SHEER TERROR – “Standing Up for Falling Down” pre-orders are up!

On August 13th 2010, SHEER TERROR reared it’s ugly head once again, and it appears that the illustrious Reverend Paul Bearer, along with the new and improved line-up of Mike Delorenzo (Guitar), Jason Carter (Bass), and Anthony Corallo (Drums), is here to stay this time.  After delivering their first 7″ EP to satiate the hunger of the hardcore masses, “Spite”, the first SHEER TERROR full length in 18 years is about to drop on our heads like a bag of cinder blocks. Recorded in early 2014 by Dean Baltulonis at Thump Studios in a Brooklyn, NY, “Standing Up for Falling Down” pulls no punches. “I am SO FUCKING PROUD of my band!”, says Paul. “There was never a NYHC/PUNK record that EVER sounded like this…HARD AS FUCKING NAILS!”! The band played two songs off the new record on April 22nd! Listen at this location (see the playlist of the radio show here and use the PLAY button over at the original location).

Reaper Records continues:

 In the long standing tradition of Sheer Terror, this record is everything you know and love, and then some.. Always pushing the boundaries a step further with each release. It’s hard, heavy, and honest. Paul Bearer delivers one of his greatest vocal performances to date, and the band is harder and tighter than ever. From the tongue in cheek, yet brutal hardcore pummeling of “Heartburn in G” to the melodic melancholy of “Sandbox Tonka”, theres plenty of gritty, dirty, balls to the wall, hard driving punk.. From a band that was born in a time when hardcore was an actual threat. Sheer Terror could only have existed in New York, and this is TRUE NYHC. “Standing Up for Falling Down” is the Sheer Terror album you’ve all been waiting for, and you won’t be let down. Now… SHUT UP and BUY IT, PUNK!

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