Being As An Ocean by @murrydeaves
Being As An Ocean by @murrydeaves
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IN SHORTS 📢 your punk, hardcore, metal & alternative releases of the week of January 29th

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In this eclectic showcase, we delve into the vibrant blend of this week’s fresh releases and new stories, spanning the raw energy of hardcore, the rebellious spirit of punk, the intense depths of meal, and the creative nuances of alternative and indie. Further enhancing your exploration, we’ve included a series of quick links below, each leading to a specific genre section. You can now quickly jump and immerse yourself in the latest news and releases from your preferred style.

We also invite you to wander through the entire landscape of our compilation, experiencing the full spectrum of new music this week.

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This week marks the release of SLOPE’s newest offering, “Freak Dreams,” via Century Media Records.

Released on February 2, 2024, the album is a melting pot of influences, boasting eleven tracks that navigate through funk, experimental elements, and a barrage of massive riffs and grooves. Drawing from the energized spirits of the Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine, and early RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, SLOPE embarks on a sonic exploration filled with weird timings, smacking basslines, and an array of huge, brutal riffs.

Bridge Nine Records has just unveiled “You Can’t Stay Here,” the gripping first single from HEAVYHEX’s upcoming debut album, set to release this spring.

This powerful track is an evocative portrayal of the struggles faced by those marginalized and voiceless in society.

The lyrics of “You Can’t Stay Here” are a poignant reflection on the hardships of life, touching on themes of abandonment, poverty, and the lack of compassion in society. Vocalist David Gastiaburo comments on the inspiration behind the song, highlighting the failure of the city’s sweeps to move the homeless into shelters, and the inhumanity faced by those struggling for survival.

The band, comprising Daniel Lukach on guitar and vocals, David Gastiaburo on vocals, Cody Hermann on bass, Jeremy Gardiner on guitar, and Michael DiLello on drums, brings a raw energy to the track.

Ieperfest 2024 announces massive line-up for this year’s edition.

IEPERFEST 2024, the world’s longest-running multi-day hardcore punk festival, celebrates its 30th edition with an exciting lineup. This year’s festival, taking place on July 5-7 in Ieper, Belgium, will feature an array of bands across various hardcore and punk genres.



Located in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium, Ieper is a cozy town with a rich history. Ieperfest, in its 30th year, continues its tradition of supporting underground music and arts, offering a diverse mix of styles from all over the world, including old school hardcore, metalcore, doom, emo, metal, grindcore, post-rock, punk, sludge, and more.

LOST LEGION, a Chicago hardcore act deeply rooted in the underground music scene, has curated a cool list of “20 Under the Radar Punk Bands.”

Known for blending dark, aggressive hardcore punk with elements of Oi, noise, and gloomy guitars, Lost Legion is gearing up to release their upcoming album, “Behind the Concrete Veil,” in March on the Basque label Mendeku Diskak.

See the list HERE.

New Jersey hardcore makes a thunderous return with BAYWAY NJ’s latest track, “Bayway Anthem.”

The single, clocking in at a sharp 2 minutes and 29 seconds, dropped on January 29, 2024, and is a fresh addition to the hardcore scene, with a nod to the raw energy of New York Hardcore (NYHC) and the gritty essence of rap legends Onyx. The release is under the DAZE label and is currently available for streaming.

California hardcore outfit COMPLEX has just released a new single, “In The Meantime.”

Cork’s mathy hardcore band UNCULTIVATES share new “Second Rodeo,” out now on HORSEBOX Records.

It is a fusion of blackened sound, southern vibes and mathy post-hardcore undertones. Comprising members from prominent Irish Hardcore and Metal bands like God Alone, Worn Out, Enif, Horse, and DazGak, UNCULTIVATES is known for their energetic, chaotic, and theatrical live performances, which are as unpredictable as they are entertaining.

Following the release of “Second Rodeo,” UNCULTIVATES are hitting the road for the SADDLE UP tour across Ireland. The tour will kick off on February 15th in Sally Longs, Galway, and includes notable stops such as The Grand Social in Dublin and Fred Zeppelins in Cork, sharing stages with bands like Gama Bomb and Party Cannon.

Portland, OR’s DRY SOCKET shared their striking debut LP “Sorry For Your Loss” on January 26th, 2024, under To Live A Lie Records.

This album, emerging from a period of profound personal loss and existential reflection, marks a significant growth for the band.

Frontperson Dani pours their heart into this album, with lyrics written in the aftermath of their father’s death from Covid and a general sense of nihilism pervading recent years. “Sorry For Your Loss” is more than just music; it’s a raw, emotional journey through grief, anger, and the struggle to find pieces of oneself amidst chaos.

This album is a deep dive into the myriad forms of grief – the loss of loved ones, self, and the world we knew. Dani’s process of healing and reconstruction is vividly captured in the lyrics, offering a shared space for those grappling with similar experiences.

DARKO has released “What I cannot be (Live at Signal House Studios),” the second track from their recent sessions at Signal House Studios in Hatfield.

Recorded in May 2023 with producer Tim Kramer, this follows their first live session release, “Lifeforms,” from October 2023. Both tracks showcase new material, along with a reimagined version from their 2017 album, “Bonsai Mammoth,” and are available.

The session with Kramer, known for his work with Drones and Midwich Cuckoos, resulted in a vibrant showcase of DARKO’s new material, mixing fresh energy with a nod to their past. Guitarist Rob Piper notes the challenge and reward of delivering solid live performances, especially in bringing a new twist to “Life Forms” from their back catalog.

1054 Records presents a brand new single by WIDE SHUT hailing from Toulouse, France.

This release features their new vocalist and marks the second single with the current lineup. Following their 2019 EP “Expose,” Wide Shut is gearing up for the release of their debut full-length album titled “Seeds Of Hatred” on February 23rd, available through 1054 Records.

NASTY just dropped a wild new video for their track “Total Domination”.

Filmed at their jam-packed release show for ‘Heartbreak Criminals’, this video captures the raw energy and chaos of a NASTY live performance.

If you’re itching for some live hardcore action, you’re in luck. NASTY is hitting the road with hardcore legends TERROR for a European tour this April. They’ll be blasting through cities and making stops at the Impericon Festivals in Hamburg, Leipzig, Oberhausen, Zürich, Munich, and Vienna.

The tour is kicking off on March 22nd in Fredericia and will barrel through Scandinavia before diving into the heart of Europe.

CRO-MAGS hit British roads this Summer.

Plus, the US SouthEast this month!


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GNAW unleashes their fresh rap punk vigor with the EP “On Your Mind,” out now via Future Sight Records.

A succinct blast of energy, the seven-track record delivers punchy tunes, with “On Your Mind” leading the charge, followed by rapid-fire anthems like “Your World” and the dynamic “Eye to Eye.” Each track, including the brooding “Soil” and reflective “Time Fades,” is a compact sub-two-minute sonic burst, culminating in the more expansive “Another Wish.” Crafted with Jack Owen’s recording and mixing prowess, and polished by Will Killingsworth’s mastering at Dead Air Studios, this EP is a gritty, raw offering.

With the road beckoning, GNAW is set to tour alongside Security Footage next month, bringing the EP’s live energy to fans at a show with AOGC on February 25.

PASSIONPLAY, from Providence, Rhode Island, has released a new single titled “Dead Hands.”

This track, released on February 2, 2024, delves into the chaotic hardcore genre, infused with mathy and metallic elements, showcasing the band’s complex and intense styles.

The lyrics of “Dead Hands” explore themes of struggle, disillusionment, and the consequences of manifest destiny, reflecting a critical perspective on historical progress and the price of ambition. These themes are encapsulated in verses that question the value of traditional pursuits of success and the inevitable confrontation with failure and frustration.

Thrashy hardcore band BIG DEAL is gearing up for their debut album, “Beyond Repair,” set to be released on February 23rd via New York-based label Heroes + Martyrs.

The album boasts seven high-energy tracks that seamlessly blend traditional hardcore with metallic thrash elements. Following the release of early singles “Upper Hand” and “Raw Deal,” BIG DEAL now presents their latest offering, “Thank You,” a two-and-a-half-minute powerhouse featuring a guest appearance from Atlanta hardcore outfit Strangle You.

Vocalist Joe Plonkey sheds light on the track’s theme, stating that “Thank You” delves into the feelings of abandonment and the fear of it. However, it also explores the realization that those absent from our lives can contribute to our strength. Formed in 2021, BIG DEAL is a collective of five friends on a mission to inject a fresh perspective and sound into the hardcore scene.

Their music, reminiscent of acts like No Warning and Dead Heat, is characterized by gritty, impactful compositions filled with stomping tempos and intense guitar solos.

Heavy hardcore mob BLACK GAFF share new single.

BLACK GAFF are dropping visuals for their latest banger, “Deck Meat,” off their upcoming album *Heads*, set to hit the shelves on March 15 courtesy of Knife Hit Records.

Born from the world of stagehands with a passion for skateboarding, BLACK GAFF emerged in 2020, crafting their sound amidst the chaos of a world paused by the pandemic. Patrick Forrest, the brains behind the operation, reveals the band’s unique origin and its connection to the gaff tape world, highlighting their journey from stage crews to punk-hardcore creators. Despite their relatively covert presence, BLACK GAFF has already made waves with a demo tape through Give Praise Records and a self-released seven-inch EP. Their latest work promises an even rawer edge, with “Deck Meat” serving as a gritty anthem for anyone who’s felt the brutal clash of skateboarding mishaps.

Montreal’s own metal mavericks DEATHNAP just dropped their latest single “Bleed The Same.”

It’s a raw, unapologetic anthem that slams down like a heavyweight punch. Their sound—a wicked cocktail of metallic hardcore, crossover thrash, and the grimy edge of crust punk—hits hard with relentless riffs and explosive blast beats. These guys lace their sonic assault with lyrics that mean something, standing tall with anti-racist, anti-fascist, and pro-equality messages.

ULTRAS is set to release their self-titled 7″ EP, “ULTRAS,” on February 16, 2024, through Convulse Records.

This release, cataloged as CONVR72, serves as a continuation of the band’s aggressive and unyielding style, first showcased in their 2021 demo. The EP is characterized by its raw energy and relentless sound, appealing to fans of hardcore punk with a penchant for the darker, more sinister aspects of the genre. ULTRAS features members from notable bands World Peace and Fentanyl, adding a layer of seasoned expertise to its sonic assault.

Los Angeles hardcore sensation, ZULU, has dropped their electrifying Audiotree Live Session, featuring a riveting lineup of tracks.

The band delivered powerful renditions of songs from their acclaimed 2023 album “A New Tomorrow,” including “For Sista Humphrey,” “Our Day Is Now,” “From Tha Gods To Earth,” “Shine Eternally,” and “Where I’m From.” Additionally, they showcased their prowess with tracks from their 2020 EP “My People…Hold On” and the 2019 EP “Our Day Will Come.”

ZULU is set to hit the road on a US tour alongside Spy next month.

Known for their dynamic fusion of power violence and classic soul/reggae samples, ZULU has redefined heavy music with their unique brutal sound.

In an interview hosted by Psalm One, the band shares insights into their touring experiences with Soul Glo, their favorite rappers, and tales from their upbringing in Southern California.

COLD CASE BHC, the newest addition to the 1054 Records roster, introduces their recent self-released 3-track digital EP titled “There Will Be Blood.”

This EP offers a glimpse into their sound, which draws influence from bands like Hatebreed, First Blood, and Recon.

Founded by guitarist Jason in early 2022, the band evolved from a studio project to a live endeavor with the addition of drummer Pat and vocalist Eric. With a darker and heavier sound, incorporating melodic elements and crushing breakdowns, Cold Case BHC released their first EP, “Beyond Recognition,” in January 2023 as a three-piece. They have since expanded their lineup and are currently working on a new 6-8 track album set to be released via 1054 Records later this year.

hate5six dropped a fresh batch of live performance videos showcasing the raw energy of the scene.

Bands like REJOICE, DAMNATION A.D., KNOCKED LOOSE, and RAW BREED are among the latest to grace the archives, a treasure trove for live hardcore sickos.

The latest uploads include sets from SPINE, TWITCHING TONGUES, and more, capturing the sweat and fury of punk, hardcore and metal.

Belgium’s hardcore force, STATIC VISION, has recently formed a partnership with Kick Out The Jams label in Belgium and the American record label 51st State Records, led by Joey Chiaramonte of Koyo fame.

Hailing from Kortrijk, Belgium’s h8000 region, Static Vision embodies the raw essence of hardcore with an authentic and intense sound. Their lyrics delve into life’s challenges, portraying urgency and resilience. Static Vision seamlessly blends aggression with melody and raw emotion, creating a powerful connection with their audience. See our feature on this band HERE.

Ohio’s hardcore scene is about to get a fresh jolt with SLUG’s new album ‘Ohio’, set for release on February 16, 2024.

Teasing the raw energy of the upcoming album, SLUG has released the single ‘Barking Dogs’, giving fans a taste of what’s to come.

Jacksonville’s FIXED VIEW is gearing up to release their explosive debut LP titled “Ours to Keep” on March 22, 2024, through Rest Assured Records.

Described as moshy, bouncy, and distinctly Floridian, Fixed View promises a politically charged sonic assault that demands attention. The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Denslow at KOTP Recordings in Tallahassee. “Ours to Keep” serves as a protest album, addressing political issues and personal struggles, drawing inspiration from left-leaning speakers. The lead single, ‘Pride,’ featuring fellow Florida hardcore band Domain, diverts from the album’s political theme to focus on the unity of hardcore.

End Hits Records is rolling out a comprehensive vinyl delight for fans of the Swedish hardcore punk scene: ABHINANDA’s entire discography is getting a fresh spin.

Long unavailable, their complete works are now up for grabs in a five-vinyl box set, bundled with spanking new merch.

This collector’s gem includes “Senseless,” “Self Titled,” and “The Rumble” LPs, plus a double vinyl stuffed with demos, EPs, and singles—all remastered to hit hard with updated art. It’s a treasure trove, complete with a slipcase, gatefold covers, a hefty poster, and a heap of rare photos and in-depth interviews.


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WINDSHELTER, the emerging melodic hardcore band from Switzerland shares EP “Ethereal / Eternal”.

