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Screamo act KEN BURNS streaming new 7” in full!

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Boston emotive srceamo act KEN BURNS (members of HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM, SNEEZE, APART , THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE and WHO GOES THERE?) have teamed up with IDIOTEQ and 3 amazing DIY labels Don’t Live Like Me, Zegema Beach and Miss The Stars, to give you a full stream of their final, posthumous release inspired and influenced by Swedish screamo, featuring some quality emo leanings, cross-genre experimentation, and passionately emotional vocals. Lauch the full stream below, dive into its beautiful and emotionally charged harsh nature and see just how real it feels.

Bassist / vocalist Mike commented:

“Ken Burns was a short lived project that lasted between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2015. Having played fewer than ten shows in that span of time, KB focused most of its final year crafting what would be the last three songs we’ve written and recorded.  While the inspiration behind these songs are a part of the past, the bonds between the people we’ve been surrounded by will continue to grow. Just as the seasons change, so do we. Much time, energy and effort (not to mention broken bones) were put into this project. We hope you enjoy these songs!”

 Zegema Beach Records added:

Beautiful music and aesthetically pleasing/simplistic artwork with diy roped lyric books.

BUY the record HERE, HERE or HERE.

Check out this amazing video documentary on KEN BURNS and the DIY emo/hardcore scene in Boston:

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