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Swedish noise post punk rockers from MAMMA PAPPA BARN streaming new record

Who on Earth does not love Sweden and the vast oceans of Swedish alternative and underground music projects. With their Swedish lyrics, natural feel and the amazing juxtaposition between clean vocals and the jagged rhythmic sections, MAMMA PAPPA BARN come as one of the most interesting post punk and noise rock mixtures of the recent months. Feel its nervous tension and let it energize you. This record is remarkable.

The band commented:

We have known each other for a long time, me and the bass player Mathias go back like 19 years, we used to have a band called QUAGMIRE (SHELLAC meets FUGAZI). The drummer Jonas and Mathias are in another band caled CULKIN (90s styled noise indie). MAMMA PAPPA BARN is our communal project. We will play in and around Stockholm, Sweden in the Fall and make a new recording in december.

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