It delves into themes of vulnerability and self-discovery, reflecting the band’s introspective journey and the universal struggle to reveal one’s true self.

VLKN, the Budapest-based d-beat ensemble, has unleashed their latest EP, “First Sparks Of Eternal Decay.”

The early January release marks a significant evolution from their past work, infusing their signature hardcore drive with atmospheric black metal nuances. Fresh off a European tour, the band has now made the vinyl version available on Bandcamp.

Charging into the new year with the energy of an awakening volcano, VLKN’s sound on this EP scorches with precision and fury.

Notable for breaking away from clichés, the band melds metal and hardcore influences into a relentless sonic assault. Their collaboration with The Devil’s Trade on the final track adds a hauntingly appropriate conclusion to the EP’s aggressive and frustrated narrative, resonating well beyond Hungary’s borders.

Despite its January 7th release slipping past our radar, it’s high time we acknowledge and spotlight this noteworthy album.

Milan’s heavy hardcore metal band GRAVERY drops a new video “HATE IS NOW THE ANSWER.”

Their EP “Everything that is Born must Die” delves into the destructive potential of the human mind. And this new song has a destructive potential to wrench your ears.

Italy’s hardcore metal force, KEEP THE PROMISE, has unleashed their latest EP titled “Mass Extinction” on June 16th, 2023.

The band accompanies the release with an official video for the track “Closer Deadline.”

“Mass Extinction” serves as a fervent denunciation of global capitalism, targeting multinational corporations, major financial institutions, and corrupt governments that exploit human and environmental resources. The EP’s sound resonates with the band’s longstanding disdain for criminal and corrupt power.

KEEP THE PROMISE has a track record of delivering a raw and unapologetic hardcore metal sound, having shared the stage with notable acts such as Walls of Jericho, Brujeria, Raw Power, Despite Exile, and more.

TOTAL MASSACRE, the punk band from San Fernando Valley, is set to release their new album “Class War” on March 29.

They’re kicking things off with their first single, “Liberate Applebee’s,” dropping on January 30 alongside their album announcement. The band’s distinct style, a blend of classic punk and hardcore, echoes the directness and simplicity reminiscent of the 1980s punk scene.

Their second single, “Quiet Part Loud,” will be out on February 27, followed by “No Fun Manifesto” during the album release week. Comprising Mike Massacre and Eric Massacre on guitars, Jeff Massacre on bass, Tommy Massacre on drums, and frontman Cap’n No Fun, Total Massacre brings a diverse mix of influences to their sound. The album addresses themes like inequality and mental health, reflecting the band’s commitment to confronting societal and political issues through their music.

Quality Control HQ has just dropped “Jahanam Btistana,” the debut release by IKHRAS, a new band hailing from Brighton and London.

This hardcore punk album features five tracks of high-speed intensity, delivering a powerful soundtrack to combat colonialism. With lyrics in both Arabic and English, the album takes listeners on a journey of resistance against illegal occupation, religious control, and western fragility, challenging ignorance rooted in liberal thinking.

Phobia Records has unleashed the CIMITERIUM / SLAVERY split 7″EP, a fierce collaboration between bands from Australia and the Czech Republic.

This stenchcore assault, available since January 31, 2024, features Cimiterium’s “Monetized Outrage” and Slavery’s “Prázdnota koloběhu.” The EP is a raw mix of Bolt Thrower’s intensity with the after-party vibes of Axegrinder, Amebix, and Sacrilege, resulting in a heavy, brutal, cavernous sound.

Paris-based quintet SOMETHING ANIMAL has kicked off the year with a bang by releasing their new EP.

This formidable band delves into the chaotic realm of rock’n’roll infused mathy hardcore, making it the perfect soundtrack to blast through your speakers or headphones after a rough day.

“Bestial Curse Part 1” is a treat for fans of bands like Every Time I Die, The Chariot, The Bled, and Poison The Well.

AMORIST, a hardcore hybrid hailing from the South-East, is dropping their new single ‘SCALPEL’ on January 30th, 2024.

Since their start in 2020, they’ve been blending hardcore, metalcore, punk, and emo into a sound that’s all their own. From the raw energy of their early demos to the emo vibes in ‘BRUISER’, AMORIST keeps evolving. ‘SCALPEL’ is no exception.

This self-produced track is a mix of BEARTOOTH’s bite, BETTER LOVERS’ emotion, LOATHE’s intensity, BRING ME THE HORIZON’s edge, and BAD OMENS’ depth. Lyrically, they’re diving deep into heady stuff like imposter syndrome and ego-death, with a twist of Greek and Norse mythology.

Post Metal

OFFRET share post black metal offering “Затмение” (“The Eclipse”), a dark and epic track from new album, to be released February 21, 2024.

This second single captures the essence of the album with its slow, crushing intensity. Fans eagerly anticipating this release can pre-order the “Затмение” 12″ LP vinyl exclusively through online stores of Void Wanderer Productions (Netherlands), War Productions (Portugal), Onism Productions (UK), and Dead Red Queen Records (US).

Swiss post-metal and post-rock collective, FALL OF LEVIATHAN, has unveiled their latest single, “Ahkab,” from their upcoming debut full-length album, “In Waves,” scheduled for release on March 1 via Vitruve Records.

The track delves into the world of Herman Melville’s iconic novel, Moby-Dick, and clocks in at a substantial eleven minutes. “Ahkab” is a sonic juggernaut, masterfully illustrating the descent into obsessive madness and its aftermath through meticulously crafted arrangements, ranging from intense pummeling to sedative tranquility, all equally captivating.

Fall of Leviathan draws inspiration from nautical themes and the abyss, fusing elements of post-rock and post-metal in a style reminiscent of Mogwai and Neurosis. “In Waves,” consisting of six tracks, showcases the band’s ability to intertwine dark, heavy tones with graceful and ethereal melodies. The result is an unpredictable sonic journey that seamlessly blends gloomy intensity with captivating emotional beauty.

GUILTLESS, a new band featuring members of A Storm Of Light, Intronaut, Generation Of Vipers, Battle Of Mice, and more, has premiered their new single “In Radiant Glow”.

The song is part of their debut EP, “Thorns,” set to be released on Neurot Recordings this month.

Josh Graham, one of the band members, describes “In Radiant Glow” as a song with variation and complexity in the arrangement, with influences from bands like Godflesh, Jesus Lizard, and Slayer. Lyrically, it tells a post-WWIII worst-case-scenario story with a touch of sarcasm and surrealism.

Everything Is Noise praises the track, noting its synth noise, slow-paced guitars, doom-metal drums, and guttural bellows that narrate themes of destruction and survivalism. They describe it as a heavy culmination of grim headlines and earth-shattering policies transmuted by skillful doom alchemists.

Progressive post-metal group BIPOLAR ARCHITECTURE has dropped their latest album, ‘Metaphysicize,’ via Pelagic Records.

This international outfit, currently based in Istanbul and Berlin, has been pushing the boundaries of contemporary metal, blending elements of hardcore, post-rock, and shoegaze ambience into their genre-defying sound.

Formed in 2020, Bipolar Architecture emerged from the ashes of the death metal group Heretic Soul while introducing forward-thinking ferocity and atmospheric dynamism. Their 2022 debut full-length album, ‘Depressionland,’ made waves and grabbed attention.

‘Metaphysicize’ picks up where ‘Depressionland’ left off, delving into existentialist themes such as loss, isolation, and technology’s impact on self-identity. The album balances white-knuckle blast beats with post-rock soundscapes, showcasing musical maturity and patience.

Get ready for a sonic adventure, as Finland’s BESRA, a post-metal powerhouse, has just dropped a music video for their latest track “Valor”.

This fresh release comes off their second full-length album “Transitions”, which hit the shelves in late September via Suicide Records.

Hannes Hietarinta, the voice behind BESRA, sheds light on what “Valor” brings to the table: a shift from their signature sludgy post-metal groove to a more progressive and rhythmically tight sound. It’s not just about sound; the track also marks a thematic evolution, moving from melancholy to themes of courage and honor, a longing for virtues once cherished. According to Hietarinta, “Valor” encapsulates this journey perfectly.


Metalcore heavyweights UNEARTH have released a new video for “Eradicator,” a powerful track from their critically acclaimed album, “The Wretched; The Ruinous.”

The video, which highlights the band’s dynamic energy and artistic flair, is now available for fans to watch online.

“The Wretched; The Ruinous” has garnered praise for its sharp commentary on global issues, showcasing UNEARTH’s skill in merging intense musicality with meaningful lyrics. The album has resonated with listeners, both for its aggressive sound and its thought-provoking content.

The decision to create a video for “Eradicator” came in response to the track’s popularity among fans, as vocalist Trevor Phipps notes. The band collaborated with Daniel Vandal from Kreact to produce a live-themed video, similar to their previous work for “Incinerate.” Filmed across the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, the video captures the high-energy performances and the enthusiastic reception of Canadian fans.

Straight from the Finnish metal landscape, xCLEANSINGx has just unleashed their new single “Under the Ashes of This Tyranny.”

Known for their metalcore infused with straight edge ferocity, xCLEANSINGx’s upcoming debut album “Throne of Misery” is set to continue their exploration of dark, introspective themes.

The album, weaving together elements from their earlier works “THE PLEASURES THAT LEAD” and “DARK CURRENT,” promises a journey through the bleak mazes of loneliness, addiction, and confinement.

Fans can expect the full-length release to be available later in 2023 on vinyl from Bound By Modern Age Records, on tape from Medusa’s Lair Records, and on CD via Force of Reckoning Records.

WINDWAKER is back with a powerful new single titled “Fractured State of Mind.”

“Fractured State of Mind” is a captivating musical experience that blends ’90s-inspired electronic elements, synths, intense screams, gnarly riffs, and breakdowns with soaring clean vocals and infectious hooks. It’s a track that seamlessly balances brutality and beauty, leaving a lasting impression.

The band describes the song as a darker and heavier take on their sound, all while maintaining the melodic and experimental qualities that Windwaker is known for. “Fractured State of Mind” serves as an anthem of frustration, born from the battle against external forces that seek to control thoughts and lives. It’s a wild ride that delves into the chaos of a troubled world while still delivering a rebellious and catchy chorus.

Progressive metalcore band ERRA announces their sixth album, “CURE,” set for release on April 5 via UNFD.

Following their 2021 self-titled album, “CURE” promises to further evolve their guitar-driven, technically sophisticated sound. The band has also released a video for the album’s title track, showcasing their signature blend of intricate guitar work, dynamic vocals, and complex rhythms. Guitarist/vocalist Jesse Cash describes “Cure” as a track that maintains a captivating groove throughout, with creative plays on time signatures that exemplify the album’s approach to rhythm and melody.

Metalcore band BECOME THE APEX released their new single ‘COUNT ME OUT’ on February 2nd, 2024, blending metalcore and deathcore influences.

The band, originating from the Pacific Northwest, features members from previous acts such as ONE SHOT ONE KILL and LIFE UPON LIARS, showcasing their experience with a fresh take on the genre. ‘COUNT ME OUT’ presents an energetic approach to metalcore, combining extreme elements with dynamic sound and catchy hooks. BECOME THE APEX aims to push the boundaries of the genre, drawing comparisons to bands like ICE NINE KILLS and MOTIONLESS IN WHITE.

Finnish hardcore groove metal band CUT WIDE OPEN has released their new single, “Illusions of Dreams.”

Hailing from Espoo, the band fuses elements of death metal and hardcore into their groove metal sound.

The track explores the disorienting experience of a world becoming unrecognizable, a theme mirrored in their aggressive yet groovy style.

The quartet, consisting of Oskari “Örf” Pihlajaniemi (vocals), Joonas Koivumäki (guitar), Martti Siiteri (drums), and Pasi Lehtonen (bass, backing vocals), delivers a powerhouse of down-tuned riffs.

Metalcore heavyweights KNOCKED LOOSE are hitting the road for a headlining North American tour.

Accompanied by hardcore outfits SHOW ME THE BODY, LOATHE, and SPEED. The trek launches at the Sick New World festival in Las Vegas on April 27 and wraps up in St. Petersburg, Florida on June 9.


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Post Hardcore / Screamo / Emoviolence

FRAIL BODY is set to unleash “Artificial Bouquet,” their latest sonic masterpiece, to stores worldwide on March 29th.

This release includes the new single “Refrain,” a track that seamlessly blends ferocity with beauty, capturing the heart-wrenching essence that fans have come to expect from the band.

As always with FRAIL BODY, expect a wild ride through intense emotions and powerful soundscapes.

TRISTAN TZARA discography has dropped!

Dog Knights Productions has just released DK175: Tristan Tzara – Discography LP, a 27-track 12″ featuring ‘Omorina Nad Evropom’, ‘Da Ne Zaboraviš’, two unreleased songs, live tracks, and more. This special release is co-released with Zegema Beach and is available now.

Sell The Heart Records has just unveiled “The Wound” by THE DISTANCE, a Palma De Mallorca based band.

This new full-length record is a step forward in the band’s evolving sound, rooted in post-hardcore and screamo. “The Wound” is a fusion of various styles, marked by its organic spaciousness and emotional depth.

The album comprises nine tracks, some of which have been in the making for nearly two years. The Distance has infused the album with new elements like spoken passages, juxtaposed with intense vocals, and delicate guitar melodies that burst into distortion. Notably, the album features a collaboration with professional cellist Laia Ferrer on the track “Your Name.”

Recorded at DST Recording Studio in Llubí (Mallorca) by Tomeu Perelló in the fall of 2023, the album showcases a rich blend of hardcore, rock, noise, indie, and metal. Mastered by Tom Nunes at Atomic Disc in Oregon, USA, this album is a testimony to The Distance’s unique ability to express emotions through music.

Formed in 2019, The Distance consists of Yamil (guitar and vocals), Óscar (bass), Julián (guitar), and Alberto (drums).

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia screamo ban NONPAREIL share new single.

“Sunset” is the latest track released by the artist Nonpareil on January 30, 2024.

Known for their experimental style, Nonpareil continues to explore unique soundscapes, this time with a blend of flower violence, noise, and skramz elements, evident in this great new single.

