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RIOT SUN travels back to the 90s in their new music video “Panglossian”

The punk rock band RIOT SUN are children of the 90s and it definitely shows in their newest music video – it pays homage to Spike Jonze’s low budget videos and Beastie Boys’ affinity for dressing up. It premieres on the 13th of November.

The Danish punk rock band RIOT SUN proudly presents their newest single and accompanying weird video for Panglossian. It’s the band’s 2nd single from their upcoming EP ‘bruises’ which releases the 4th of December. The music video is a cocky invitation back to our youth’s inexperience.

“Panglossian is basically about dealing with the aftermath of a broken heart. Sonically it oozes of my love for Tony Hawk Pro Skater’s old soundtracks. We grew up in rural Denmark and owe a lot to games like Tony Hawk for introducing us to new music. We really hit the punk rock of those old games,” says vocalist Jonatan Würtz.

The music video pays its dues to Beastie Boys and Spike Jonze and the band members traveled back to their joyful, undaunted youth.

Riot Sun

‘Bruises’ is released on all streaming services on the 4th of December. The EP is produced and mixed by Emil Lyngdorf (Astronaut, Alsace).
Panglossian is available on Spotify and other streaming services:

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