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Syracuse heavy hardcore pack PURE BLISS share new murderous record “The Age of Judgement”

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Pure Bliss is a hardcore band hailing from Syracuse, New York, a place that has produced some of the best hardcore bands such as Earth Crisis, Snapcase, and Buried Alive. The quartet’s debut EP, The Pain Never Leaves, was characterized by its unrelenting brutal guitar riffs, ass-beater breakdowns, and towering vocals by frontman Brandon DiFabio. Last year the band released their follow-up EP, A Second of Grief, Life of Regret, which features a harder, knuckle-dragging edge to their music. But this past Friday, the four-piece just unveiled their new EP called “The Age of Judgement”, taking their heaviness to a whole different level! The new joint is available on streaming platforms since April 8th and you should definitely give it a good listen if you’re fan of demolishing, crushing hybrids of metal and heavy hardcore.

Pure Bliss brings its own brand of heaviness and dread to the Upstate hardcore scene.

The band’s music style is influenced by ’90s metal, hardcore, and metalcore bands, pushing the limits of the genre to create a unique sound. With their new lineup featuring new guitarist Daemon and drummer Steven, the band plans to take their music to a heavier level, seeking inspiration from Machine Head’s “Burn My Eyes” to create iconic breakdowns and super thick atmosphere.

The Age of Judgement EP is straightforward and in your face, with minimal filler and heavy tunes. Pure Bliss draws inspiration from Hatebreed, Buried Alive, and Earth Crisis, and has a relatable and emotional lyricism that often addresses social issues.

The band has performed at various venues and toured across the East Coast, including shows with Dying Wish, Great American Ghost, and 156/Silence. In addition to keeping up with their touring schedule, Pure Bliss has also been recording music and helping to keep the local Syracuse DIY scene alive.

Pure Bliss
Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss started out with a Blacklisted and Modern Life Is War kind of sound, but they quickly shifted towards the heavy stuff, like Foundation. The band’s music is characterized by crunching guitars, right and left hook drum smashes, and beefy vocals.

Brandon’s lyrics on the new EP tap into a dark time in his life, which he experienced during the pandemic and the holidays. His lyrics express his intrusive thoughts, which he put down on paper to get them out.

Pure Bliss
Pure Bliss consists of Brandon on vocals, Steve on drums, Dan on bass, and Daemon on guitar.

Pure Bliss had not played a show before the pandemic, but they started writing together in 2019, and since then, they have become one of the most exciting bands in Upstate New York.

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