The lyrics of “Sunset” reflect a theme of despair and disintegration, conveyed through lines like “Damaged, Defunct, Deceased, Drowning” and “This should be fun, But you were playin, There should be Sun, All of us dying.”

NIÑO SYMBOL OHHH! and CONJUNTO VACÍO have teamed up to deliver a powerful screamo split worth a check.

Released on January 30, 2024, “Ni​ñ​o symbol ohhh! – Conjunto vacío” brings together a stunning mix of styles, characterized by organic soundscapes, heart-rending vocals, and a spacious sonic quality.

CONJUNTO VACÍO, originating from the cold winter of 2022 in San Carlos, Chile, adds their unique screamo and punk influences to the split. Their tracks, including “Soliloquio de medianoche” and “Aguas quietas,” skillfully portray the existential void through their sound.

Friendly Otter’s latest release is a mind-bender from grindcore maniacs AMNESIA CEILING.

Their self-titled 5″ lathe is a wild ride into the realms of hardcore grindcore, influenced by the likes of Discordance Axis and The Sawtooth Grin. This demo, barely hitting the 2-minute mark, packs in 5 tracks of unrelenting, technical chaos.

With titles like ‘INFINITE. DESOLATE. TIME.’, ‘DECEIT’, ‘COWARDS’, ‘SUFFER’, and ‘DESTROYED’, Amnesia Ceiling is no joke. This is grindcore that refuses to play by the rules, stepping off the beaten path into a realm of unapologetic abrasion and technical prowess.

Post Hardcore

Rockish Post Hardcore / 90s Post Hardcore

Expert Work Records is thrilled to announce the release of two previously unreleased works from Ohio’s post-hardcore icons, SWEETHEART: ‘The Unbearable Tightness Of Being’ LP and ‘The Process Of Making Us Well’ EP.

These projects, recorded in the raw atmosphere of live performances and within the walls of a Columbus warehouse, capture the essence of the band’s unadulterated creativity and energy. Critics and fans alike have praised the releases for encapsulating the spirit of the 2000s post-hardcore scene, with Rebel Noise highlighting the opportunity to revisit the era’s raw energy and rebellious spirit, while IDIOTEQ and Fecking Bahamas commend the recordings for their authenticity and epic quality.

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Emotional post hardcore band BEING AS AN OCEAN share new album!

BEING AS AN OCEAN’s latest work, “Death Can Wait,” hits the shelves today, marking a bold continuation of their journey in the post-hardcore landscape. Renowned for their confessional and poetically charged approach since their 2012 debut, “Dear G-d,” the band now delves into darker themes, blending active rock and electronic nuances into their established sound. The band, currently comprised of original members Joel Quartuccio and Michael McGough, ventures into this new era with a commitment to authenticity and raw expression. The singles “Swallowed By The Earth” and “Flesh and Bone” showcase a polarity in their new direction—where one experiments with metalcore’s intensity, the other harmonizes the band’s legacy with its future.

The album arrives amid mixed reactions to its precursors, leaving fans eager to see how BEING AS AN OCEAN has balanced its contrasting sounds to forge a path forward.

BIRDS IN ROW and COILGUNS share new split!

In a striking fusion of talent and creativity, BIRDS IN ROW & COILGUNS have unveiled their latest collaboration, “You and I in the Gap,” a compact yet profound 3-track, 16-minute EP that showcases a blend of intense lyrics and innovative musical compositions.

The album, released on February 2, 2024, is the result of an intense seven-day creative marathon at The Apiary Studio in Laval, France, where the bands combined forces to write, produce, and record. The project features a dynamic lineup including Jona Nido from COILGUNS, who brought a series of guitar riffs as a starting point, and BIRDS IN ROW who contributed through spontaneous jam sessions. The unique setup consisted of two drummers, one bassist, and three guitarists, with Louis concentrating on vocals and overall song composition and production. Engineered and recorded by Amaury Sauvé with assistance from Joris Saïdani, who also handled the mixing, this album stands as a testament to the bands’ shared passion and the vibrant synergy between them.

Karlsruhe-based post hardcore band LYPURA has unveiled their latest single, “hang around (like dust).”

Recorded in the summer of 2023 at p8 Karlsruhe and mixed/mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

Noise rock infused post hardcore punks from Cleveland’s BRAIN CAVE share LP titled “Foot Off the Gas” via Head2Wall and The Ghost Is Clear Records.

The band, known for their noisy and shouty post-hardcore reminiscent of ’90s labels like AmRep and Touch & Go, is offering a full taste of their upcoming album via Bandcamp.

Yonkers, New York-based post-hardcore band MAINTENANCE has just dropped their latest single titled “Culture.”

“Culture” encapsulates the essence of Maintenance’s style, blending emotive vibes with poignant lyrical themes.

The Podioslave Podcast has just dropped two exclusive episodes (part 1, part 2) featuring Alex Dunne, guitarist of CRIME IN STEREO, marking a rare occasion for the band known for their elusive long-form interviews.

These episodes offer an in-depth look into the band’s journey from their early beginnings in the 2000s to the present.

They cover everything from the early days in Long Island, the pivotal Blackout!/Nitro/Bridge Nine eras, to the impactful legacy of “The Troubled Stateside.”

Additionally, the interviews delve into their signing with Pure Noise Records and discuss their latest release, “House & Trance.”

SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI is all set to release their fourth studio album, “Pull,” on March 28th through Exile On Mainstream Records.

This comes after their critically acclaimed 2021 album, “Push,” which not only captured the hearts of metal enthusiasts but also earned a notable spot in Metal Hammer’s Top 10 Alternative Metal albums of that year.

The band, fronted by Jonah Matranga, known for his work with Far and Gratitude, promises an even more intense and emotionally charged experience with “Pull.” They’re reuniting with drummer Mitch Wheeler from Will Haven, alongside guitarist Marlon King and bassist Nick Hannon, to bring a solid hard rock foundation to the album. The new release is expected to be a blend of fiery post-hardcore, dreamy progressive riff rock, and alternative metal, offering something for both fans of 90s post-hardcore and those looking for a fresh take on atmospheric dream-metal.

SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI’s collaborations in the past with artists from bands like Godflesh, Karma To Burn, and Queens Of The Stone Age have undoubtedly influenced their sound. “Pull” is anticipated to reflect this rich history, with hints of Deftones’ “Around The Fur” era, Far’s “Water And Solutions,” and Will Haven’s “Carpe Diem.” This album is not just about hardcore riffs; it’s also an emotional journey. According to bass player Nick Hannon, while “Push” focused on themes of distress and separation, “Pull” dives into more cerebral and dreamlike territories, promising a unique and engaging listening experience.

Punk Rock

Punk Rock / Pop Punk / Skate Punk / Melodic Punk

Honolulu’s punk rock scene is about to get a fresh jolt with the self-titled album from supergroup ten things i hate about you, set to release on vinyl via We’re Trying Records on January 30th.

This crew is a melting pot of talent, comprising members from other renowned local emo/punk bands such as earl grey, søøn, tv microwave, feeble, and aswang.

The album is a heartfelt homage to the 90s, drawing inspiration from the cult classic film “Ten Things I Hate About You.” Listeners will find themselves immersed in a wave of nostalgia, with audio snippets from the film interspersed throughout the album, enhancing its emotive impact.

Beyond its title and cinematic nods, the album delves deep into themes of heartbreak, solitude, and cherished memories on the island, including poignant recollections involving a band member’s father.

Scottish indie-punk band GALLUS share new single ‘WASH YOUR WOUNDS’ under Marshall Records.

This release coincides with the announcement of their European tour, with tickets already on sale. The single stands out as an alternative anthem, blending the band’s resilience and distinctive humor, particularly highlighted by frontman Barry Dolan’s lyrical inspiration drawn from a personal anecdote about overcoming adversity.

Atlanta’s RECONCILER is back with a high-energy punk album, “Art For Our Sake,” featuring hand-painted artwork by vocalist and visual artist Joseph Lazzari.

This release marks the band’s return after a hiatus caused by the pandemic. According to Joseph Lazzari, the album is a deliberate expression of their connection with the community, far from being art for art’s sake.

Reconciler, originating from Atlanta, GA, first emerged in 2016, blending Southeast and East Bay influences. They gained recognition with their debut LP, “Set Us Free,” in 2019. Despite facing setbacks due to the pandemic, including the cancellation of European shows, Reconciler is back with “Art For Our Sake,” a testament to their dedication and musical prowess, released via Smartpunk Records.

A NEW VIOLET, an Orlando pop-punk quartet, delivers a nostalgia-inducing experience with their energetic new video for “Let Go.”

The track is featured on their debut EP, “The Heat is Getting Hotter,” which combines catchy hooks with powerful guitars and Beth Vandal’s captivating lead vocals.

Fans can stream the album on Spotify and Apple Music and catch A New Violet on tour across the South this Spring, with tour dates including stops in Florida, Mississippi, and Texas. A New Violet is the result of Beth Vandal’s transition from her previous projects to a new solo endeavor.

New episode of Growing Up Punk podcast.

In this episode of “DISCOVERED //0124//” on the Growing Up Punk podcast, host David takes us through a recap of some of his favorite music releases from January 2024. Joining him in this exciting episode is Jimmy Barbetti, the guitarist, and vocalist of the band Scooped Up.

Throughout the episode, David and his friends delve into the stories behind the latest tracks, covering a diverse range of music genres, including pop punk, hardcore, emo, skate punk, and more.

Belgium’s punk rockers F.O.D. are back with their sixth album, “The Once A Virgin Club,” slated for release on April 5th through SBÄM Records/Double Helix Records.

Infusing harmonies and catchy melodies into their punk sound, F.O.D. draws inspiration from 90s legends like Green Day, Descendents, Lagwagon, and Bad Religion, while adding their unique flair. The band has just dropped the new single “A Thousand Shots” as a preview of the upcoming album.

F.O.D. has been a prominent name in the Belgian punk rock scene since their debut EP/CD “DANCE TO THIS!” in 2011, with a reputation for catchy melodies akin to legendary 90s punk acts. Stay tuned for the release of “The Once A Virgin Club” and the infectious punk vibes it promises to deliver.

PALÁNTA’s “DEMO” is a 19-minute burst of exhilarating punk energy.

Featuring a mix of lively drums, wild riffs, eccentric organ, and unconventional effects, this cassette tape encapsulates the spirit of joyous punk. The band originated in 2019 within Budapest’s Kripta community space, embodying a strong DIY ethos in their lives and music.

“DEMO” was released in September 2022 by Szégyen Kazetták. PALÁNTA’s music effortlessly navigates between familiar punk conventions and psychedelic/progressive experimentation, with members hailing from various other bands. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a wild ride!

Punk rock supergroup FIRE SALE, featuring members from Face to Face, No Use For A Name, and The Ataris, is set to release a new 2-song single “The Albatross” on February 9.

This latest offering is mixed at The Blasting Room, a studio with Descendents’ roots, and showcases hand-painted art by renowned punk artist Mark DeSalvo, known for his work with NOFX and Lagwagon.

The Albatross” kicks off with a complex bass line, leading into dynamic pop-punk drumming and Fire Sale’s signature gang vocals. The track tackles the heavy topic of gun violence in schools, reflecting the band’s frustration and sense of helplessness. Pedro Aida, the singer, comments on the song’s theme, expressing the fear parents now face about their children’s safety at school. Guitarist Chris Swinney describes “The Albatross” as a song that embodies the band’s essence and resonates with fans of classic labels like Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph Records.

Fans can pre-save “The Albatross” now HERE.

MR. IRISH BASTARD , the seasoned warriors of the Celtic punk rock scene, share “New York’s Irish Navy.”

This band, known for sharing stages with the likes of The Pogues, Flogging Molly, and Dropkick Murphys, brings to the table a rich experience from their relentless touring across continents, including rare destinations like China and Japan. With over 800 shows under their belt, they’ve etched their mark in the stout-clouded world of folk-punk.

Lead singer and songwriter, Irishman Chris, stands out as the bard of the Irish Folk Punk community, weaving tales that resonate with the diaspora’s unspoken sentiments and the raw emotions of both friends and foes.

Gone are the days of their self-destructive fervor; now, Mr. Irish Bastard has evolved into polished and engaging performers, still relishing the high energy of their live shows. “New York’s Irish Navy” is more than just a song; it’s an experience, a journey through the highs and lows of the Irish spirit, delivered with the band’s signature passion and energy. For fans of Celtic punk rock, this new offering is a must-listen, a modern-day folk tale set to the rhythms of rebellion and resilience.

Manchester melodic punk rockers LOOSE ARTICLES is back in 2024 with their latest single ‘I’d Rather Have A Beer,’ released on January 31st via Alcopop! Records.

This release is a precursor to their much-anticipated debut album set to launch later this year. ‘I’d Rather Have A Beer’ is a quintessential slice of Mancunian post-punk, offering a witty narrative about avoiding negative romantic entanglements. Vocalist Natalie Wardle delivers a catchy yet pointed message in the lyrics, making it an anthem for choosing fun with friends over unworthy romantic pursuits.

Loose Articles is gearing up for a busy year, including a significant support slot with Foo Fighters in the summer and a tour in France in February 2024, alongside select festival performances and other dates yet to be announced.

The new single follows the success of their 2022 debut EP ‘Chaos’ and the 2023 hit ‘Sinead Loves Bitcoin,’ which garnered support from Craig Charles at BBC 6music, Louder Than War, and Distorted Sound Magazine.

Post Rock

THOUGHT TRIALS shared a deeply personal and immersive new post-rock album, “CYCLES.”

The album is a poignant journey, chronicling the artist’s battle with brain cancer through a series of six cycles of chemotherapy treatment, each spanning 6-9 weeks. During these cycles, the artist isolates themselves in different locations, channeling their experiences into music and photography.

“CYCLES” is an ambient exploration, serene and otherworldly, offering listeners a spacious and cinematic soundscape interwoven with subtle electronic elements.

Post-rock collective A BURIAL AT SEA has released a new single titled ‘Masterfred,’ a contemplative piece from their upcoming album ‘Close To Home,’ which will be available on February 23, 2024, through Pelagic Records.

The track, named after co-founding member Dara Tohill’s father, Fred, encapsulates both the playful origin and the deeper emotional significance it has gained.

