fairlane’s latest banger “Take It Back,” featuring Shane Told of Silverstein.

This genre-melding offering, released under Monstercat’s Uncaged imprint, is a testament to both artists’ versatility. Fairlane, a Canadian dubstep maestro with an emo streak, and Shane Told, a voice revered in the rock realm, fuse their talents to create an electrifying anthem that’s both nostalgic and fresh.

“Take It Back” kicks off with an unmistakable Silverstein vibe, showcasing Told’s iconic vocals paired with Fairlane’s signature guitar melody. The track then escalates into a melodic bass frenzy, perfectly balancing raw emotion with head-banging beats. This isn’t just a song; it’s an explosive convergence of two worlds where snappy snares and heart-wrenching lyrics meet chugging guitars and heavy dubstep drops.

Rock veterans BAYSIDE are back with a bang, unleashing their latest single “Castaway.”

This electrifying track, now available via Hopeless Records, marks their first release since 2023’s “The Blue EP.” Frontman Anthony Raneri describes “Castaway” as one of the band’s most thrilling creations in their 24-year journey. The song is designed to keep listeners riveted, featuring a fast pace, unconventional timings, and rich metaphors that demand replay.

Fans will get their first live taste of “Castaway” on Bayside’s upcoming North American tour, “The Worse Things Than Being Alive.” The tour, starting April 3rd in Pittsburgh, boasts an impressive lineup with Finch, Armor For Sleep, and Winona Fighter. Raneri expresses his excitement about reuniting with these genre pioneers, nearly two decades after their last collaboration.

Chicago-based indie punk rock/emo trio HEAVY SEAS has released their highly anticipated second album, “Distortion Days,” on January 26, 2024.

“Distortion Days” is a sonic journey that explores themes of self-discovery, existentialism, and the challenges of modern life. It invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences while offering a unique sonic identity that captures the essence of Chicago’s punk and emo heritage while pushing boundaries within both genres.

The album’s production quality is pristine, thanks to renowned producer J. Robbins of Jawbox, ensuring that the sound is top-notch.

“Life Under The Sun,” the latest EP from MILITARIE GUN, is an interesting reimagining of tracks from their debut album “Life Under The Gun.”

This EP places Ian Shelton’s raw and introspective songwriting at the forefront, offering a new perspective on the band’s already impactful music. The EP includes collaborations with Bully’s Alicia Bognanno on “Never Fucked Up Twice,” a fresh rendition of “Will Logic” featuring Mannequin Pussy, and an intriguing cover of NOFX’s “Whoops I OD’d.”

The highlight of the EP is the new single “My Friends Are Having A Hard Time,” featuring Manchester Orchestra. Accompanying this release is a visualizer directed by Isaac Deitz, showcasing a poignant collaboration between Shelton and Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra. Fans can watch this visualizer now, providing a deeper insight into the song’s emotional landscape.

Hardcore thrash vibes incoming! ALMOST DEAD just dropped their latest album, “Destruction Is All We Know,” through Innerstrength Records.

If you’re into the intense sounds of bands like Decapitated, Misery Index, and Testament, this one’s right up your alley.

Aussie metalcore powerhouse ALPHA WOLF has announced their upcoming third full-length album titled “Half Living Things,” scheduled for release on April 5 through Greyscale Records and SharpTone Records.

This album showcases Alpha Wolf at their fiercest and most potent, breaking genre boundaries with ease.

To herald the album’s announcement, they have released a new single, “Sucks 2 Suck,” featuring the legendary Ice-T, resulting in an electrifying fusion of hip hop and metalcore.

The track is described as a fierce party-starter with menacing grooves and vocalist Lochie delivering an intense performance alongside Ice-T’s unforgettable verse. “Half Living Things” was self-produced by the band in 2023, offering a blend of heavy, groovy, melodic, and intense tracks.

Texas-based dance-pop post punks DON’T GET LEMON is bringing back the glitz and glam of the 70s with their latest music video for “Say Something New For Once.”

The band’s unique fusion of Danish synth, glam rock, and 80s New Wave creates a vibrant and lively contrast to the mundane world. Frontman Austin Curtis’s vocal stylings combine the intensity of Morrissey with the charm of Bryan Ferry, while the music draws inspiration from artists like Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem.

The music video, directed by Faiza Kracheni, pays homage to 70s glam with disco balls and a sense of hedonism, creating a captivating spectacle of emotion and conflict. Don’t miss this refreshing and imaginative musical storytelling journey.

