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Non Cambierà – DECACY release one of the most endearing, earnest debuts in emotional screamo this year

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Alberto, Alessandro and Carlo started DECACY in Vicenza, Italy 3 years ago, but it is until now that they are letting know about their amazing work, with their brand new EP “Non Cambierà”. On the record, the same blues of late 90s and early 00s emotive screamo are very much in evidence, but these fellas seem to be more than capable of shaking them loose. DECACY flex their interesting songwriting on a captivating offering bound to win the hearts of fans of screamo and emoviolence, and we’re thrilled to give you some insights behind it, a full track by track commentary and the band’s thoughts on their local scene and more artists worth your time.

We were all classmates throughout the years and started this band in high school (we’re currently , mainly because we wanted to have fun together. We originally played a fast and raw, DC era inspired hardcore punk before eventually turning to a more emotional hardcore-influenced style in late 2018.

We are involved in the diy scene, hosting gigs in Vicenza and whatever. This is our main creative output. Alberto also has a solo ambient/electronic project called “Spazi Nascosti”

We all jam to a lot of different music genres and have several influences, but don’t really have many reference points when it comes to writing music.

Anyway, we think our main influences are clearly recognizable: we love European screamo (above all, the classic and legendary LA QUIETE, RAEIN and DAITRO), 90s emotional hardcore, hardcore punk and emo revival.

This record was the result of one and a half year of writing, recording and life experiences, compressed into 6 songs. It’s been a messy recording process but we’re really satisfied with the final result.

Shout out to all our friends who had enough patience to help, expecially Mario Rizzotto (RADURA, OJNE) for making it all sound alright.

“Non Cambierà” (translating to “It’s not going to change”) it’s out on cd and tape, thanks to the joint efforts of È un Brutto Posto Dove Vivere, Longrail Records, Pioggiadanza Produzioni and Non Ti Seguo.


We chose to use our native language to express our personal reflections and experiences: inner struggle, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, heartache, hopes and dreams.
In essence, being 18 years old.

We aim to write spontaneous and dynamic songs, trying to combine melodic, instrumental passages with raw and abrasive, more punk sounding sections.
This duality can be heard clearly in this record’s highlights.

Voragine” is a song about rough times, which we all face and must find our own method to overcome cyclically.

Frammenti“, “Sineddoche” and “Limiti” as well, are attemps to transcript and filter our disordered and messy reflections.

DECACY by Nicola Stradiotto
DECACY by Nicola Stradiotto

Uno/Due” is the ep’s more melodic moment and talks about disillusion and frustration, in result to an unfortunate relationship.

In the end “Voyna” (the russian word for “War”) closes the record, and expresses a convinction we want to spread: things can get difficult sometimes, but we are in this together.
There’s hope for who chooses to fight back, you’re not alone.

DECACY in 2020:

At the moment we’d like to focus on live performance, trying to play as many shows as we can. We already have some really cool gigs booked from here to June.
Actually, our main concern is getting a driver license, because at the moment we have none and must rely on our kind, helpful and beloved friends to drive around.
Props to anyone who’s willing to share their car and time with us.

Vicenza and Italian Screamo

Vicenza is a relatively small town in the northeast. There’s a good music scene but there’s always fewer spaces available.

We are now part of Life Is Strage, a DIY festival which takes place in Vicenza. We are working on the third edition of the fest that will be on June 2020, willing to support both original music and some local organisations that aim to preserve and protect the environment. Last November we planted 80 trees thanks to an event we organised, in June we want to do better (be sure to follow our social media accounts in order to be informed of what we’re doing!).

There are a lot of very good and active emo bands around the country, some of them are already well known in the international community.

DECACY by Diego Bonato
DECACY by Diego Bonato

Other bands worth a check

Besides the most known italian acts of the recent years (such as OJNE, SHIZUNE and STORMO, nice people and great musicians with whom we had the pleasure of sharing the stage), I’d like to mention some other projects.

Talking about emo, RADURA from Milan and ONE DYING WISH from Torino are kind hearted people making amazing screamo. They’re currently working on new releases, don’t sleep on them.

Also ALMENOSEIMETRIDATERRA from Genova released a really nice record last year, but we didn’t get to meet them yet.

AMALIA BLOOM from Vicenza is another project we believe in. They are our best pals and (literally) brothers, check their concept album “Maiden Voyage” for a meaningful and promising post-hc record.

Thanks Karol for giving us this space, and everyone who spent a minute reading <3

DECACY art by Riccardo Volpe

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