Screamo post hardcore act CHIVÀLA comment on new split with SUIRAMI
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Screamo act CHIVÀLA comment on new split with SUIRAMI; recommend noteworthy records

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Italian post rock infused screamo / post hardcore act CHIVÀLA (see our recent feature HERE) are gearing up for a new split release with their fellow Italian emotive post hardcore comrades from SUIRAMI. The band shared a new monumental track “27 Marzo”, and we caught up with them to giv you some more insights about the release and give you some good bands and records recommendations.

CHIVALA / SUIRAMI split comes out on October 15th via Longrail Records (IT), Non Ti Seguo Records (IT), Tifone Crew (IT), Lostdog Records (IT), Equal Rights (IT), Strigide Records (IT), TimTam (GER), Yoyodyne Records (FR), Callous Records (UK), Missed Out Records (US), Les disques Rabat-joie (CAN), Mevzu Records (TUR), and No Funeral Records (CAN).

27 Marzo by CHIVALA

What prompted you to arrange this new split release with Suirami? How did you get in touch with them in the first place?

The first time we met Suirami was back in 2015, when they played a show with Riviera in our hometown Bari. We literally fell in love with their sound. Andrea arranged the show for them and after that he helped them release their LP “Novilunio”.

Last year Matteo, via Strigide Records, co-produced our first EP. We played a show together in October 2018 at Freakout Club in Bologna, we became friends, we kept in touch and we decided to make a split together.

Tell us a bit about this new track, its musical inspirations, arrangements, your writing process and its lyrical content.

The track is named after the day in which Giuseppe got the inspiration for the lyrics in the first place (March 27th). It’s about dealing with loss, the numbness which comes shortly after it. It’s very emotional and, as always, it’s a powerful hymn towards life. Our music is inspired by bands such as Rinoa and Envy, but everyone of us has very different musical experiences. Usually we meet and start composing, working on an idea. It’s a collective process. Sometimes Giordano gives the input, sometimes Andrea as well as Luca.


Recording wise, what’s next for you guys in the coming months and in 2020?

On the releases account, we think we pushed enough in this 2019! A collection with three other bands (Amitiè, Lytic and Pique) just came out, and split with Suirami too. Our goal for the next year is to play as many shows as possible.


Lastly, give us some good recommendations of new bands, records, books, or whatever else caught your attention recently.

About music, we were impressed by the live perfomance of an Italian Screamo band, One Dying Wish from Torino. We played with them in June, during our Italian tour with Lytic. We love them too, great and passionate people.

At Miss The Stars Fest, in May, we really appreciated Lord Snow, as well as Closer and Escapism at Ultimate Screamo Fest in Warsaw.

Other bands we’re fond of lately are Elle, Overo, Hundreds of AU.

Regarding books, we suggest “Napoli mon amour” by Alessio Forgione, and “Io le pago” by Chester Brown, “Verrà la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi” by Cesare Pavese.

CHIVALA live by Szumysceny
CHIVALA live by Szumysceny
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