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Southern Lord Mixtape available, featuring new FROM ASHES RISE song

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Southern Lord Records are offering a free download of their new “mixtape” including a new FROM ASHES RISE song called “Rejoice the End”.

GO here to read more about the mixtape and download the whole thing for free!

CVLT Nation Label Series Southern Lord Mixtape Track List
1. Mother Abyss 2:33 Black Breath from Sentenced to Life album
2. Christmas In Hell 3:41 Black Breath from 2006 Demo
3. Klassfeinden 3:01 Martyrdöd from Paranoia album
4. Paranoia 4:47 Martyrdöd from Paranoia album
5. Karla 2:50 Burning Love from Rotten Thing To Say album
6. Alien vs. Creditor 2:38 Burning Love from Songs for Burning Lovers album
7. All Hail The Void 3:37 Enabler from All Hail the Void album
8. Mercenary 1:13 Enabler from Eden Sank To Grief album
9. Rich Get Richer 1:18 Poison Idea from Fatal Erection Years album
10. Lathe Biosas 4:46 Pelican from Ataraxia/Taraxis album
11. Hammer of Doubt -Power Trip – from Southern Lord tour 7″
12. Power 1:33 WILD//TRIBE from Endless Nights album
13. Sever the tie 1:16 Dead In The Dirt from Fear 7″
14. Pleasure in Self Destruction 1:50 The Secret from Solve Et Coagula album
15. Master of Fists – Demo version 10:48 High on Fire from The Art of Self Defense/Demo remaster
16.. Somnae Tenebrae 3:25 Black Cobra from the Invernal album
17. Where No One Sleeps 2:24 Wolfbrigade from the Damned album
18. From Beyond (Live) 12:30 Sleep BOOTLEG not officially released
19. Rejoice the End 5:16 From Ashes Rise from the “Rejoice the End/Rage of Sanity 7″
20. Cold 6:20 Xibalba From the Hasta La Muerte album

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