Barcelona’s BLOWFUSE is making waves with their latest single “Wish,” a genre-defying track that combines the energetic bounce of skate punk with a funk twist.

This new release, which offers a contemplative look at life’s end and our regrets, maintains a catchy, groovy rhythm that’s as introspective as it is danceable.

“Wish” marks a bold evolution for Blowfuse, who have shifted from their punk rock roots to embrace a funkier sound. Having shared stages with punk icons like Bad Religion, NOFX, and Turnstile, and with the track mixed by Bill Stevenson of Descendents fame at The Blasting Room, Blowfuse brings an impressive pedigree to their sound.

The single is a prelude to their upcoming album ‘The 4th Wall,’ set to release on March 1st through SBÄM Records and HFMN CREW. Fans can stream “Wish” now and check out its music video, gearing up for an album that promises to be an energetic, introspective journey.

With a decade-long history, Blowfuse has transformed their music into a full-on experience, known for crazy live shows, distinctive music videos, and a passion for all things intense. Their disregard for genre clichés, blending hardcore punk with 90s alternative rock, has led to a unique sound, reflective of their deep dive into the mind’s complexities. Get ready for ‘The 4th Wall,’ an album that’s sure to showcase Blowfuse’s dynamic energy and introspective prowess.

Genet Records is making a big impact in 2024 with a diverse lineup of releases that span the realms of metalcore, black/death metal, melodic death metal, power violence, noisy metal, and more.

This legendary label is known for its contributions to the underground music scene, and it’s continuing its tradition with these upcoming releases:

The journey begins with Finnish metalcore in “GRAY STATE – Under The Wheels Of Progress” LP, where influences from CRADLE OF FILTH to ARKANGEL converge, and the LP arrives in Black, Red/Clear Swirled, and Orange/Blue Swirled variants on February 28, 2024.

Next up is the relentless black/death metal onslaught of “VERSLINDER – Mayhem In The Shadowlands” SS 12″, inspired by MAYHEM, IMMORTAL, and EMPEROR, available in Gold/Black, Blue/Black, and White/Black on the same date.

Also on February 28, 2024, “MILLHAVEN – Dualism” LP delivers fast and melodic death metal with groove, showcasing White/Black, Clear/Blue, and Blue Grey variations. March 8, 2024, brings the self-titled 12″ Single from Belgium’s LINTWORM, blending power violence, noisy metal, and fastcore in Green/Black, Green/White, and Yellow.

Finally, on March 15, 2024, DUDSEKOP returns with blistering black metal in “Wuk Emme Nog Van Leevn” LP/CD, featuring Black, Natural Clear/Black, and Lime/White options. Simultaneously, STERCORE presents “Sod Off” LP/CD/Tape, combining punk with brutal death metal beats in Trans Magenta/Black, Total Clear/Gold, and Blue/White, with Vinyl date to be confirmed

Travis Worland, known as the vocalist of Enterprise Earth, has lent his services to North Carolina Post-Hardcore trio DOWN AGAIN for their latest release titled “Bleed.”

This collaboration adds to a list of artists who have worked with Down Again, including Brendan Murphy of Counterparts, Jake Russo of Death By Fireworks, and Austin McAuley of Limbs. It seems that Down Again is actively collaborating with various artists, leaving room for more exciting partnerships in the future.

KMFDM is releasing their new album “LET GO” on Metropolis Records on February 2.

Following their first single “LET GO,” they have now released the second single, “AIRHEAD,” along with an accompanying video produced by 210 Media. The song lyrically reflects on growing up in America during the 70s and 80s, providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

On another note, the female-led Belgian gothic-rock duo LOVELORN DOLLS has released their ‘Beautiful Chaos’ EP on Spotify. This EP is the second tale from their fourth album ‘Deadtime Stories’ and offers a departure from their dreamy goth pop sound, injecting some beautiful chaos into their music. The duo creates a dark yet romantic universe reminiscent of Tim Burton’s visuals, The Birthday Massacre’s glam touch, and Marilyn Manson’s freaky extravaganza.

HATEBREED is set to make a grand 30th-anniversary celebration with “The March Metal Matinee,” a colossal home state show happening on Sunday, March 17 at 12pm ET at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT.

This epic event will feature a two-stage lineup including Shadows Fall, Shadow Of Intent, 100 Demons, With Honor, Sworn Enemy, Dead By Wednesday, Eyes of the Living, and Demonscar.


