BARBED WIRE by Luca Secchi
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“The Sun Sets In The Wrong Place” – Rome emotive rockers BARBED WIRE discuss new album track by track

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The Rome-based musical ensemble BARBED WIRE embodies the essence of emotive expression through their synergistic blend of 90s emo and alternative rock with the haunting aura of 80s new wave. This remarkable union is showcased in their debut album “One Last Drive,” a masterful work that radiates darkness and energy while maintaining an air of intimacy and melancholy, but their refreshed version comes along with their new offering “The Sun Sets In The Wrong Place“, released to the masses in late January via by Engineer Records (UK) È Un Brutto Posto Dove Vivere (IT) Non Ti Seguo Records (IT) Fresh Outbreak Records (IT) Weird Side (IT) Dinomite Records (IT) Sleepy Clown Records (USA).

The new 8-track album come as a manifestation of the melancholic reverie that overtook a group of individuals as they retreated to a rustic abode in the countryside. Over the course of eight days, they dedicated themselves to the creation of melodic pieces, capturing their essence in the still of night at the stroke of four.

“We could record at any hour, usually at 4 a.m, when inspirations came fluently, despite the need for sleep” – comments the band.

“We recorded 8 tracks which fixed what we’ve finally become musically and personally after 3 years from One Last Drive (our first album). We’ve grown up and the darkness increased, as you all could listen into the record. We sound still emotive and energic but with a darker mood.” – they admit.

Barbed Wire

Today, we’re diving deep into each and every track of “The Sun Sets In The Wrong Place”, through the band’s first-hand track by track rundown below.

3 A.M

This song is all the frustration of a sleepless night under the sheets overthinking about anything happened to our poor mind during the years of adolescence: lost loves, ended friendships, afraid of living.


When all the memories can’t leave you alone even in your ordinary place, it means that you’re getting nostalgic of everything made you feel sad.


People we met and loved in life, expect you to forget everything about and go on living. Unfortunately this is impossible if you have a heart, so we all became a “sad Generation with happy pictures”.

BARBED WIRE by Luca Secchi
BARBED WIRE by Luca Secchi


still about memories and overthinking so hardly that you lose connection with your sourrandings and see everything going faster than your moves.


Unfortunately fears move the world and yet, the fear of being alone moves everything inside you. it chooses your actions negatively.


A purple sky or a cold night could be a perfect reminder of all the moments you felt in perfect connection with what sourrounded you, but that happened when you use to be confident with yourself. That feeling does not last forever.

BARBED WIRE by Luca Secchi
BARBED WIRE by Luca Secchi


During the years of adolescence, mistakes seems being the 90% of what you made. With people, with yourself, with things that deal with your future or present and the years after that you spend most of the time to think about what you were and how you clould fix those mistakes.


There are times when being sweet and lovely bring to nothing but suffering.
You convince yourself that next time will be diffrent, that it will be you to drive things on your way, but you can’t change your nature arbitrarily.

BARBED WIRE by Luca Secchi
BARBED WIRE by Luca Secchi
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