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Koniec Kraju Polska – LIMP BLITZKRIEG strikes back with a powerful new LP!

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Since their striking 2016 debut “Wypierdalać”, Warsaw’s LIMP BLITZKRIEG have proven themselves to be a modern beacon for pertinent, politically conscious hardcore. With their infectious, unapologetic harsh and gritty lyrics, the band sparks the listener with the energy of  blistering anti-authoritarian hardcore with its sights aimed at Poland’s political affairs. Today, we are giving you their new surprise LP dubbed “The End Of The Polish State”, full of teeth-knocking, thought-provoking tracks that will surely stand the test of time. Listen to the full thing and read the official commentary on its lyrical content below!

Our new record is here! Unexpected! On the last one we got so frustrated and angry with politics surrounding us, that the only possible next step for us would be to become optimistic. And we are! We just see that there is no other way then to go towards nations falling, countries with political borders ending and that the changes are happening already!

Especially in Poland there is so many fields, where grass-root organizing is slowly taking over. People more and more search for solutions of solidarity and working things out. Yeah, it’s sad and scary times but we want to give it a chance, by encouraging punks all over the world to just work towards the failure of the state and conservative values.

We called the record THE END OF THE POLISH STATE, cause that’s what we exactly wish to ourselves and all those who like our music.

And of course, lets start with Polish state and then continue with other ones!

In lyrics we make fun of nationalists who are afraid of migrants, and easily forget history lessons (CEBULAKI/ONION BUNS). We remind that there was no compromise in terms of access to abortion in Poland, and that our cooperation is important for those who need access to safe abortion (KOMPROMIS/COMPROMISE). We also want to point out hypocrisy in independent music scene that refuses to learn, especially about it’s own privileges and lack of awareness about racism, sexism and homophobia (ALE/BUT). There is also a beautiful song made of good advices that our vocalist and other female/queer musicians were given by some smart ass punk guys (DOBRE RADY/GOOD ADVICE). This anti- mansplaining anthem was supported by SIKSA– incredible punk feminist band from Poland. There is also a song which relates to #metoo movement (MOMENT).

We also wrote a song about what we think should happen with hunters and how we dislike what they do (NORUJ MYŚLIWEGO/FLUSH THE HUNTER).

And, last but not least, we wanna tell all the nice punk kids, who are over 30 and feel that they have wasted their life on punk and anarchism, that we also did, and we are proud of them!

There are some more songs, but we can\t tell all the secrets yet… !

The record was released thanx to lovely CONTRASZT, TRUJĄCA FALA and POTATO RECORDS. Out soon, so that you don’t feel very sad during upcoming Autumn!

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