‘Masterfred’ showcases the band’s musical growth, balancing their signature post-hardcore energy with moments of quiet introspection. The accompanying music video features a blend of personal, familial footage and vivid time-lapses, highlighting themes of nostalgia and self-forgiveness.

Having emerged in Liverpool after an Irish inception, A Burial At Sea made a name for themselves with their dynamic EP ‘…And The Sum Of Its Parts.’ They’ve toured extensively, earning a dedicated following.

The new album ‘Close To Home’ delves into the band’s Irish heritage, with lockdown-inspired songs that act as an homage to influential figures and childhood experiences, marrying bittersweet melodies with a rich array of sound.

French post-rock explorers GOODBYE METEOR have unveiled their new single, “Destructuration,” from their upcoming debut album titled ‘We Could Have Been Radiant,’ set to release on February 9th via Dunk! Records.

Following their well-received debut EP ‘Metanoia,’ the band continues to master the codes of post-rock, crafting immersive and ethereal melodies carried by guitar notes that soar delicately yet resolutely. Their music encourages listeners to transcend the current troubling times towards a brighter future. ‘We Could Have Been Radiant’ explores a range of human emotions, from hope to inevitable destruction, making it a must-listen for fans of Explosions In The Sky, Mono, and This Will Destroy You.

French post-rock ensemble flyingdeadman returns to the scene with “Nova Scotia,” a haunting new single that marks their first release since ‘The Night’ three and a half years ago.

Accompanied by an official music video, “Nova Scotia” serves as a glimpse into their forthcoming EP, ‘As hearts stop to beat,’ due to digitally grace Bandcamp on February 23.

Delving into somber narratives, flyingdeadman aims to explore the psyche behind mass violence and the inexplicable journey from anonymity to infamy through their latest work.

The band’s intention is to navigate the complex emotions of both perpetrators and unsuspecting victims caught in the throes of unforeseen tragedy, shedding light on the profound uncertainty and loss experienced in these moments.

With influences like Explosions In The Sky, Caspian, and This Will Destroy You, flyingdeadman continues to weave their spellbinding blend of instrumental and cinematic soundscapes that resonate with the deep-seated anxieties of contemporary life.

THE ABYSS INSIDE US unveils a new single, “prayer to an absent god,” a sonic exploration that continues Nikos’ journey through diverse musical landscapes.

From electronic to ambient and film scores, Nikos found his niche in post-rock with the 2019 EP “Earth 2.” A seasoned musician and producer with a background in sound engineering, his music has graced documentaries, short films, and soon, the gaming world with the upcoming PS4 and Xbox title “Shadow Dreams.” With four LPs, six EPs, and now five singles since 2019, THE ABYSS INSIDE US is a prolific presence in the post-rock genre. Collaborations with artists like Hxopagida and contributions to compilations such as “The Post​-​Everything Collective & Friends” showcase his versatility.


Alternative Rock / Indie / Emo / Hard Rock

J. Robbins, a significant figure in the D.C. post-hardcore scene, has released his new album “Basilisk,” marking his second solo endeavor.

Known for his contributions to bands like Jawbox, Burning Airlines, and more, Robbins explores a blend of electronic sounds in this accessible album. Songs like “Automaticity” and “Dead Eyed God” showcase his versatile musical style, while tracks like “Exquisite Corpse” feature impressive guest guitar work by John Haggerty. The album’s lyrical depth delves into personal struggles and societal unrest, making “Basilisk” a compelling addition to Robbins’ discography.

Polish alt-indie punk rockers VERMONA KIDS have just released “Salt,” a single that showcases their deft blend of garage rock, rock ‘n’ roll, and various other influences.

Released on January 29, 2024, and under the Peloton Records label, the track stands out with a surprising and impressive saxophone finale, extending their cool singles streak.

Kent-based indie rock/alternative group INDOOR PETS have announced their return to the music scene with a bang, signing with their original label Alcopop! Records and teasing a new album set for release in spring 2024.

The band is celebrating this news with the release of their lead single ‘London (Love To Hate)’, available from January 29th, 2024. This release precedes a series of headline dates in January and February 2024, all of which have already sold out, including two consecutive nights at The Grace, London.

‘London (Love To Hate)’ emerges as a raw and unfiltered expression of frustration, crafted in the rare moments between the band members’ work schedules. Recorded in the secluded Squarehead Studios in Kent, this track is a potent blend of anger and energy, pushing the limits of every instrument to its maximum. Jamie Glass, the band’s vocalist, describes the song as an outlet for his struggles with the economic pressures of living in London, reflecting the disconnect between the city’s allure as a music hub and the harsh reality of financial survival.

Punk infused rockers ANGEL DU$T tearing up the KEXP studio with a set that’s pure adrenaline.

The rock and punk rock fusion they deliver, amplified by the vocals of TRAPPED UNDER ICE’s frontman, hits like a live wire. KEXP, the Seattle-based radio station known for its deep dives into diverse musical landscapes, played host to their electrifying performance on November 17, 2023.

Los Angeles high energy rockers DEATH LENS is set to make their mark with their debut album for Epitaph Records, titled “Cold World,” scheduled for release on May 3rd.

The album’s title, “Cold World,” is a reflection of the challenging times we are currently living in. It encapsulates the desire to not only survive but thrive in a deteriorating world. The band aims to provide a sense of hope and rejuvenation to those who may feel hopeless, offering a second wind of motivation.

Produced by Brett Romnes, known for his work with I Am The Avalanche and The Movielife, “Cold World” marks Death Lens’ first experience working with a producer. Despite initial concerns that their sound might be compromised, the collaboration with Romnes proved fruitful.

The album’s titular track, “Cold World,” serves as the third single from the upcoming release, showcasing Death Lens’ ability to navigate mid-tempo post-hardcore and alt-rock territory while maintaining their punk rock roots. The song incorporates woozy textures and a catchy chorus, hinting at the band’s affinity for pop music. Prior to “Cold World,” Death Lens released singles “Vacant” and “Limousine.”

In addition to their album release, Death Lens is embarking on a tour, joining forces with Militarie Gun, Pool Kids, and Spiritual Cramp, starting on January 31 and running through February 10.

Vancouver’s jazz-infused emo band TIGER REALLY share new single ‘Dry Heave’, a sneak peek into their upcoming LP ‘Swan Sting’.

Formed in 2021 by vocalist and primary songwriter Lian Shao, Tiger Really has been crafting a unique sound that blends the introspective vibe of emo with smooth jazz undertones.

‘Dry Heave’ marks the band’s first release under Counter Intuitive Records, a label they just signed with earlier this week.

Los Angeles shoegaze band LUSTER shares new single.

LUSTER are redefining the genre with their unique blend of ’90s house beats and dreamy, swirling guitar textures. Glamorous yet gritty, dreamy yet grounded, their new single “Missing You” is something you should definitely check out if you’re a fan of such atmospherics.

SAVINGS, the emo alt-rockers hailing from Albuquerque, have dropped their latest single, “Driving Blind”.

This standalone single was born during the recording sessions for their EP “Get Well Soon” and explores the theme of reflecting on a past life and former self. Drawing inspiration from bands like Jimmy Eat World and Arms Length, Savings has honed their unique sound while pushing the boundaries of emo and pop punk. We covered it in a special feature HERE.

Australian power rockers HANDS LIKE HOUSES share new single feat. Aaron Gillespie of UNDEROATH and THE ALMOST.

The track is an intense dive into the darkness of toxic relationships and the struggle with substances, delivering a hard-hitting message about the damage of short-term fixes with long-term consequences.

The collaboration brings an additional layer of raw emotion and energy, with Gillespie’s vocals amplifying the track’s introspective power.

HYPNOSAUR’s new eclectic hard rockin’ psych punk rock EP, “Undead Invaders Born to Die in a Maze,” is out now.

Hypnosaur continues their jurassic punk journey with this EP. Each track is unique yet distinctly Hypnosaur, offering a variety of styles. The third and final single, ‘The Maze,’ even has a retro first-person shooter-themed music video.

Eclectic rock trio KARA DELIK share new live video and a special commentary for their album.

The band, featuring Barış Öner on saz, Andi Sommer on bass and synths, and drummer Eilis Frawley, has been creating a buzz with the release of four EPs in the past year, the latest dropping in December 2023.

Blending Anatolian influences with post-punk and new-wave elements, their dynamic poly-rhythmic psych-grooves have earned them acclaim. Known for their tight instrumentation and spirited performances, they’ve graced festival stages across Europe and shared the spotlight with bands like Minami Deutsch, Tropical Fuck Storm, and more. As they gear up for an extensive European tour, KARA DELIK’s music delivers a zesty post-punk punch rooted in Anatolian rock, Neue Deutsche Welle, and dub.

Church Road Records shares new single and music video from the band BLANKET titled ‘Porcelain’.

Blanket, known for their unique blend of post-rock, shoegaze, and alternative rock, draws inspiration from influential bands like Cave In, HUM, Swervedriver, and Ride. ‘Porcelain’ is a demonstration of the band’s artistic growth, offering a sound that is both ethereal and robust.

Bobby, the vocalist and guitarist of Blanket, expresses a deep connection to ‘Porcelain’, highlighting its significance as one of the first songs written for their new album. The track, which was initially recorded as a demo in Bobby’s home studio, has remained largely unchanged, emphasizing its authenticity and emotional depth.

Lyrically, the song delves into themes of loss, fragility, and anticipation.

Barcelona’s own ACID SNOT, known for their blend of technical and heavy pop punk, have taken a bold step by covering “La Bachata” by Latin Grammy Awardee, Manuel Turizo.

This collaboration, done alongside the non-profit Hardcore Hits Cancer, marks the first rock rendition of the reggaeton hit, bringing together worlds of modern reggaeton and rock in an unexpected but captivating fusion. Released under the banners of Lockjaw Records and Thousand Islands Records, this cover not only showcases ACID SNOT’s innovative musical approach but also supports a noble cause.

The band’s venture into blending the rhythmic allure of Latin urban music with the edgy, energetic vibes of pop punk and alternative metal results in a cover that’s both fresh and familiar. Inspired by acts like Our Last Night, ACID SNOT adds their unique twist to “La Bachata,” ensuring that it’s something that will get fans of Manuel Turizo and pop punk enthusiasts moving.

STAY INSIDE, the experimental rock/post-hardcore outfit from Brooklyn, NY, is currently streaming four new songs from their upcoming album “Ferried Away.”

The full album is set to release on February 28, 2024, but fans can preview tracks including “Bon Zs,” “Learn to Float,” “A Backyard,” and “An Invitation” right now.

The band, consisting of members Vishnu Anantha, Chris Johns, Chris Lawless, and Bryn Nieboer, has produced this album with Brian DiMeglio at Brooklyn Recording Paradise. The album has been mixed by Mike Watts and mastered by Adam Cichocki, ensuring a polished and dynamic listening experience. To add a richer texture to their sound, the album features trumpet performances by Matt Hull, with additional trumpets by Dave Levy and Daniel Busa, and alto sax by Siddhu Anandalingam of Semaphore.

TROPHY EYES, the acclaimed Australian punky rock band, has just announced a new European tour for 2024, starting on April 14th in Cologne.

This news comes on the heels of their successful latest album “Suicide And Sunshine,” which made a notable impact on various ARIA charts.

The tour will commence at Gebäude 9 in Cologne (Köln), Germany, and will include performances at several key venues across Germany and Italy. Fans can catch them at Hole 44 in Berlin, Logo in Hamburg, Club Cann in Stuttgart, Santeria in Milan, Feierwerk in Munich, and Schlachthof in Wiesbaden. Tickets will go on sale this Thursday at


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Trophy Eyes is renowned for their fusion of punk and hardcore elements with modern rock and pop, creating a unique and energetic musical experience. Their intense live performances, coupled with their honest and emotive storytelling, make them a standout act in the rock music scene.

GHOST WORK, a rock supergroup featuring members and former members of notable bands like Seaweed, Snapcase, Milemarker, and Minus The Bear, has unveiled their latest single “Earthquake” from the forthcoming album “Light a Candle for the Lonely.”

Scheduled for release on March 8th through Spartan Records, this 11-track LP blends post-punk sensibilities with a raw, energetic sound. “Earthquake” is described by vocalist Aaron Stauffer as a powerful track, both in its musical ferocity and lyrical content, which compares emotional turmoil to natural disasters. The song is a highlight for Stauffer, particularly because of its drumming, which he cites as his favorite on the album.

After years of individual struggles with personal issues, the formation of Ghost Work represents a collective step forward, driven by a shared desire to create music again. Sean Husick speaks to the project as part of his recovery journey, while Erin Tate mentions the reconnection with Husick as a catalyst for his own musical revival post-Minus The Bear.

Toronto-based bedroom recording artist EARTHLY REMAINS shares debut singles with a blend of slowcore and shoegaze, occasionally infused with sludgy and doomy riffage.

New tracks combine grungy vibes with elements of slowcore and 90s alternative rock.

Los Angeles-based cinematic indie garage rock band THE DRIVES released their new single “Maybe I’m a Masochist” today via UnderCurrent, a track that introspectively examines complacency in a failing relationship.

This song, the third single from their upcoming second EP, showcases the band’s ability to explore themes of vulnerability and emotional complexity with an engaging indie rock sound. Frontman Andrew Levin shares that the song delves into the guilt and regret of becoming comfortable within an unhealthy dynamic without recognizing the overall negative impact.

ROYAL TUSK has dropped a new single, “Hated,” from their forthcoming album “Altruistic,” set for release on February 23 by MNRK Heavy.

The band spent almost a year writing the album during the pandemic, later self-producing it in Alberta’s Audio Department recording studio.

Amid the album’s creation, band member Carriere faced a severe health challenge, battling a lung blood clot that significantly impacted his well-being. The ordeal, according to Carriere, strangely mirrored the themes of struggle and resilience already present in their music, highlighting the band’s journey through adversity. “Altruistic” encapsulates Royal Tusk’s perseverance, embodying a narrative of overcoming obstacles, underscored by the support and unity within the band.

Seattle’s loud-rock trio, SANDRIDER, featuring former members of AKIMBO, has dropped an explosive new music video for “AVIARY,” the lead track from their latest 7″ release on Alternative Tentacles Records.

