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Belgrade emoviolence act EVA RAS reveals new earsplitting single; listen!

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Belgrade one man screamo / emoviolence act EVA RAS is continuing his quest to wrap up his 2-EP series (advertised in our last feature HERE), and today we’re stoked to give you his new ferocious offering “Koreografija za “Kako umreti br. 666″” (“Choreography for “How To Die #666″”). The song comes from the second half of the EP called “…kada odlazis//When you leave…” and fits its concept of suffering over a loss and calling for help (first part), and accepting over the loss.

Comments EVA RAS’ Filip Stojiljkovic:

“Koreografija za “Kako umreti br. 666” (trans. Choreography for “How To Die #666”). The title derives from an absurdist collage art that I’ve made a while ago. On the top is says “How to Die” and below it shows drawings of dancing instructions. It makes me giggle just by looking at it.

So, the song is about having to accept the fact that what I’ve held dear is an illusion and therefore not true. Why would anyone go so far into believing that illusion that might end up hurting them at the end?

I started it as a solo emo-violence project in spring 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia. Since then, I’ve progressed with my work so far. It was difficult at the beginning since I was not pleased with the quality of stuff I was producing, but then it clicked. I found my groove and pushed it further.

I always have something in the works. I just keep recording music, no matter what. I was supposed to open for Dianacrawls in Belgrade in early May and play in a gig in Poland later that month before COVID-19 canceled everything, basically.

It is rather difficult to plan any concerts when I have to stay at home for 3 or four days a week, due to the police curfew. Of course, if any relaxation happens, I do not expect it before September. This is why I will limit my efforts to making new music at home, at least for the time being. I will be ready to rock out, but first, the curtain has to be lifted.

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Belgrade screamo scene

From what i know, Muerto Rico and Eaglehaslanded (maybe) are dead, meanwhile, emo bands like Technicolor Lies and Young Husbands are still rocking. DIY Emo/Screamo scene in Serbia is still little to nonexistent. While we’re at it, I’ve been making a list, digging and researching in/active, popular/obscure bands from Ex-Yu countries on RYM.

“The majority of people from the region still do not understand what Emo/Screamo really is.”

Most of them are stuck in old school punk days and it looks like we have a long way to progress further until the genre becomes accepted.

eva ras majica

Some of the stuff that I really liked in 2020:

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Photo: IEATHEARTATTACKS, by Johnny Vaet Nordskog
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