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Tight To The Nail – Winter Offensive 2014!

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17 amazing hardcore bands, all gathered by Tight To The Nails zine. A must to check out. Grab it below!

Here’s the official word:

“Opening with my favourite track from one of last years (but technically, this winter’s) greatest records, the latest in our series of seasonal, digital samplers is, in no uncertain terms, an absolute bastard.

Shorter than ever before, we’re down from the average 30 tracks of last years samplers and back with a 17 track punch-to-the-spine. I don’t want mosh-fatigue, I want every band to hit like a brick.

So from the opening franti-core into prog-bliss of Seizures, via the (world exclusive) blistering knife wound that is Ithaca, past the grindcore blizzard of Meatpacker, through the Clevo hammer-blow of Outrage, edging nervously past the black metal soul-scourge of Caïna and finishing up with the monolithic, all-conquering doom beast that is Haast’s Eagled, this sampler will knock your socks off and shit on them.”

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