The song, “Aviary,” paints a vivid picture of the social media landscape as a sinister, soulless entity spewing disinformation to willing participants. With vocalist/guitarist Jon Weisnewski’s impassioned wails, bassist Jesse Roberts’ powerful low end, and drummer Nat Damm’s hard-hitting beats, the track delivers a frenzy of energy and danceable beats.

Weisnewski’s commanding vocals invite you to drown out those who seek to harm, leaving you with a triumphant feeling by the song’s end. Dive into the sonic intensity of SANDRIDER’s “Aviary” and check out their 7″ release on Alternative Tentacles Records now.

Australian alternative rock band BONES AND JONES has launched their new EP, “In Blue”.

This release comes in anticipation of their upcoming performances at SXSW 2024 in the United States, marking their debut appearance in the country this year. The EP showcases a shift towards indie rock, moving away from the folk and garage blend present in their earlier works. This transition includes experimenting with drum machines and synthesizers, notably in the track “In Ya Nature,” signaling a new chapter for the band. “In Blue” features singles like “Need It,” evoking The Strokes, and “Simple Passion,” alongside new tracks “Every Morning” and “In Ya Nature,” each contributing to the band’s evolving sound.

TUESDAY X, the brainchild of Seth Babbitt, has just released their 8th full-length album, “Lo-Fi.”

Available from January 30, 2024, this lo-fi emo album encapsulates Babbitt’s talents in vocals, instrumentation, arrangement, and production.

Crafted in the intimate setting of Seth’s little blue bedroom, with one track from Majika Studio, Fargo, ND, “Lo-Fi” promises a personal and healing musical journey. Babbitt is rallying for support to get the album featured on the Bandcamp homepage and hints at upcoming merchandise in the spring.

AMERICAN FOOTBALL is celebrating their first album’s 25th anniversary with a series of special shows in the UK.

Fans can use the presale code NEVERMEANT25 to secure their tickets early. The band is also excited to return to Primavera Sound in Spain and Portugal.

In other news, OUTBREAK FEST just amped up their 2024 lineup, announcing the addition of the emo titans. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of their influential self-titled debut, the band is slated to deliver the album live, front-to-back, in a headlining Sunday night performance. This seminal record, released in 1999, is a cornerstone of midwest emo and continues to resonate with both new and veteran bands as a profound influence. Fresh off revealing ACTION BRONSON earlier, Outbreak Fest is shaping up to be a genre-blending throwdown.


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GENTLEMEN ROGUES is set to make waves with their upcoming LP, “Surface Noise,” a guitar-driven pop banger filled with compelling lyrics by Danny Dunlap.

This highly anticipated release is co-released by Double Helix Records and Shifting Sounds on February 16, 2024. “Surface Noise” boasts a collection of power-pop gems like “Involuntary Solitary,” “Never the Bride,” and “All Out Crush,” showcasing the band’s talent for crafting infectious tunes.

Listen to “All Out Crush” exclusively on That’s Good Enough For Me, where Dunlap describes it as a song about a romantic obsession and distraction from the world’s troubles. Musically, it’s a straightforward power-pop track with nods to influential bands like The Only Ones, The Nerves, and The Beatles.

Gentlemen Rogues, hailing from Austin, Texas, have been on the rise since their debut in 2011. Their sound draws inspiration from bands like The Replacements, Superdrag, Jawbreaker, and more. They’ve shared the stage with acts like the Lemonheads, Smoking Popes, and Bob Mould, gaining recognition in the indie-punk scene.

SILENT PLANET goes dreamy rock in new single “Superbloom”.

California’s SILENT PLANET have unleashed a narrative-rich video for “SUPERBLOOM,” the lead single from their latest album, which shares the same title. The album, available through Solid State Records, showcases the band’s continued evolution and depth. The “SUPERBLOOM” video draws inspiration from the unsettling beauty of “Midsommar” and the tragic tale of the Heaven’s Gate cult, featuring seasoned actors Jenna Kannell and Jess Matney, with a cameo from fans as extras.

Praised as their finest visual work to date, the video’s release coincides with the kickoff of their North American headline tour.

Cardiff’s own BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARD has just dropped “National Rust,” a new single hinting at the evolved sound of their upcoming album, “Skinwalker.”

Slated for release on April 12, 2024, via Communion Records, the band’s second album is already creating a buzz following their Welsh Music Prize-nominated debut, “Backhand Deals.”

“National Rust” showcases a departure from their earlier work, blending indie-funk vibes with heavier, more introspective elements. Frontman Tom Rees, who also doubles as the producer, recorded the album at his Rat Trap studio, known for nurturing emerging talents. The album draws inspiration from the concept of the Skinwalker, a malevolent shapeshifter from Navajo lore, symbolizing Rees’s innermost fears and self-doubt.

The new single is described by Rees as a fusion of his past obsessions with Sly and the Family Stone and David Bowie’s ‘Low,’ marking a shift from his earlier political songwriting to a more personal and apathetic tone. The album promises to be a deep dive into self-analysis and personal growth, delivered through a mix of fuzz-drenched guitars, a powerful rhythm section, and fevered vocals, all while retaining their signature ’70s flair. With tracks like the psychedelic “Night Of The Skinwalker,” Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard is set to take listeners on a multifaceted musical journey.

ALEXISONFIRE and CITY AND COLOUR , along with an impressive lineup including Metric, The Used, Sloan, Counterparts, Dooms Children, and EKKSTACY, are set to return to their hometown of St. Catharines’ Montebello Park for the Born & Raised Festival on Friday, July 5 and Saturday, July 6, 2024.

Tickets for this all-ages event are already on sale. This festival holds a special significance as it pays tribute to the origins of these renowned artists and Dine Alone Records, celebrating their humble beginnings in St. Catharines.

Notably, the Born & Raised Festival has partnered with PLUS1, ensuring that $1 from each ticket sold will support Indspire and their efforts to invest in the education of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students across Canada.


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Emo rockers SHORELINE just dropped “Workaround,” a fresh single from their upcoming album “To Figure Out,” slated for a February 23, 2024 release.

This track offers a unique blend of quick emo riffs and laid-back drums, infused with danceable disco beats, all while staying true to their punk roots. Featuring Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners and Hot Water Music, the song delves into the theme of navigating life’s changes as peers age, settle down, and embrace different paths to happiness.

SHORELINE, known for their electrifying live performances across Europe’s underground scene, continues to tackle a mix of heavy political issues and personal narratives in “To Figure Out.” Produced by Chris Teti, the album promises a refined sound and explores frontman Seung’s journey of self-empowerment as an Asian-German, challenging racism and stereotypes.

Ahead of the album, SHORELINE is set to tour Europe with Spanish Love Songs and Heart Attack Man, ensuring their powerful message and dynamic sound reach fans across the continent.

Calgary, Alberta’s noisy and eggy rockers DIAL UP dropped their debut EP on January 26.

The band is now reaching out for a feature in various publications to showcase their unique sound. Dial Up’s music blends improvisational art punk with no-wave elements, resulting in a lively and experimental sonic experience.

Dial Up’s music is described as a fusion of fast drums, scratchy egg-punk guitar, funky bass lines, and synthesizers, creating a refreshing and unconventional blend. Listen for yourself.

FUZZORAMARECORDS has just announced the debut album “Ljud i Tysta Rum” by Swedish rock band BOTTENHAVET.

The record label was captivated by the band’s sound, deciding to sign them after hearing just 30 seconds of their first demo song. BOTTENHAVET, whose name translates to ‘The Bothnian Sea,’ crafts music that is deeply influenced by the harsh climate of their homeland, delivering a mix of unbeatable groove and stunning melodies.

Even before the release of their album, BOTTENHAVET has already secured shows in Sweden, Finland, and Poland, a testament to their compelling sound.

Gloomy post punk unfused rockers DOWN UNDER share new single from new album “DU”.

Down Under, emerging from sporadic jams and evolving through personal trials, has released “Functional Living,” a single from their upcoming album “DU.” This Melbourne-based trio delivers a somber fusion of post-punk and rock, marking a distinct sound crafted through a blend of rhythmic mastery and experimental guitar work. The band, formed initially by Cinta Masters and Tom Lyngcoln, with Jon Ainslie on bass, later found their missing piece with guitarist Bonnie Mercer. Despite setbacks, including Mercer’s recovery from a stroke, Down Under has persevered to produce an 11-track debut that encapsulates resilience and creative evolution.

“DU” will be available on February 29th, 2024, via Solar/Sonar, with a special launch event on March 10th.

THE KILOGRAMS, featuring Joe Gittleman of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Sammy Kay, are set to release their debut self-titled EP on February 9th.

The EP will be available digitally and as a limited edition vinyl release of 200 copies with an etched B-side and silkscreened jackets through Asbestos Records. The band’s soulful ska sound, now expanded with Michael McDermott (The Bouncing Souls, Joan Jett) and J Duckworth (Newport Secret Six), promises to be a treat for fans of ska, folk punk and rock.

New England rockers MIGHTY TORTUGA share “Through Your Teeth” off their forthcoming self-titled EP.

Lauded as their most polished and reflective track to date, the single was released under Fred Mascherino’s Heading East Records. The song’s release was accompanied by a music video, spotlighted by The Alternative for its alt-rock appeal reminiscent of genre staples like Jimmy Eat World and The Gaslight Anthem.

After a focused summer at Diver Down Studios laying down instrumentals and a back-to-the-roots approach to their music, Mighty Tortuga teamed up again with Mascherino and Steve Angello for the final production, aiming to share what they believe is a slice of their evolving identity.

BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE has unveiled a new video for their song “The French Major,” coinciding with the announcement of their upcoming album *Meeting Themselves*, set for release on March 1st through Council Records.

The band, originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and known for their indie sound since 1995, reformed in 2018 leading to a series of releases that culminated in this latest work. Recorded in summer 2023 at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone studio in Oakland, with Meric Long of The Dodos as engineer and producer, the album also features contributions from Bay Area musicians Yea-Ming Chen and Anna Hillburg. “The French Major,” described as a narratively rich track with a mix of gallows humor and pop sensibilities, previews the album’s thematic exploration of inescapability and personal agency, showcasing the band’s continued evolution and experimentation within indie rock.

Dreamy pop rockers HEAD HEAD share new single.

Indonesian indie pop band Head Head, known for their vibrant presence in Malang’s music scene from 2017 to 2019, has made a comeback with their new single “Meet Me in Heaven”. After a four-year break, the group, consisting of Bepe, Meidi, Yoga, and Emir, released this third single which follows the style of their earlier hits, “Vivid Reality” and “Mythomania”. “Meet Me in Heaven” stands out with its melancholic lyrics set against upbeat melodies, inspired by a true story of unrequited love.

The music video, directed by Prialangga, features actors Mochamad Daniar and Saha Abel in a story of a tumultuous relationship, shot over 16 hours in a Batu villa. Daniar’s theater experience enhances the portrayal of the complex male lead, while the video’s twist ending adds an unexpected element.

Melbourne’s modern rockers BANKS ARCADE share new EP “DEATH 2 TOMORROW”.

It’s out now through UNFD, loaded with a blend of hip hop, hard rock, industrial, and metal that pushes the envelope of genre-bending sounds. The band pairs this launch with a not-safe-for-work music video for their single “Roulette“, a track that delves into the seductive pull of living on the edge and taking risks.

Psychedelic heavy rock trio IOTA is gearing up to release their long-awaited full-length album, “Pentasomnia,” on March 22nd through Small Stone Recordings.

It’s been nearly sixteen years since their debut album, “Tales,” and the band, hailing from Salt Lake City, has been working on this project intermittently over the years.

The album, “Pentasomnia,” consists of five dreams and represents a return to the project initiated by guitarist/vocalist Joey Toscano back in 2001. With a lineup that includes founding member Joey Toscano, bassist Oz Inglorious, and drummer Andy Patterson, the album showcases the band’s ability to blend atmosphere and bluesy emotionalism in their music.

Intimate alt rockers LATO share new single and video “Stars Spangling”.

“Stars Spangling” marks the fourth single off LATO’s eagerly awaited album “KARISMA,” set for release in February 2024. This track is a vibrant testament to LATO’s unique blend of rock, incorporating diverse influences that seamlessly merge vocals, guitar, and bass grooves with elements of electronica, ethnic sounds, and a psychedelic flair.

The song encapsulates a dreamy vision of peace, unfolding with a melody that gradually springs to life alongside a tribal beat. The arrangement builds in a circular crescendo, leading to an abrupt pause before it bursts into a finale filled with delayed distortion.

Oakland’s rockers STATES OF NATURE share new single “Papered News.”

This track is the second release from their upcoming album, “Brighter Than Before,” set to drop on February 16th. The song conveys a message about finding supportive people in life and making necessary changes.

“Brighter than Before” will be released by Sell the Heart Records (US), Little Rocket Records (UK), and Epidemic Records (IT), with vinyl pre-orders available from all three labels. States of Nature also released a compilation LP titled “Songs to Sway” in 2021, which is available from Sell the Heart Records.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Oakland, California, States of Nature is a post-punk force that combines raw rock ‘n’ roll power with introspective lyricism. Their contemporary style blends familiar and new elements, featuring memorable hooks and captivating danceable rhythms.

Alt metal rockers FROM ASHES TO NEW have just released “Barely Breathing,” featuring rock trio Against The Current.

The song combines clean vocals, rap verses, impassioned screams, and melodic vocals, creating an exploration of a turbulent romance.

French musician Ambroise Willaume, formerly of REVOLVER, has returned with his new band, ASTRAL BAKERS.

Their debut album, “The Whole Story,” is set to release on February 9th through Sage Music.

The band’s music draws from a range of influences, with tracks like “Beautiful Everything” reminiscent of Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth and “One More” incorporating elements from Big Thief and Supertramp.

Industrial rock pioneers KMFDM have released their highly-anticipated album ‘LET GO’ through METROPOLIS RECORDS.

This album marks their 23rd studio release, featuring the core lineup of Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko, Lucia Cifarelli, Andy Selway, and Andee Blacksugar. ‘LET GO’ continues KMFDM’s signature style with pulsating rhythms, electrifying electronics, scorching guitars, and vocals that embody grit and intensity. The album addresses contemporary social, political, and cultural issues in a world marked by perpetual turmoil.

