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Minneapolis pop punk rockers BIRDHOLE discuss new EP “No Greater Meaning”

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birdhole by Laura_Lee_Buhman

In the bustling music scene of Minneapolis, MN, a band named birdhole burst onto the scene seemingly out of thin air. Born in the midst of a quarantine, led by the talented Brandon Evilla on vocals, guitar, and lyrics, birdhole comprises Joe Martin on guitar and backing vocals (formerly of Minneapolis punk legends, DINK), Mark Abney on bass and backing vocals (formerly of NJHC kids American Standard and Power-Slop-Rock kids Footstone), and Jesse Pelkey on drums and backing vocals (formerly of Minneapolis math masters iCollide and indie favorites Muskellunge).

With their throwback pop punk sound, birdhole weaves captivating melodies around driving harmonized guitars, breakneck drumming, and deeply vulnerable lyrics. Their dynamic performances and charismatic frontman have solidified their place in the Twin Cities’ vibrant music scene. From sharing the stage with indie pop groups to singer-songwriters and crust punk bands, birdhole’s diverse influences allow them to adapt seamlessly to any musical environment.

birdhole by Laura Lee Buhman
birdhole by Laura Lee Buhman

Navigating the unpredictable nature of live music during a pandemic, birdhole has harnessed the power of social media to connect with their growing fan base. Their relatable and comedic content on the life of indie musicians has gained them a substantial following on TikTok (@birdhole). As a testament to their dedication, they released two self-recorded digital demos and a homemade batch of cassettes in 2022, paving the way for their latest EP, “No Greater Meaning,” released on February 15, 2023. The EP is available on all major streaming platforms, and a limited edition 180-gram vinyl can be found on their Bandcamp page.

Recorded over a weekend in August 2022, “No Greater Meaning” showcases birdhole’s talents under the expert guidance of producer, engineer, and mixer Xander Moser at Treespeak Studio in Minneapolis, MN. This EP encapsulates the band’s unwavering commitment to their craft, presenting a collection of songs that resonate deeply with listeners. With their infectious energy, heartfelt lyrics, and a sound that harkens back to the golden age of pop punk, birdhole is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music world.

This EP delves into various themes and emotions, offering a poignant exploration of personal experiences and societal issues. Each track carries its own distinct message, contributing to the overarching narrative of self-reflection, resilience, and social justice. Check out the full track by track commentary for “No Greater Meaning” EP below.


Living in the city of Minneapolis over the last few years, we have witnessed so many acts of racial injustice, particularly by the hands of law enforcement. This song focuses our rage and demand for change for the city we love. The bridge of the song lists an ever growing list of names of the people of color murdered by police in the Twin Cities.

Walk Away

Inspired in part by West Side Story, “Walk Away” is a call out to those stuck in patterns of toxic masculinity. Begging the listener to choose rational thought over violence, to rise above their base instincts and choose their battles with a clear mind.

birdhole by Logan_Chelmo
birdhole by Logan Chelmo


We wanted to capture the rising tension of a panic attack, both with the lyrics and the sonic nature of the song.

Hits Harder

This song tackles the feelings that come with realizing that you have made the same mistakes throughout your life resulting in the same messes over and over. Struggling with your own delusion and denial when faced with the consequence of your own actions. When we are hit at our lowest point it is so easy to regurgitate old lies to yourself like “everything happens for a reason.” But sometimes you have to accept that you are the reason for your own failures.

birdhole by Logan Chelmo

Scott Let Me Be Frank With You

With the title serving as an homage to songwriting inspirations Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit) and Frank Turner, this ballad is a reflection of the all too familiar path that many artists face: being fueled by passion to chase something so far out of reach that you struggle to make anything out of the life in front of you. We wanted to dissect the pain that comes with ascribing our own value and self-worth to someone else’s idea of success. The catharsis of the finale is the acceptance of being in the moment and embracing those around you.

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