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Top influnces for “nu beatdown” metalcore deathcore sound, by UK act SUNFALL

Just in time for the release of their new single “Industrial”, UK heavy beatdown / deathcore / metalcore blender SUNFALL are joining us today to give you their top influences for the mad mixture of styles and high energy performance they deliver. 

The band also unveiled their new video for the song “Industrial“, airing above!

Capturing what can only be known as “the descent” in the band’s name SUNFALL, the quartet have created a deadly machine that presents itself as a storm of music. Traversing the multi-dimensional world of art and vibrations, SUNFALL’s music takes many forms and embraces the full potential of futuristic genre blending and fluidity. The true wonder of SUNFALL comes from the unpredictable animalistic nature of their music. 

As an unrelenting Nu-Core band from the UK, SUNFALL’s previous singles “Harakiri” and “Quiet Kid” have seen the band receive high praise and approval from the world-renowned YouTube personality Nik Nocturnal, as well as being featured on “Rock Sound”.

The band have also gone to gather the attention of playlist curators at Sumerian Records, Apple Music, Pandora and Tidal.

Speaking about the new song & video, guitarist Oli explains, “Industrial… A dark, underground track that airs a rejection to absolute abuse of power. And in our crushing under the iron fist of the powerful and lies from across the political spectrum, we turn on each other, the people we need the most. Money is power and power corrupts. We are all industrial, a part of the machine and industry that life has become over endless decades. Industrial shows another facet of the machine that is Sunfall’s music. Taking inspiration from Mick Gordon and combining aspects of many genres from Drum n Bass, Rave and Nu-Metal to Groove Metal, Deathcore and Beatdown, Industrial provides a multi-pronged assault on the psyche, leaving many speechless. The audio is also accompanied with a video that captures the dark underworld reality that the lyrics portray. A world ravaged by greed, lack of intelligent direction and blind devotion.”

SUNFALL have shared stages with a wealth of bands, including the likes of Monuments, The Royal, Hacktivist, Martyr Defiled, Bound in Fear and Distant, amongst many more. Already with a demand to return to the stage, SUNFALL is set to explode back onto the live music circuit in 2022… be prepared…

The band sat down with us to share their top influences that made them into the metalcore beast they are today. Check it out below.


SikTh – “How May I Help You”:

Ryan: This just has so much energy and hype, I love the face that it is this bonkers tech song that just has a really juvenile vocal to really go all out with it. For saying this came out in like 2001 and you can still hear the influences from this record shows how ahead of its time Sikth really was.

KING 810 – “Heavy Lies The Crown”:

Oli: If I could put every song from this whole album this song is from, I would. That said, this song takes the crown personally for one of the heaviest songs I’ve ever heard. The way this song plays on space sonically and then absolutely chokes things to a state of severe claustrophobia is intense. The tension and release this song employs in its 2 minute 19 second runtime is palpable. Then jumping into the lyrics, again it’s just an assault of heaviness talking about themes such as if the band hadn’t been on tour, they would have been able to save the lives of some of their friends killed in gang violence. I love the references too about dying young like Biggie Smalls, Amy Winehouse, and Janis Joplin all at the age of 27.

DESPISED ICON – “Furtive Monologue”:

Undeniably the best band in deathcore. Vocalists Alex and Steve are two of my biggest inspirations when it comes to vocal variety. From the hardcore mids, to the ear-piercing highs and guttural lows. Despised Icon inspired me to learn as much as I can as a vocalist, and to consistently add new tricks to my repertoire. I will never forget the day of hearing that first slam and pig squeal section to Furtive Monologue, still to this day it hits as hard as it did back then.

SUICIDE SILENCE – “Bludgeoned To Death”:

Ryan: I could choose a million songs, but this still remains for me as one of the heaviest songs going. That first drop comes out of nowhere, with a brutal tag line that’s still iconic with Mitch’s highs. Also, the fact this album was all recorded live also blows my mind. No one in deathcore is doing that.

METALLICA – Master of Puppets:

James: For me, this song will always be one of my biggest inspirations, not just for song writing and other creative aspects but it was the first ever metal song I listened to. I was totally blown away but the sheer driving force of the guitars, the raw aggression of the vocals and the variations of different parts throughout the song. This made me want to learn how to play it, even though I had no experience of playing guitar. A couple of
weeks later I picked up my first guitar, got a few lessons, learnt the basics and they say the rest is history. Master of Puppets will always be one of my favourite songs and one that I hope to never forget.

TESSERACT – “Resist”:

James: This song is not only is it a true master class of song writing and song structure but the raw emotion that is captured on record is incredible. Seeing Tesseract perform this song live in 2016, they brought the emotions captured on the record a took it to another level. I can still remember seeing members of the audience in tears after they played this. The ability to capture emotion and feeling within a song is hugely inspiring for me, it makes music much more personal. It can be something that we can feel as well as something we just listen to. –

James: This is the track that started it all for me. I was 6 years old, rushing around the living room on a scooter as fast as I could whenever the song played on MTV. It was only years later that I finally found out what the song was called, and the rest is history as my wall became filled with System of a Down posters and merchandise. I’d like to say Chop Suey is the first heavy song I ever took a liking too. Serj and Daron’s vocals will always go together like bread and butter.

Fit For An Autopsy – “Black Mammoth”:

Oli: I can’t emphasis enough how powerful this song is. Lyrically it’s such a bold statement on the protection of Native American lands and very touching to hear this spoken about in Deathcore. Musically this song is extremely heavy whilst maintaining melody throughout the near entire track. The chorus in this track is something I can only aspire to write; it explodes into a thumping rhythm with a horde of layered vocals that is an absolute call to power.

Architects – “Memento Mori”:

Oli: This track is one of the most impactful and profound songs I’ve ever heard and most likely ever will be. Being the closing track of their last album with founding guitarist Tom Searle before he lost his fight with cancer, this song which was written by Tom both musically and lyrically talks about his confrontation with his own mortality. I was left speechless and emotional the first time I sat down to listen to this song and digest the lyrics. Having only met Tom the night before at a meet and greet in Brighton, and seeing him barely able to move on-stage, this song’s lyrics is what gave it away to me that he was in a fight with cancer again. I still remember where I was the moment I heard of his passing and the sadness that came with it. This song, especially with its lyrics really feels like his parting words to the world and that will always move me.

Machine Head – “Aesthetics Of Hate”:

A track of one of the greatest metal albums of all time in my opinion. Aesthetics of hate is one of the many masterpieces from this Machine Head album “The Blackening” that had such a huge influence on me growing up musically. There isn’t a single bad moment on this song or album. And the guitar solos and duets on this track are iconic! Especially as a teen, I found the call and response nature of the leads so damn cool and communicative to me.

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