Antwerp-based shoegaze band NEWMOON has released a new single and video titled “Crazing” from their forthcoming album “Temporary Light,” set to debut in March 2024.

The single is produced and engineered by Thomas Valkiers and boasts the mastering expertise of Simon Scott from the renowned shoegaze band Slowdive.

Described by as having solid songwriting beneath their atmospheric layers, Newmoon has been praised for their ability to craft songs that stand out in the shoegaze genre. “Crazing” has been received as a track that engulfs listeners in a “gargantuan cloud of blissful noise,” according to If It Be Your Will, with its dreamlike vocals and hazy guitar work.

The band, with a repertoire that includes two albums and a 7” EP, continues to blend shoegaze, post-punk, and alternative rock into their music.

Belgian post/math rock band CHATTE ROYAL is set to make a splash with their debut album “Mick Torres Plays Too F***ing Loud,” slated for release on March 8th by Kapitän Platte.

The band, already known for their two EPs released in 2020 and 2022, has dropped the first video single from the album today. Diego Di Vito, the primary songwriter for the album, brings his expertise from his role as a guitarist in the cinematic post-rock band We Stood Like Kings to this new project.

CHATTE ROYAL’s music can be likened to a film score with its powerful, riff-driven sound, oscillating between atmospheric and aggressive math-rock, and melodic post-rock with a punk attitude.

Manchester experimental power trio MUMBLES has announced their debut album, “In The Pocket Of Big Sad,” set to release on March 29, 2024, via Divine Schism.

The album, produced by the band and mastered by Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, promises to deliver a unique and lush sound. Their latest single, ‘Violence & Stupidity,’ showcases their energetically-rich and genre-melded music. The album will be available on vinyl, tape, and across various digital platforms. Mumbles draws inspiration from the writings of David Graeber and Ursula K Le Guin, exploring themes of change and the overwhelming structures of society.

Post Punk

Post Punk / New Wave / Dark Wave

TOPOGRAPHIES, a post-punk band from the Bay Area, released their second album, “Interior Spring,” through Dark Entries on February 2, 2024.

The band, formed in 2018 in San Francisco by members Justin Oronos, Jeremie Ruest, and Gray Tolhurst, blends elements of coldwave and shoegaze, offering a sound that’s both modern and reminiscent of the genre’s roots.

“Interior Spring” delves into themes like guilt, inherited trauma, and the process of healing, with its title reflecting multifaceted symbols of hope, anxiety, and renewal. Influenced by the legacy of The Cure, as well as bands like Asylum Party and The Chameleons, the album presents an exploration of recovery from substance abuse, aiming to showcase the beauty in everyday life. Topographies will be promoting their album with a show in Los Angeles at Genghis Cohen on February 18.

Post-punk vibes are alive and well with DEAD YEARS dropping their latest LP via Dirt Cult Records in North America and My Ruin Records in Europe.

Hailing from Bielefeld, Germany, this trio isn’t new to the scene—Juiia, Hannes, and Jonas have roots in bands like Gloom Sleeper and Hot Water Music, bringing a rich history to their current project. “Night Thoughts” is a mix of dark punk reminiscent of The Wipers, laced with the raw edge of Fifth Hour Hero.

Post-punk trio LOW BLOWS, hailing from Ibiza, Getxo, and Mataró, has released a new music video for their single “Normal”.

The track, a prelude to their upcoming album, was recorded and mixed by Lluis Cots at Estudi Nautilus and mastered by Víctor García, with the video crafted by Carlos Vergara.

Influenced by iconic bands like The Cure and The Soft Moon, LOW BLOWS blends avant-garde electronic elements with their existential romantic style.

Chicago’s post-punk band CHAEPTER is set to release their new album on March 15, 2024.

The album features a blend of rock influences including bedroom folk, dream pop, and post-punk.

Post-punk band VARSOVIE has released a unique and contemplative 16-minute documentary titled “Pression à Froid: A Kind of Making of.”

This introspective video offers fans a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the recording and mixing process of their latest album, “Pression à froid.”

Filmed in January 2023 at Drudenhaus Studio in Bretagne, France, where the band has recorded all their albums since 2008, the documentary is compiled from personal archives. It provides a fragmented and intimate look at the band’s creative process, cut together with an almost poetic rawness.

Austin’s new-wave torchbearers, HOLY WIRE, are set to release their album “The Ending of an Age” on June 5th, 2024.

This highly anticipated album combines early post-punk and cold-wave influences, crafting them into a unique blend of hi-fi synth-pop.

The lead single, “I Still Feel Alone All The Time,” encapsulates their signature style, balancing robotic drums, rigid basslines, and synthetic elements with dreamy, gauzy choruses and icy synths that evoke a perpetual winter. The lyrics delve into a sense of loneliness, even amidst a bustling city full of supposed connection opportunities.

Holy Wire is the brainchild of Alain Paradis, drawing inspiration from his experiences in Brooklyn before finding his musical community in Austin, Texas.


Old School Metal / Death Metal / Black Metal / Thrash Metal / Doom Metal / Heavy Metal / Modern Metal / Alternative Metal / Modern, Melodic Metalcore

Nefarious Industries celebrates its milestone of 100 catalog releases with the compilation “NEF100: Burn After Hearing.”

This eclectic collection features fourteen exclusive tracks from a diverse range of artists on the label, including EL DRUGSTORE, ARBOGAST, NEQUIENT, RISK RELAY, and GRIDFAILURE, highlighting the label’s commitment to adventurous and challenging music.

The compilation also reintroduces acts like THE DRX and ZEVIOUS, and includes a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Green River” by PSYCHOSOMATIC, among other unique contributions from BEDTIMEMAGIC, GEMATRIA, ZVI, FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY, CINEMA CINEMA, and HUMANS ETCETERA.

BODY COUNT is set to conquer Europe with a headlining tour scheduled for June and July 2024.

The Ice-T fronted crossover thrash/rap-metal outfit is hitting the road in continued support of their album ‘Carnivore’. Fans across mainland Europe and the UK will get a taste of their ferocious live shows, with appearances at high-voltage festivals like Hellfest in France and Rock For People in Czechia. With a string of dates that include storied venues and festivals such as Rock Im Park in Germany and Graspop in Belgium, tickets are already up for grabs for those ready to witness the raw power of BODY COUNT live.

DOM ZŁY has released their latest album, “Ku Pogrzebaniu Serc,” on February 1, 2024.

Dom Zły was formed in late 2016 in Puławy by members associated with bands like Kaldera, Colors, The Feral Trees, Czerń, Weedcraft, Words not Nothing, and Panacea. In 2017, the band released their debut EP, followed by the full album “Rytuał” in 2019. In 2021, they released another EP titled “Śnisz Bory Tak Gęste,” which sold over 1500 copies on CD and vinyl.

The band’s transition with new vocalist Ania was worth the wait, as their music delves into post-black metal territory with a touch of post-black elements, creating a captivating and emotional listening experience. While their earlier work had more crust punk influences, this album leans heavily into cold, trance-inducing, and melancholic black metal, occasionally venturing into post-black realms. The album’s consistent quality and execution make it a solid addition to the extreme music scene, appealing to fans of bands like Blaze of Perdition and Mānbryne.

Experimental metal and noise converge in METH.’s latest album, “SHAME,” which dropped on Friday February 2nd after a four-year hiatus.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, this boundary-pushing band delves deep into the realms of noise, grind, and industrial music, creating a heavy and intense sonic experience. In conjunction with the album release, meth. is embarking on a US tour throughout February, making it a must-see for fans of experimental sounds.

St. Louis metal trio NEST, featuring John Jarvis of Scour and Agoraphobic Nosebleed fame, is set to release their fourth full-length album, “Endeavors,” on April 12th via Housecore Records.

The band, known for their intense and multifaceted sound, has revealed the album’s cover art, track listing, and the first single, creating a buzz in the metal community.

John Jarvis, the vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer behind NEST, has crafted a unique sound that oscillates between grating riffs with hardcore grit and a trance-inducing shoegaze hum.

His approach to music is akin to the diversity of nests in the wild – some beautiful, others dark and foreboding, reflecting both beauty and darkness in his compositions. The upcoming album “Endeavors” promises to be a culmination of this vision, marking the band’s debut on Housecore Records.

HATESPHERE has just released their latest video for ‘The Truest Form of Pain’, the fourth single from the 2023 album ‘Hatred Reborn’.

They’re also gearing up for the ‘Soundtrack of Hate’ European tour alongside Mercenary in early February, with dates in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and more.

JOB FOR A COWBOY teasing new album with yet another single and music video.

The revered and avant-garde death metal group, Job For A Cowboy, is poised to unveil their much-anticipated new album “Moon Healer” on February 23rd, 2024, via Metal Blade Records.

This album marks a significant milestone in the band’s evolution, as it’s the first to feature the formidable drumming talents of Koperweis, known for his work with Animosity and as a dynamic force in the progressive death metal sphere with Fleshwrought.

His previous collaborations with Davy in Fleshwrought, which yielded the acclaimed “Dementia/Dyslexia,” set a precedent for their synergistic creativity. Additionally, Koperweis brings a wealth of experience from his time with bands like Machine Head and Whitechapel, and his recent success with Entheos, whose third full-length album released in March 2023.

The album’s lyrics, inspired by the likes of Philip K. Dick and Timothy Leary, delve into cryptic themes, likening the music to hallucinogenic journeys that unveil cosmic secrets, akin to an alchemist’s concoctions.

Experimental, electronica infused blackened nu-metal act GONEMAGE reworks more genres in new mind bending release.

Gonemage, hailing from Dallas, Texas, has started streaming their experimental new album “Spell Piercings”, which fuses the rawness of black metal with the groove of nu metal. The pre-order for this groundbreaking album is now available, with its full release set for February 23, 2024.

The album, described as a journey back to a twisted version of 1999, evokes a sense of nostalgia tinged with a dark, magical twist. Gonemage’s mastermind Galimgim delivers all instruments, lead vocals, and production, with a host of guest artists contributing to the depth of the record.

Experimental metal bands SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY and FRONTIERER have collaborated to release a new single titled “The Gold Room.”

This track is a highlight of See You Next Tuesday’s forthcoming album “Relapses,” scheduled for release on February 16th via Good Fight Music.

“Relapses” is primarily a re-edit of their 2023 album “Distractions,” with a focus on electronic elements.

However, “The Gold Room” stands out as a unique creation. Drew Slavik of See You Next Tuesday and Pedrum Valiani of Frontierer crafted the song using parts of an unfinished track from “Distractions.”

The vocals are performed by Chris Fox of See You Next Tuesday and Chad Kapper of Frontierer, blending into a mix of chaotic soundscapes. The track transitions from jungle-like beats to futuristic electronic sounds, accompanied by intense, distorted vocals.

Metal Blade Records has shared the first single off of the new album from the Faroese doom metal band Hamferð.

“Ábær” from their upcoming album “Men Guðs hond er sterk”.

Known for their powerful blend of slow, heavy riffs and a mix of guttural and clean vocals, this song continues the band’s legacy of creating impactful music. The new work promises to deliver the epic doom metal sound fans have come to expect, following their well-received album “Támsins likam” from 2018.

The full album is set to release on March 22, 2024, under Metal Blade Records and is currently available for pre-order.

The album’s narrative concept draws inspiration from a tragic local event, the 1915 whaling disaster off the Faroe Island village of Sandvik, where fourteen men died while driving whales ashore in a stormy bay. This event embodies the meaning behind HAMFERÐ’s Faroese name, representing the supernatural phenomenon of apparitions and warnings.

Fast-rising Italian death-grind sensation, SLUG GORE, has teamed up with Time To Kill Records to unveil their debut album, “They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!” hitting the scene on April 19th, 2024.

Leading the charge is their relentless first single, “Demented Crickets,” available for streaming now. With influences spanning European grindcore, American hardcore, and hints of death metal and slam, SLUG GORE’s sound is a dynamic fusion of raw power. Their imagery draws inspiration from Kaiju, B-Movies, and all things monstrous, promising an uncompromising death-grind experience.

The band, formed in Ravenna in 2022, has rapidly gained a devoted fanbase with over 30 shows across Italy and performances alongside renowned acts like Meshuggah, Carcass, Soulfly, and more. Their music, driven by Sbocco (Andrea Salvatore Parisi) on vocals, Danny (Daniele Faccani) on drums, Fuoco (Alessandro Fuoco) on guitar, and Amianto (Pietro Gessaroli) on bass, defies boundaries and explores the realms of death-grind with a dynamic and uncompromising approach.

Septage unleashes intolerant spree of infesting forms in “Septic Worship” preview

Denmark’s brutal death-grinders, SEPTAGE, are set to unleash their debut full-length album, “Septic Worship,” on March 29, 2024, via Me Saco Un Ojo Records, Dark Descent, and Extremely Rotten.

This upcoming release follows their previous success with two EPs and a split with Hyperdontia.

“Septic Worship” offers a relentless onslaught of abrasive noise and ecstatic grooves, creating a rotten cacophony that feels like a bloated carcass in a stagnant swamp. The fetid hooks and miasmic spew of Septage’s music permeate the air with the scent of decompositional fluids. With 15 songs of sewer-ridden sadism, Septage promises one of the most deranged and malicious debut albums in the grindcore world, sure to leave a visceral impact.

Louisville’s melodic black/death metal band VOLCANDRA has released a new single and music video titled “Fouled Sanctity.”

The track is from their upcoming second album, “The Way of Ancients,” dedicated to the sword-and-sorcery genre. The album is set to be released on March 1, 2024, through Prosthetic Records.

The music of Volcandra is a fusion of influences from thrash metal, melodic death metal, and black metal, culminating in what they describe as their most aggressive record yet. “Fouled Sanctity” is an embodiment of this blend, drawing comparisons to the likes of Skeletonwitch and Amon Amarth. The song is described as a bloodthirsty ripper that perfectly encapsulates the band’s love for high fantasy and epic storytelling.

The music video, directed by Inferi guitarist Malcolm Pugh, adds a unique visual element to the song. It features a frame story where a guy sits down to watch a VHS titled ‘Volcandra,’ leading into a fantasy world where the band performs amidst a low-fi 80s fantasy film backdrop. The video includes everything from demons and skeletons to knights with lightning swords, appealing to fans of classic sword and sorcery films.

