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POTERExVIOLENZA – Italian powerviolent hardcore punks CARNERO comment on new EP

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Forli, Italy based raw, thrashy hardcore punks CARNERO (interviewed for IDIOTEQ in 2015) have recently released their new utterly aggressive EP “POTERExVIOLENZA”, an almost obscure blend of metallized hardcore subgenres and conscious lyrics touching on themes like religion, politics, personal struggles, and wars. Mesmerized by their raging riffs and sharp, stabbing vocals, we asked the band to uncover the meaning behind each and every song, their Italian lyrics, and give you a full track by track breakdown of the record. Here’s what we’ve got.



Enrico: The Confino squat has been one of the most important places for my “punk growth”. Assuck, Oi Polloi, Gride, Remains of the Day and more played inside there.

The band that really struck a chord with me were Dropdead: they blew everyone away and their lyrics really stuck into my head and my heart. This song brings me back to that moment.


E: “Hi, we’re Nasum from Sweden” and then hell. The first time I saw Nasum live I felt traumatised by their aggression and heaviness. Saw them again after Mieszko died, equally crushing. This one song is a major nod to their sound and a tribute to their influence.

Gianmaria: Super obvious Nasum worship here. Riffs came out of nowhere and we put them together in one session.
Brutal blast beat, stompy hardcore riff and some classic Carnero weirdness in the mid section.

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E: When I was a kid I used to look into DIY distros at punk shows, as I was working and I could afford buying lots of vinyls. I mostly bought a lot of 7″, japanese, scandinavian, german and american hardcore. One day I found out about the Capitalist Casualties on a fanzine and bought an album – really crazy, fucked up and manic sounding music. Sadly enough their vocalist died as we were writing these songs. I thought this song was a good tribute – full of spazzy time changes and crazy riffs. RIP Shawn Elliot.


G: I wrote the blast beat section and breakdown of this song while on a break at work. It’s a pity I don’t work there anymore cause those toilet-break riffs were real bangers haha.

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G: This song alone makes for 50% of the running time of this release – fair enough?
We weren’t supposed to write this song.

The order of the songs was supposed to be the writing order and we already had a perfect closer, but Enrico wanted another track so we wrote this one. Turns out it was actually a good idea. The grind part is the fastest we have ever done and the slow part is the slowest.


E: There’s an everlasting bond between punk music and feeling bad. Being happy is not easy.

G: Our shortest song to date. I let out all my Canada Songs love in this one. Also love the straightforward lyrics.

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