MADBALL start recording sessions for a new LP! [UPDATE]

As mentioned, NYHC legends MADBALL have commenced recording sessions for their upcoming new album! Watch a video teaser below! Furthermore, the band is encouraging their fans to send them MADBALL-related tattoos, to be included in the artwork for the new full length! Read the full message below.


If you do, we are collecting photos of them, for artwork on our upcoming LP. If you would like to contribute to this, send the photo, attached in an EMAIL (do NOT post them here), along with the following statement: “I ____ (your name) give Madball LLC and The BNB Label LLC full permission to use the attached photo (in this email) in any way shape or form”. Send this to:

UPDATE / March 7, 2014:

Day 3 in the studio and drums are finished. Mike (and Madball) would like to take time out to thank Meinl
cymbals, Evans drumheads and Vic Firth sticks for all the support

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