Volcandra’s statement about “The Way of Ancients” highlights the album’s high fantasy concept, inspired by their favorite sword and sorcery media. It narrates a tale of heroes on a perilous quest through deadly terrain to confront dark forces, with the album title referring to the final passage of this journey.

SUJIN has unveiled the video for “Wasted Progress,” the third single from their debut album, ‘Save Our Souls,’ set to release on February 16th via Scarlet Records.

The band’s unique blend of melo-death, deathcore, progressive, and thrash metal makes them a force to be reckoned with in the modern metal scene.

FALL OF SERENITY is back with their new album “Open Wide, O Hell,” slated for release on March 22nd, 2024.

A decade after their reunion, following a hiatus from 2009 to 2012, the band has been meticulously crafting this release, continuing the raw aggression and dark themes from their previous albums.

“Open Wide, O Hell,” the third album with LIFEFORCE RECORDS following “Bloodred Salvation” (2006) and “The Crossfire” (2007), exceeds expectations surrounding their comeback.

Relapse Records has just unveiled a deluxe edition of REVOCATION’s “Teratogenesis,” breathing new life into the acclaimed EP with its 2024 reissue.

This release marks the first time “Teratogenesis” is pressed on a 12″ vinyl, enriched with an array of bonus tracks that span the band’s tenure with Relapse Records.

Notably, this edition features covers of iconic tracks by Metallica, Faith No More, and Death, showcasing Revocation’s versatile mastery in the metal genre. Additionally, fans are treated to a previously unavailable cover of “Scream Bloody Gore,” adding another layer of depth to this special release.

This deluxe edition of “Teratogenesis” is a must-have for enthusiasts of Revocation’s dynamic and intense sound, offering a fresh take on their well-regarded EP.

French dark industrial sludge outfit FANGE has released a new music video for the track “Mauvais Vivant,” directed by Les Furtifs.

The band is set to release their album “Perdition” on vinyl and CD on February 23rd through Throatruiner Records. In addition to this release, FANGE has upcoming shows scheduled, including appearances in various cities in France, Copenhagen, and the UK.

“Perdition” serves as a spiritual successor to their previous album “Poigne,” exploring a less riff-focused approach while embracing a cleaner, desolate atmosphere. The album was recorded and produced by the band during the summer of 2023, with mixing by Cyrille Gachet and mastering by Alan Douches.

PRISONER from Richmond, Virginia is set to release their sophomore album, “Putrid | Obsolete,” on March 15th through Persistent Vision Records.

This new album, which follows their 2017 debut “Beyond the Infinite,” promises a blend of death metal, doom, crust punk, and industrial sounds. The first single from the album, “Leaden Tomb,” showcases this fusion with an industrial intro leading into a high-intensity mix of genres, complete with a music video premiered by Decibel Magazine. The album aims to explore the theme of environmental collapse, with “Leaden Tomb” particularly inspired by the detrimental effects of capitalism and human conflict on the earth.

“Putrid | Obsolete” features eight tracks of intense, genre-blending music that draws inspiration from bands like Godflesh, Neurosis, and Napalm Death. Engineered and mixed by Ricky Olson and mastered by Brad Boatright, the album marks a significant evolution in Prisoner’s sound, incorporating more industrial and noise elements thanks to new member Adam Lake. The overarching theme of the album, as described by guitarist/vocalist Pete Rozsa, is the “horrific failure of humanity,” with lyrics contributed by all three vocalists focusing on the dire consequences of technological and capitalist excess.

New York City-based death metal quintet HYPOXIA has unveiled their monstrous new single, “Pathway To Charon,” as they prepare to release their third album, “Defiance,” in late February on Selfmadegod Records.

The band, featuring current and former members of Monstrosity, Vile, and Castrator, is set to pummel listeners with eleven songs in thirty-seven minutes of relentless death metal aggression. With lineup changes and a new guitarist, Ryan Moll, HYPOXIA is ready to deliver an old-school onslaught of new breed death metal domination with “Defiance.”

N.I.B.I.R.U. emerges from the underground with their explosive release, “War Before Extinction,” serving up a relentless grindcore experience that’s as ferocious as it is brief.

This Houston, Texas-based act, composed of veterans from Insect Warfare, War Master, and Dissent, delivers a blistering soundtrack to apocalypse, merging punk intensity with death metal ferocity. Available for digital consumption and on a striking green vinyl, the album is a testament to the band’s raw power and unapologetic aggression.

Released on February 2, 2024, via RFL Records, “War Before Extinction” captures the essence of grindcore’s chaotic spirit.

Japanese melodic death metal band ALPHOENIX has unveiled their latest song, “The Jester Bird,” featuring a guest solo by Kouta of Thousand Eyes.

Drawing influence from bands like All That Remains, In Flames, and The Black Dahlia Murder, ALPHOENIX blends aggression with melodic guitar elements, clean vocals, and growls.

The new single was produced by Jonas Kjellgren (Sabaton, Amorphis, Hypocrisy) and features cover art by Shimpei, the band’s vocalist and guitarist. ALPHOENIX’s leader mentions that the song pays homage to the melodic death metal of the 90s, particularly In Flames.

Cleveland-based cult metal act MIDNIGHT is set to release their sixth full-length album, “Hellish Expectations,” on March 8th through Metal Blade Records.

Known for their notorious and prolific output, MIDNIGHT continues to be a prominent force in the metal/punk underground scene. The band, essentially a one-man-army led by Athenar, is renowned for its unique blend of blackened heavy metal infused with elements of lust, grime, and sleaze.

“Hellish Expectations” promises to be a ten-track sonic assault, characterized by Athenar’s signature style of belligerent and unapologetically obnoxious music. Athenar describes the album as a “knuckle dragger with a fat cutoff,” and “pure testosterone meat.” Emphasizing its straightforward and direct nature, he reveals that the entire album was written in a single weekend. This burst of creativity was sparked by his dissatisfaction with the raw tracks of the previous album, “Let There Be Witchery,” leading to a demand for a new, more powerful record.

In anticipation of the album’s release, MIDNIGHT has unveiled the first single, “F.O.A.L.” (an acronym for “Fuck Off And Live”), along with a music video.

The track serves as the album closer and is described by Athenar as an “ode to the people who peacefully want to die to escape the realities of life, while they should really live and suffer.” This release continues to showcase MIDNIGHT’s commitment to delivering intense and uncompromising music, catering to fans of heavy, aggressive metal.

The Los Angeles-based death/doom quintet Civerous is set to release their new album, “Maze Envy,” on March 22nd via 20 Buck Spin, featuring the single “Labyrinth Charm” with guest vocals by Derek Rydquist of The Zenith Passage.

This album marks a significant evolution from their debut, “Decrepit Flesh Relic,” offering a blend of technical death/doom with progressive elements and a broad range of influences. “Maze Envy” promises a complex journey through dark, immersive soundscapes, recorded and produced by Andrew Solis at Deadstare Audio, with additional engineering by Kevin McCombs and mastering by Nick Townsend. The album features artwork by Juanjo Castellano and includes contributions from notable artists, positioning it as a must-listen for fans of the genre.

NECROWRETCH defies conventional genre boundaries by blending the darkness of black metal with the brutality of death metal.

Described as the manifestation of the antichrist, “Swords of Dajjal” is a relentless assault that tears down the gates of heaven and breaks its chains. With brutal blast beats, maximum riffage, and deafening bass tones, Necrowretch delivers a brutal portrayal of darkness and chaos. There are no messiahs here, only the infernal sounds of Necrowretch carving their path straight from the depths of hell.

GHOUL, the renowned splatterthrash band, is back with their latest offering, “Noxious Concoctions”.

Released on February 2, 2024, via Tankcrimes, this five-track EP includes “The Eyes of the Witch,” “Noxious Concoctions,” “Shotgun Gulch,” “Ratlicker,” and a cover of Funerot’s “1-900-DTH-LINE.” Crafted with the band’s signature blend of death/thrash and occasional surf-rock, the EP marks their first official release since 2016’s “Dungeon Bastards.” Recorded by Scott Evans at Antisleep Audio and Sharkbite Studios, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering, and featuring artwork by DecoNoir Art, the EP maintains Ghoul’s tradition of blood-soaked, energetic thrash. With a review praising its catchy riffs, engaging hooks, and fun, slightly silly yet well-crafted tracks, “Noxious Concoctions” is described as an accessible and energetic blast of Ghoul’s best, embodying the fun and maniacal spirit of splatterthrash.

Death metal takes a ferocious turn with the release of MIND CONFLICT’s debut album, “TEMPLE OF GOD”.

The band’s sound combines the gritty energy of old-school death metal with the unrelenting attitude of 90s metallic hardcore. Hailing from Western Europe and the Middle East, MIND CONFLICT is a duo that has evolved through various line-up changes and styles to embrace the bloodthirsty essence of death metal and the rebellious assault of metallic hardcore. “TEMPLE OF GOD” features filthy riffs, thunderous rhythms, and infernal growls, all wrapped in a dedication to their craft and a message of overcoming adversity in a world that seeks to silence them.

WINTER NIGHTS, from Brooklyn, New York, has announced their latest release, “Unmarked Grave,” dropping on February 2nd, 2024.

Known for their distinctive blend of melodic blackened death metal, the band has been active since 2007, crafting music that aims to stir deep, emotive responses with themes centered around apocalyptic visions. Influenced by notable acts such as Kalmah, Unleashed, and Sentenced, Winter Nights offers a sound that is both eerie and robust, promising listeners an immersive exploration into mythic cataclysms.

Deathcore heavy-hitters ENTERPRISE EARTH dropped their latest album ‘Death: An Anthology’ today, via MNRK Heavy, and it’s turning heads for its brutality and intricate musicality.

Alongside the release, they’ve also thrown out the music video for “Blood and Teeth,” a track that dives deep into the turmoil of toxic relationships, with its sonic journey mirroring the emotional rollercoaster described. From a serene piano intro to a devastating breakdown, the song—and video—paints a vivid, visceral picture of self-inflicted suffering for love.

Guitarist Gabe Mangold, who also serves as the band’s backing vocalist and producer, has dubbed the album as ENTERPRISE EARTH’s “most expressive, intense, diverse, and finest work.” The creation of ‘Death: An Anthology’ was a labor of love and intensity, aiming to evoke feelings of joy, empowerment, and catharsis among listeners.

Portugal’s death metal horde CHAPEL OF SAMHAIN is stirring the underground scene with their latest offering, “Black Onyx Cave.”

The band has released a new track, “Charnel,” from the upcoming album, giving fans a taste of what’s to come. The full album is set to be unleashed on March 18, 2024.

Drawing from the depths of old school metal, CHAPEL OF SAMHAIN’s upcoming release blends elements of Death, Black, and Doom metal, enveloped in eerie symphonies. The project, a venture outside the members’ other musical endeavors in bands like Grog, Velório, and Nethermancy, promises to be a mass of skull-crushing hymns and morbid enchantments.

“Black Onyx Cave” is a journey through extreme and obscure catacombs, a testament to the band’s commitment to crafting a monolithic vision in the sulphuric womb of lunacy. Fans of early Morgoth, Profanatica, Acheron, and Imprecation will find themselves at home in the dark, transformative soundscapes of CHAPEL OF SAMHAIN.

Australia’s ENDLESS LOSS is set to release their debut album titled “Traversing the Mephitic Artery” on March 25, 2024, via Nuclear Winter Records.

The first single, “Vertiginous Depths Of Unchained Hedonism,” is now streaming. The band, known for their bestial black/death sound, has gained recognition for their savage releases and live performances. “Traversing the Mephitic Artery” promises 28 minutes of barbaric bloodshed and is recommended for fans of Profanatica, Teitanblood, Triumvir Foul, and Demoncy.

German avant-garde black metal group FARSOT has unveiled a lyric video single titled ‘Descent’ from their upcoming fourth album, “Life Promised Death,” scheduled for release on February 16, 2024.

The band describes the concept of ‘life’ as elusive and explores how it seems to slip out of context in a world preoccupied with self-centered strife and suffering from mental distress.

“Life Promised Death” carries FARSOT’s signature dark and harsh musical style, delving into themes of lethargy, excess, depression, hedonism, and more. The album is influenced by Grunge, which adds a surprising and captivating element to the music. FARSOT’s lyrics revolve around the idea of life slipping out of hand, exploring various aspects of this concept.

BLOODSHOT unleashes new EP ‘ABSENCE’.

Oxfordshire’s BLOODSHOT delivers a scorching EP titled ‘ABSENCE,’ blending death metal with catchy grooves and elements of thrash. The band’s high-energy sound has earned them recognition in the live circuit, sharing stages with acts like KING 810, INGESTED, and DIAMOND HEAD.

MASS PUNISHMENT, a four-piece band from New Jersey, USA, has recently released a new video for their track ‘Worldwide Genocide.’

The band, known for their Metalcore, Extreme Metal, and Thrash~N~Groove style, is part of the WormHoleDeath Records label.

Their music, often compared to the likes of Slipknot, Pantera, and Fear Factory, is not just about heavy sounds but also carries a deep message. Mass Punishment’s lyrics are a reflection of their commentary on various global issues, including government corruption, depopulation, and societal challenges.

Their latest track ‘Worldwide Genocide’ continues this trend, blending intense music with thought-provoking themes.

AMIENSUS, known for their progressive blackened metal, is set to release “Reclamation: Part 1” on April 26, 2024.

Currently, two tracks from the album, “Reverie” and “Vermillion Fog of War,” are available for streaming.

This anticipated album, featuring James Benson from Chrome Waves and Chris Piette from Ghost Bath, combines harsh, angry tones with ambient, melodic segments, creating a beautifully depressive metal experience.

Budapest’s metal quintet, HEEDLESS ELEGANCE, showcases their intense modern heavy sound on the new single “The Dream Within.”

This track serves as the title song for their upcoming full-length album, set to drop on February 23, 2024. The song seamlessly blends rage and euphoria, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Brisbane-based death-metal project STELLAR REMAINS, the brainchild of Dan Elkin, has released a new track titled “Obsolescence.”

