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Italian screamo act MAREMARCIO enrapture with their ear for arrangements and profound compositions

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On their second EP “Che cosa sono le onde”, Parma based MAREMARCIO sound like they were already cemented as one of the most forward-thinking and interesting new acts in post hardcore / screamo. Each song from this great EP comes as emotionally direct and engaging composition that raw from their obvious inspirations, but also carry the distinct sound that MAREMARCIO seem to have made their own. Even in the quietest moments, it feels as if there is always something important ringing out, and despite its natural harshness, the EP comes are musically elegant, emotionally eloquent, and vital, which makes “Che cosa sono le onde” absolutely worthy of acclaim.

We have teamed up with the band to give you some insights about their work, this new pearl, and their local scene in Parma.

“Che cosa sono le onde” is of our second EP. The title obviously takes its cue from the short film by P.P.Pasolini “Che cosa sono le nuvole”, one of the 6 episodes contained in “Capriccio all’italiana“. The story is a reinterpretation of Otello, recited by a group of puppets who play Shakespearean roles on the scene but who ask themselves behind the scenes questions about why they do what they do. This episode is the last film in which Totò appears, who died before being able to see the work.

Lyrics are inspired by the passage of time, not only for us as individual but also for us as a community of people.

All of us have friends and people who love but the passage of time can change everything and making the distance more or less intensive; no one can have back the passed time with the people or the places of our memory. This is the main topic of lyrics.

These are the reasons why we chose the image of the mountain on the album cover. The photo was taken at 4000m in Peru by Riccardo, our guitarist and it seemed to us that it best represented the concept of how time and distances, in our memory, can be null and infinite at the same time.

7″ EP will be available soon via: Dischi Decenti (IT), Bus Stop Press (FR), Seitan’s Hell Bike Punks (FR), Nothing Left Records (IT), Non Ti Seguo Records (IT), Seaside Suicide Records (FR), and Collettivo La Dèfense (IT), plus on tape via Missed Out (US), Larry Records (US), and Collettivo La Dèfense (IT). “Che cosa sono le onde” was recorded between September and December 2019 in Saletta Adorno, a rehearsal room inside a youth center here in Parma, by Piff aka Frizzer Studio Mobile, a friend of us which also plays in Shitty Life, Dadar and Impulso. 

MAREMARCIO Parma cover

Track by track commentary

Lisbona” talks about the sense of alienation lived by a friends of us after he came back for a erasmus trip. This lyrics want to explain the depression and loneliness lived by our friend, the same loneliness we can see watching the waves crashing as many of our hopes.

Come in quell’alba” and “Di giovedì” were a single song in the past but we have decided to split it during the recording session; Thomas, the bass player, wrote the lyrics in a particular moment of his life, when he knew a special person: may we have the same reaction now like in the past or in the future about the same instant? May we feel, instantly, the same pleasure of the first time or the last time? We can use a “mental time machine” and every time we remember or we’ll see new specific details. We have to find words or images that explain the connection between these instants, like a sunset on Thursday or letters on the windows.

Lontani dagli altri imparammo a nuotare” is a critics about the intolerance and the macis we are living in Italy. We keep distances from the straight majority of the Italian people who believes that all the problems come from immigration and everything which is different by their ignorant thoughts. This song is recorded with Iggy, great weirdo, great friends andi singer of Shitty Life (chitarrino punk band from Parma).

Dove non si tocca coi piedi” want to talk about a place here in Italy, where Gianca spent his days during the summer time in his childhood. A place with a lot of memory and friends, a place far from time and reality due to changings. Getting older keep you away from the past and you remind a place for the moments you pass and the time you spent but then they are far from you, like as you may be far from the seaside, where you can’t stand up touching the ground with your own feet.

Maremarcio – more about the band

Maremarcio is a four piece screamo band from Parma and Finale Emilia, started in early 2013 by Gianca and Rich.

In 2017 Thomas and Manso were added to the project and started working on the first EP. Two years later we decided to record a second EP “Che cosa sono le onde” to starting promote it in spring 2020 but The situation we are globally living has meant that the tour scheduled for months to promote our album was canceled. We are confident that we will resume playing relatively quickly. We cannot go to our rehearsal room so we are writing new pieces in our pc. At the first opportunity everything will come out.

Tour wise, we started with four tour dates but unfortunately played none of them due to Coronavirus lockdown. These would have been the release dates but all of them have been postponed and at the moment we don’t know when we will be on stage again. We are truly sad about that.

MAREMARCIO Parma screamo

Parma punk & screamo scene

Thomas and Alessandro organize gigs and events in Parma since 2010, this year is the 10th anniversary of La Défense Collective, 5 people that propose diy mentality, screamo-punk-hc-garage shows in different places, but the most important is Saletta Adorno, the rehearsal room where we have recorded our new ep. A lot of work behind the diy scene here, but we have found clubs or squats where organize something; in the year new collectives or associations were born, new people have approached gigs, oral presentations, festival or other stuff. We try to do best we can :)

We are currently at a standstill due to Covid-19

…but not for this we have stopped thinking about all our future events, indeed. Now we make small home DJ sets that are broadcast online for free, our friends of Budget Living continually create playlists that make us dance and for a few days we have opened an instagram page called parmadiyshows which serves as a reminder for everything we have done in past and what we will do. Don’t give up a shit!

Other bands worth your time

The release dates we should have done last month were with Flowers&Shelters, a screamo band from Bolzano which released a great EP some weeks ago called “Omonimo”. Absolutely worth a check!

Other bands which released something for real screamo lovers are Decacy and One Dying Wish, you could check them on their FB/IG channel or in the last sampler made by Miss The Stars.

For hungry souls we recommend Delta Sleep, Boneflower and “Vivi nel 220 / Benefit Brigate Volontarie”, a benefit compilation created by Occult Punk Gang Collective.

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