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Italian emotional post hardcore act AMALIA BLOOM unveils new glorious, rewarding single!

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More melodious and emotionally charged than your usual gritty post hardcore and screamo influenced punk offerings, “At  Eternity’s Gate“, the new track from Vicenza based band AMALIA BLOOM comes with a renewed sense of reverie. It’s been a year since we last featured this exciting Italian band and it’s so amazing to have them back, with yet another great single, once again creating more ground that allows them to flourish on their own terms. Check it out, along with the band’s special commentary below.

“At Eternity’s Gate” is an attempt to express a feeling of frustration and vacuity provoked by the absence of an ikigai. The narrator crawls to bed, exhausted by the constant pressure that weighs on his mind and, as he reminds of a dream he had, reflects on what is missing.

The title is a tribute to famous Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “On The Threshold Of Eternity”, which depicts an old man in sorrow.

The core part of the song describes a dream in which the narrator is looking for a missing someone, soaked in the imaginary that Vincent Van Gogh was able to depict through his works. In fact, there are some more references about his art in the lyrics.

At the end of the song, the narrator retraces his memories and finds out that only in his dreams he is able to feel, eventually evoking his missing someone and telling them that they are the lost piece of the jigsaw.

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Yari Ricco at Eyeless Recording, Vicenza IT.

AMALIA BLOOM cover by AMALIA BLOOM by Yari Ricco
AMALIA BLOOM cover by AMALIA BLOOM by Yari Ricco

Amalia Bloom is an emotional post-hardcore band hailing from Vicenza, a little city in the venetian lowlands in Italy.

This project was born from the ashes of pop-punk band Mr. Day and punk-rock band Frode Alimentare. In April 2019, we published our first record “Maiden Voyage”, available now on every digital platform and on physical copy (CD, vinyl).

“At Eternity’s Gate” is our brand new single and is coming out on April 20th. We started recording it in the studio but, as soon as the Coronavirus emergency started to spread, we were left to our own devices. We couldn’t finish to record it in the studio as we were (and still are) forced to stay home but, we believed a lot on this song so we decided to record it at home and we are proud of the result. The song sounds great and we are very pleased to let you hear it.

Gig wise, we had two scheduled tours: an Italian tour with Decacy in April and an European run in May but, due to the current worldwide emergency, we had to cancel both. We only have a gig fixed so far and, after some reflection, we realised that it is better for us to wait until this big issue is coming to end, in order to start planning gigs/tours with 100% certainty of being able to play them. However, our calendar is empty so if you have anything to propose, we would be more than happy to listen!

AMALIA BLOOM by Yari Ricco
AMALIA BLOOM by Yari Ricco

Vicenza local music scene

The situation in the scene is kinda strange at the moment. There are lots of collectives and crews that organise shows around Italy but as the days are passing it seems to become more and more difficult to play around. We are part of Life Is Strage, which is our local collective.

For that it concerns Vicenza’s local bands, there are many acts that are worth a listen. Decacy, Regarde, Eddie Bunker, Halfway Home, La Fortuna are some of them, be sure to check them out!

New music recommendations and artists worth a check in 2020

We haven’t reached the middle of the year yet, but many cool records and songs already came out! The first we can think about are Decacy – Non Cambierà and Regarde – The Blue And You, but we recommend to take a listen to Almenoseimetridaterra’s selftitled and Carthago’s brand new single La Città. These guys helped us setting up our first italian tour and, even if we had to cancel it, we are still grateful.


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