Crust/d-beat act OGNEMÖT slay with new single “The Rise Of Cosmopolitans”

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Created against the background of strengthening of nationalistic, populistic and conservative parties and sentiments in different parts of the world, “The Rise Of Cosmopolitans” is the new powerful single from crust / d-beat international trio OGNEMÖT, featuring members from Tallinn (Estonia), Stockholm (Sweden) and Moscow (Russia). The days of those who refuse to evolve are numbered, and this vicious pack knows exactly what’s up. We have teamed up today to give you a strong punch in the face and present a great band to follow.

Globalization walks hand in hand with evolution, and sooner or later all borders – as physical ones, so the ones in people’s minds, will disappear.


We started this band as studio project back in 2014. Me (Artjom – bass/vocals) from Tallinn and my friend Aleksei living in Stockholm just decided to make a d-beat/crust record. I asked my friend Roman playing in Beyond the structure and Freakangel back then to help out with a drums. We released 4 song EP and just posted in online for our friends.

In 2016 I got an offer from Moscow based, IDIOTEQ featured band Convince to make a split album. Quickly we recorded 3 songs and released CONVINCE/OGNEMOT split though Moscow underground label Enrage records. Since than we started to play live just for fun. We made some local shows warming up band like TRAP THEM (USA) and Hobbs Angel of Death (Australia / R.I.P. Peter) and did mini tour in Russia.

In 2017 we recorded our debut full length album “VOL 1” and 4 song EP “NORTH”.

We supported both records on Baltic tour with Swedish crust/d-beat band Adrestia and went on mini tour in Russia paying both capitals Moscow and St Petersburg (northern and cultural capital). In the summer we performed on local DIY fest PUNK N ROLL and played on really awesome fest in Republic of Karelia called “KORELSKIJ MOR” (Karelian pestilence). Unfortunately this fest not happening anymore as one girl accidentally died there drawing in to swamp.


In 2018 out drummer Roman left the band and I started to search for a new drummer. I got an offer from Aleksander from Moscow band Minus Mensch (also featured on IDIOTEQ) to try to jam together. So we just booked studio in St Petersburg as it was somewhere between Moscow and Tallinn. After jamming for a couple of weekends Aleksaner joined the band as drummer. Since than we concentrated on live shows we did tour in Finland with Tallinn grindcore/powerviolence friends Sociasylum playing in a cool places like Vastavirta and traveling to region of KARJALA , Scandinavian and Baltic tours with our Swedish d-beat/hardcore buddys Snake Tongue (see IDIOTEQ feature HERE) and did one mini and one 10 days tour through Russia. This time we traveled much more far away from St Petersburg and Moscow, and had crazy gig in a cities like Kazan,Republic of Tatarstan , Saratov , Tollyatti and many many other cool cities.

The new single

We had an awesome experience doing this single. First of all when song was done we joined DOBROLET studio in St Peterburg. Studio is very famous for recording biggest rock,metal and alternative acts from Russia. We recorded drums there and it was and awesome expierence to work in a studio like that. After that we did guitars in our friend studio in Moscow called Pentagram house studio. Igor (the sound guy) was working with us before so it was easy to work on guitar tone with him, he also has nice variations of amps in the studio. After I did my vocals at my home studio it was time to mixing and mastering. We chose Igor Ovcharenko from Samara, Russia to mix our record as we really like his works. Guy was working with bands like Supruga and Wlvs. Igor was traveling from Samara to Tollyatti when we where playing there so we had some time to discuss some details while drinking few beers.

Our new single “The Rise Of Cosmopolitans” inspired by things are happening around us.

We where always standing for idea of “life and world” without borders.

People just need to overcome their fears to move forward one day.

The track was made against the background of strengthening of nationalistic, populistic and conservative parties and sentiments in different parts of the world.

Globalization walks hand in hand with evolution, and sooner or later all borders – as physical ones, so the ones in people’s minds, will disappear.

The days of those who refuse to evolve are numbered.

Plans for 2020

We supposed to go on first European tour playing in a countries like Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany in beginning of May 2020 but because of COVID-19 we can not make it. I hope everything is go well and we can move in to Summer. After summer we have and crazy idea to go on 3-4 week Russian tour,starting from Europen part and than reach Siberia, fingers crossed. Our drummer Aleksander moved to Estonia from Russia so we slowly starting working on our second LP. Recording some new demos do I hope we will release in by the end on 2020.

Tallinn hardcore scene

Tallinn DIY scene is pretty small as everything in Tallinn. We have and awesome place called ANEMON 12 where lots of awesome bands all around the world are playing.

When I have some time Im also organizing some gigs here but unfortunately I had to cancel 2 gigs (Lead by Fear (rus) and Pomrachenie (blr) here because of Corona. Both bands stucked on tour in Berlin and somewhere in France. Each year im doing festival called CHRISTMAS V GAVNE (Christmas in shit), which people really really love here! Im running my own DIY record label Perdun Records releasing my own bands on tapes, vinyls and CDs. Our drummer Aleksander running his own distro shop called BLACK TERROR DISTRO, he has bunch of cool merch over there.

Black Terror distro

Other bands worth a check

Check our other metal/hardcore bands we’re involved in (find links in our mentions above) and our buddys from Estonia/Sweden/Russia we played and toured with: Sociasylum, Snake Tongue, and Convince.

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