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Notably, this show marks Shadows Fall’s first Connecticut appearance in a decade. The band is gearing up for their biggest hometown blowout ever, following two sold-out shows in Poughkeepsie, NY, and a sold-out four-night residency in Long Island. With an array of awesome bands and the celebration of guitarist Wayne’s 50th birthday, this event promises to be something truly special.

Southern Ontario rockers RED OUTPUT share new rock’n’roll banger “Rafters”.

After two years of live shows, promoting their debut EP, and growing their fanbase, the band is back with a punchy, innovative track that draws from contemporary post-punk, indie rock, and punk rock.

“Rafters” explores the concept of being captive to what seems to bring happiness, questioning if we can break free from self-imposed imprisonment in the modern world. Recorded, produced, and mastered by Metrolab Recording in Toronto, the song offers a groovy punch that transitions into chaos and ends blissfully.

Australian metalcore act NORTHLANE have unveiled their upcoming EP titled “Mirror’s Edge,” which is scheduled to be released on April 12 (Independent).

Accompanying this announcement is the release of the powerful single “Miasma,” featuring the notable presence of Winston McCall from Parkway Drive.

“Miasma” showcases a return to Northlane’s earlier heavy sound, characterized by scorching and intricate guitars, dynamic percussion, and commanding vocals. The track, born out of mounting frustration, delivers an intense performance by Parkway Drive’s frontman, Winston McCall. McCall’s guest appearance is of significant importance to Northlane, as guitarist Josh Smith explains that Parkway Drive has set the standard for heavy bands in Australia.

Smith states, “Parkway Drive were always our number one inspiration as a band. When we first started, their DVD created a roadmap to success, which we did our best to follow. At a time where every band was ripping their sound off, we chose to take our own path but instead emulate their work ethic, and for us, it paid dividends. Over time, that respect has flowed both ways. With this track being so heavy, we couldn’t think of a more perfect guest than Winston. He flew down from Byron just after we toured together in North America, and we tracked his parts in Jon’s home studio. His brute voice just tore the track to pieces, and we were stunned with the result.”

BEHEMOTH, the iconic band celebrating their 33rd year in the music industry, has announced an extensive European tour for the upcoming summer.

The tour includes performances at various festivals and special shows featuring bands like Testament, Gaerea, Pestilence, and more. Tickets for these shows will be available starting Wednesday, January 31st. Behemoth promises surprises and a memorable celebration of their long-lasting career, so fans can expect an unforgettable experience during these tour dates.


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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of their iconic 1994 release “Jar Of Flies,” ALICE IN CHAINS has introduced a range of commemorative merchandise.

The collection includes various T-shirts, hoodies, a poker set, a skateboard, a blacklight poster, and plushies featuring the album’s whale and wasp themes. Additionally, special 30th-anniversary editions of the album were made available, including a clear cassette and a comprehensive multi-format box set. Notably, a unique item in the collection was the Jar Of Flies vinyl record, which was embedded with real flies. Although this unusual vinyl quickly sold out at $100 per piece, it left many curious about the individuals responsible for manually inserting the flies into the records.

Death metal fans, get ready for a relentless tour as DECAPITATED and Septicflesh join forces for the ‘Cancer Culture Over North America 2024’ tour.

This brutal tour will also feature Kataklysm and Allegaeon, promising a series of intense shows across the U.S. and Canada from April 16 to May 19. Tickets go on sale soon, so don’t miss out on this epic lineup of bands. Get ready for a metal onslaught!

Australian metalcore band THE AMITY AFFLICTION is gearing up for a North American headline tour this spring, marking the 10th anniversary of their iconic metal album “Let the Ocean Take Me.”

The tour kicks off on April 26 in San Diego and wraps up on June 6 in Los Angeles. Fans can expect to hear the album performed in its entirety, and they won’t be alone as support will be provided by Currents, Dying Wish, and Mugshot. Tickets for the tour go on sale on Thursday, January 25 at 10 am local time.

Baltimore hardcore band TURNSTILE is joining forces with iconic sneaker brand Converse to release two limited-edition sneakers.

The collaboration includes the One Star Pro style, paying homage to their “GLOW ON” album art, and all-black Chuck 70s featuring TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION tour graphics. The announcement comes after the highly anticipated Korn and adidas collaboration in 2023. Fans can grab their Turnstile x Converse sneakers starting January 25, from and select retailers.

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