This track is the leading single from the upcoming EP “Wastelands,” which is scheduled for release on April 15th through Gutter Prince Cabal Records. Stellar Remains is a one-man project, with Elkin handling all instruments, vocals, and lyrics.

The EP “Wastelands” represents a cosmic journey, exploring vast soundscapes and delving into the unknown. Elkin’s approach combines the intensity of death metal with a progressive mindset, aiming to balance the terror and wonder of the cosmos. The music promises to be both powerful and intricate, offering a mix of aggressive rhythms and diverse elements.

LIVEALIE (ex-vocalist of Oceans Ate Alaska) shares new single, blending melodic choruses with vicious metalcore verses.

New York City and London-based band LIVEALIE, featuring ex-Oceans Ate Alaska frontman James Harrison, have released their new single “Forget Me Not” with an accompanying video. The group is experimenting with their metal sound and engaging directly with fans through unique storytelling and community dialogue. The band is gearing up to release a 12-song collection, “Living In The Static”, presenting a multi-part narrative to their listeners.

Finnish melodic death-doom band THE BLEAK PICTURE, with members from Autumnfall and Fall Of The Leafe, announces their debut album “Meaningless” releasing on March 22nd, 2024, via Ardua Music.

Building on the atmospheric foundation of their first EP, the album features a blend of doomy riffs and dark melodies, complemented by diverse vocal styles. “Stained,” the first single, is now available for streaming. The album “Meaningless” includes seven tracks, from “Prisoner of Your Own Sins” to “Broken Balance,” showcasing the band’s evolution from a 2021 side project to a full-fledged album release.

Iberian sludge/funeral doom outfit BLAZAR is set to release their debut full-length album titled “Fatal Cosmic Wound” on March 1st via Carbonized Records.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, BLAZAR’s music combines elements of funeral doom, death metal, and sludge, and their lyrical themes revolve around the vastness and indifference of the cosmos. The album features soul-crushing riffs, sinister melodies, ethereal passages, screams, and electronic interferences. BLAZAR previously released their debut EP, “Phase Omega,” in 2017, along with two split albums.

Fans of My Dying Bride, Hell, and Burning Witch are encouraged to check out this release.

Alternative metal trio PROFILER is gearing up for the release of their debut album “A Digital Nowhere,” set to drop on February 16th through SharpTone Records.

Frontman Mike Evans describes the album as a significant evolution from their previous EP, blending their established sound with fresh, bouncy riffs and a groove that fans are sure to love.

The album, largely written during the Covid-19 lockdowns, represents a collaborative effort between Evans and bandmate Joe, offering a varied and mature sound. Evans highlights the album’s production quality, noting its crisp and clear mix that accentuates their songwriting.

UNCOMFORTABLE KNOWLEDGE, the hypnotic French metal quintet, has unveiled “An Empty Heart Cannot Break,” from their upcoming sophomore album “Lifeline” set to release on February 2, 2024, via Punch.

The track explores the theme of love and its transformative power, ultimately leading to a state of completeness and balance.

“Lifeline” promises a thought-provoking journey into the meaning of life and our connections with others, featuring baroque stringed settings and dark film atmospheres to enhance their unique sound.

This release follows their acclaimed debut album “Black Queen” from 2021, which garnered praise for its intense sound power and unique style.

WAGE WAR and NOTHING MORE are teaming up to take over North America with a co-headlining tour.

Along for the ride are special guests Veil of Maya and Sleep Theory, adding to the firepower of this lineup.

The tour launches on April 16th in Charlotte, NC, and will tear through cities across the continent until it wraps up on May 17th in Indianapolis, IN. Fans can snag their tickets starting February 2nd at 10 AM local time, with the full list of tour dates and venues available online.


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OUR MIRAGE, a melodic metalcore / post-hardcore band on the rise, has released a new music video for their single “Farewell,” available through Arising Empire.

This latest offering represents a bold step forward for the band, both musically and visually, taking listeners on a compelling emotional ride.

The video for “Farewell” showcases Our Mirage’s talent for visual storytelling, creating a sense of mystery and anticipation for their future works.

ALPHA WOLF roars into North America for Spring 2024 Tour!

Australian metalcore giants Alpha Wolf are gearing up to shake the North American music scene with their headline tour this Spring 2024! Fans, get ready to mosh as they bring the heat alongside Emmure, Unity TX, and Chamber, who will be joining as the supporting acts.

Alpha Wolf is set to unleash their brand new album “Half Living Things” on April 5.


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JESU, known for their ambient and post-rock soundscapes, has dropped a remastered EP, “Hard To Reach EP.”

Originally part of a split with ENVY, the tracks “Hard To Reach” and “The Stars That Hang Above You” from 2008/09 are now reimagined with fresh mastery. Accompanying these are two unreleased tracks and an alternative version of “Hard To Reach,” an incomplete project from 2012, now fully realized.

Released on January 30, 2024, the EP is a collection of deep cuts completed by Justin K Broadrick and available via Avalanche Recordings.

Post metallers AMENRA go ambient mode in new soundtrack.

Post-metal band AMENRA has taken on the task of composing original music for the movie “SKUNK,” directed by Koen Mortier. Additionally, CHVE, a member of AMENRA, has a small role in the film, portraying the character Liam’s father. “SKUNK” has been selected for the Film Festival Oostende and had its premiere on January 27th at Kinepolis Oostende. A second screening was scheduled for January 28th, followed by an acoustic show by AMENRA at de Grote Post, Oostende.

Eric (of post metal band ROSETTA) and Andrew Jernigan, known for their decade-long tenure leading the post-hardcore band CITY OF SHIPS, have embarked on a new musical journey with their latest project, Low Pressure System.

Their debut album “Unknown Caller,” self-recorded at their studio in Austin, TX, and co-produced with longtime collaborator Jeremy SH Griffith, combines memorable synthpop hooks and shoegaze atmospherics with arpeggiated melodies and driving bass lines.

The album delves into themes of diffuse attention and the regret associated with taking relationships for granted. It also reflects on and ultimately rejects the futility of the artistic pursuit itself. With their diverse musical backgrounds, including involvement in bands like Rosetta, Expander, and Cliffdiver, the Jernigan brothers are creating some of the most compelling music in their shared history.

Beth Gibbons, the enigmatic voice of PORTISHEAD, is stepping into new territory with her debut solo album.

Over a decade in the making, ‘Lives Outgrown’ promises a departure from the familiar territory of breakbeats and snares, aiming for a sound rich in “woody fabric of timbres.” Announced via a handwritten Instagram note, Gibbons hints at introspective lyrics and a sound that eschews the “sugary addiction of high frequencies.”

With a reflective look at personal transitions and the contemplation of life beyond, Gibbons’ upcoming work, in partnership with Domino Records, beckons both long-time fans and newcomers to a matured auditory experience, rooted in the depths of her 50s.


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The Los Angeles-based techno-punk band, MACHINEKIT, returns with “ANTIPATHY”.

“ANTIPATHY” marks a departure from their usual tempo, focusing on a more tense electro groove that combines electronic and analog percussion with a memorable heavy riff. The single includes three versions: an original demo, a remix by Matt Miller, and the final cut with Nova, illustrating the track’s development from its inception.

Machinekit, formed by John Rojas and William Buege in 2018, has seen significant evolution since its inception. The band underwent several lineup changes and challenging periods, culminating in the current quintet that includes members who joined following a tour with SHUT EYE. This new lineup is described as bringing a fresh energy and style to the band’s music. Machinekit has previously released two EPs and their second LP, “I AM JACK’S LONELY HEART CLUB BAND,” in 2022. The band is known for their chaotic blend of music and their continuous evolution in the techno-punk scene.

Los Angeles-based dark trip-hop masters THIEF return with their evocative fourth album, “Bleed, Memory,” exploring the profound theme of dementia and its impact on memory.

Spearheaded by Dylan Neal, the album draws deep inspiration from Neal’sd personal experience with his father’s dementia diagnosis.

The title, a nod to Vladimir Nabokov’s “Speak, Memory,” encapsulates the album’s focus on the fragility and distortion of memory.

Musically, THIEF continues to blend sacred chant music with innovative techniques like granular synthesis, creating a haunting soundscape that reflects the album’s themes of anger, melancholy, sorrow, and loss. “Bleed, Memory” promises to be an immersive experience, not just in sound but visually as well, with its unique orange transparent vinyl and a deluxe 2CD Book Edition.

This release is not just an album; it’s a Gesamtkunstwerk, a total work of art, capturing the essence of a debilitating condition in a way that is both beautiful and haunting.

CHRISTIAN LOVE FORUM just dropped their new experimental album “0 X-Nihilo,” and it’s a wild ride of cyberfolk and future-primitivism.

Released under the Heat Crimes label, this Thessaloniki-based trio is turning heads with their unique blend of microtonal Arabic, Greek, and Eastern European sounds.

The album, featuring tracks like ‘Hagioscope’, ‘Love After Love’, and the three-part ‘Themes for the Golden Jackal’, showcases the band’s flair for synthesizing diverse musical traditions into something completely out of the box. Fans of László Hortobágyi, Christos Chondropoulos, and Muslimgauze will find something special here.

Christian Love Forum’s live performances, like their recent show at Berlin Atonal 23, demonstrate their skill in improvisation and their mastery over a mix of hardware keyboards, rhythm boxes, and samplers. The result is a sound that’s both raw and refined, a perfect balance of seriousness and aesthetic ambiguity.


Indie / Pop / Folk

PARAMORE released their vibrant cover of Talking Heads’ classic “Burning Down The House.”

The track, originally recorded last year, is part of the much-anticipated Stop Making Sense tribute album, announced by the prestigious film company A24. This album is a nod to the acclaimed 1984 Talking Heads concert film, which A24 recently restored. Paramore’s rendition of “Burning Down The House,” a song that became Talking Heads’ sole top 10 hit in the US, captures the band’s dynamic energy, with Hayley Williams’ distinctive vocals bringing a fresh flair to the iconic track.

In addition to their musical release, fans were treated to a teaser clip, shared on Paramore and A24’s social channels, where Hayley Williams is seen receiving a replica of the jacket David Byrne wore on the original album artwork. This teaser, directed by AJ Gibboney and Paramore’s Zac Farro, also hints at the band’s contribution to the tribute album, which features 16 artists covering Talking Heads’ setlist from “Stop Making Sense.”


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The release of this cover, coupled with the news that Paramore’s long-awaited collaboration with SZA is finally “in the works,” comes as a reassurance to fans amidst concerns over the band’s future.

TALKING HEADS have reportedly passed up an eye-watering $80 million offer from Live Nation for a brief return to the stage.

Despite reuniting for promotional events for the restored ‘Stop Making Sense’ concert film, the seminal band seems to have no interest in festival gigs or headlining concerts. Even Coachella, with its knack for reuniting legendary acts, couldn’t sway them, despite festival curator Paul Tollett’s direct efforts. Meanwhile, Coachella isn’t short on reunions, with NO DOUBT and a new-look SUBLIME set to hit the stage in April. And for TALKING HEADS fans still craving a fix, a tribute album with a cover of “Burning Down The House” by PARAMORE is set to release soon, keeping the band’s legacy burning bright without a live tour.

Norway’s DAS BODY just unleashed their new album ‘True Vulture’.

Think pop, but with a gritty, post-punk edge. It’s all about that cool, odd-pop vibe, and they’ve nailed it.

This Oslo crew, led by the charismatic Ellie Linden, has seriously leveled up since their debut LP ‘Peregrine’. We’re talking about a sound that’s more polished, more powerful, and just dripping with pop hooks. They’ve transformed their electrifying live energy into a studio masterpiece, all thanks to the wizardry of producer Erlend Mokkelbost.

UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP is hitting pause on TikTok, refusing to renew its music licensing agreement, expired on January 31, 2024.

Citing inadequate compensation, concerns over AI-generated music, and user safety, UMG is taking a stand. The world’s largest music rightsholder explained in an open letter that TikTok’s offer falls short of fair market value, especially given TikTok’s advertising revenue and user base growth. UMG also accuses TikTok of using intimidation tactics in negotiations by selectively removing music from emerging artists. This move comes despite TikTok’s ongoing expansion, including the launch of a premium music streaming service in several countries. UMG remains firm in its commitment to fair compensation and the protection of human creativity, even if it means disrupting the status quo on popular social platforms.

As UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP’s hits start to fade from TikTok, UMG stands firm, accusing the platform of failing to offer proper compensation, resisting the protection of artists against AI, and neglecting user safety. The stalemate follows the lapse of their licensing agreement, with UMG’s recordings already being muted and their publishing catalog potentially next.

Despite a 30-day grace period for publishing rights, the pressure mounts for a resolution before a complete music blackout on TikTok. Amidst accusations of greed from both sides, UMG maintains that TikTok’s offer was not competitive, emphasizing the platform’s growth on the back of artist content.

As tracks from stars like Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift go silent, TikTok labels UMG’s stance as self-serving, while UMG insists on equating artist compensation with that of other social media outlets. With the dispute in full swing, artists’ rights groups rally behind UMG, spotlighting the broader industry battle over music’s value in the digital age.

IDIOTEQ is tuned into the latest from Waxahatchee, where Katie Crutchfield’s musical journey continues to evolve with an unmistakable country twang,

Even if you don’t lump last year’s Plains project with Jess Williamson into Waxahatchee’s discography, it’s clear Crutchfield’s dipped her toes deep into country waters. Read the full review HERE.

Indie folk artist ROSK has just released a deeply personal album, exploring the multifaceted nature of loneliness.

Funded and produced independently, the album delves into the complexities of solitude, touching on themes of love, war, and homesickness.

Fans of Agnes Obel, Ólafur Arnalds, SYML, and Keaton Henson might find a connection with this introspective work. While ROSK’s father hears echoes of Leonard Cohen in the music, the artist humbly diverges from this comparison. This new release could resonate with those who appreciate the melancholic indie vibes of Scandinavian artists and the cinematic sounds of Ludovico Einaudi or Yann Tiersen.

TEDDY IS OFFLINE , an emerging indie dream pop artist hailing from Ireland, has just unveiled his debut single “I Fall Apart Again.”

The track is described as ethereal and tranquil, a musical journey that transports listeners to a distant, warm place.

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