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Screamo act JEROMES DREAM release free guitar demos [DOWNLOAD]

2 weeks prior to the release of their comeback record, JEROMES DREAM have shared a set of early guitar demos that later transformed into full tracks designed to play hundred of times fter they land officially on July 17th.

When we spoke together for the first time as band in September, 2017, the faint idea of “doing something” came up within the 3 hour conversation we had via phone. Never did we expect that that very conversation would lead to the LP we’re about to release later this month on July 19. These 7 demos are the very beginnings of returning our creative focus on JD since we disbanded in 2001. Though we ended up with about 25 recorded ideas/ songs, these are the first demos Erik wrote, remotely at home in Los Angeles. They would later evolve into more realized versions of songs, after working on them together as a full band. Some were simply abandoned, though these song outlines were instrumental to arriving to what became the 12 songs on the LP. You can download these demos for free here, or just click the artwork below. We appreciate you being here.



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