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Support new music recording studio / music space in New Jersey!

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Adam from GATHERER and his buddy Chris (they used to book awesome shows at his house The Batcave in NJ) have teamed up to a create a new space in NJ that will house Adam’s recording studio, a music venue, and a music/record consignment store! These guys have built an incredible community in NJ and hope that this new project will aid in even further growth & benefit for all who are involved in music, both in the area and nationwide. Check out their indiegogo campaign, support it, and share it with your friends! Support local scenes!



Here’s the official word:

We’ve been working all year to try to make this place a possibility, and quite frankly, our operations are quickly outgrowing our basements. It is apparent that a space like All Sounds will thrive because of how supportive the music community has been to us thus far. It’s time for us to take the next step. Chris booked 43 shows at The Batcave this past summer and Adam has touched 25+ records this year. The goal of All Sounds is to ensure that the two of us can continue to do what we love, and do it better than ever.

We are just as invested in your music as you are. Timber Studios within All Sounds will be a full service recording studio run by Adam; a positive and creatively comfortable environment aimed at helping bands and artists make the records they deserve. It will provide tracking, mixing and mastering as well as tons of other audio and video related services.

Supporting creativity and open-mindedness is our primary objective. The shows at All Sounds will be all ages, reasonably priced, diverse and all inclusive. The goal is to continue to support the community The Batcave has created, but also expand its reach.

Music takes time. With that in mind, the store will be casual and welcoming by allowing people to hang out and indulge in music however they please. Music publications, listening stations, new and used records, musical equipment, band merchandise and other music related products are just some of the things All Sounds will have available.

The purpose of this Indiegogo is to raise money toward the deposit on an amazing space that we’ve been lucky to find. We want to make sure that we don’t miss this opportunity and make sure no one rents it before we are able to. With your help we can get in there and start operating pretty much right away. The more money that we are able to raise, the better the space will be. Any money that is donated above the $12k for the deposit will aid us in funding the necessary renovations/preparations necessary to prepare the space to be open to the public.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. Much love.

Adam & Chris // All Sounds

Video by Dan Angri (
Music by Gifts, Impossible Voyage, and Vague Advice.

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