DownAgain by Aaron Billeci
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California post hardcore act DOWN AGAIN breakdown their debut LP in a special track by track commentary

DownAgain by Aaron Billeci
Just in time for their debut LP premiere today, California early 00’s infused post hardcore act DOWN AGAIN have teamed up with us to give you a special track by track rundown of “The Devil Is A Gentlemen”. Consisting of 10 immensely personal songs, the band reflects some of the magic from 2000’s emo and post-hardcore, while also not recycling what’s already been done. Dive into this quality record below and scroll down to see the band’s first-hand commentary for each and every song.

Our inspiration ranges from Brand New all the way to The Devil Wears Prada, and everything in between, and I think that range is what makes this album so unique.

Words by vocalist Lenny Costa

1- Unaware//Gunfight

From the moment we started writing “Unaware//Gunfight” we knew it would be the intro to the album. This song is about trying to do it all, trying to carry the world on your shoulders, and being crushed under the weight. It’s about how sometimes when you’re down, you don’t want to get back up.

2- Burning the Candle at Both Ends, Pt. 2

This song is one of our favorites, with a driving chorus and my favorite breakdown on the record. It’s a song about a toxic relationship that you just can’t get over.

3- The Devil On Your Shoulder

“The Devil On Your Shoulder” was heavily influenced by Brand New and was the first song we wrote as a band. It’s a song about the inner struggle between doing what you want to do, and what you should do.

4- Drowning

“Drowning” is one of the most personal songs on the album. This song is about struggling with depression, and the pain of keeping it secret from the ones closest to you.

5- Dead Rose

“Dead Rose” is the closest thing to a love song on the album. It’s about being with someone who loves you, and knowing that you will never deserve them, and fearing that you are destined to mess things up.

6- Ready to Die

“Ready to Die” features some of our softest and heaviest moments on the album. It’s about being at war with your inner demons, and the fact that sometimes you lose that war.

7- Hold My Own

“Hold My Own” is the only acoustic song on the album, and is the toughest to described in just a few sentences. To keep it simple, this song is about realizing who you are, accepting the mistakes you’ve made, and fearing the choices you might make.

8- Sinking Ship

“Sinking Ship” was the last song we wrote, and it ties together all the best elements of our band, both musically and lyrically. It centers around struggling to hold on to your faith. The song explores the idea that if God is real, then the devil must be real is too.

9- Demons

“Demons” is about looking deep within yourself and recognizing that sometimes you are capable of doing terrible things. It’s about asking yourself in those difficult moments, is this who I am?

10- Apparition

“Apparition” was inspired by the rock n roll edge of “I’m Only A Man” by Emery. Lyrically the song focuses on a period of time in my life when I was struggling with night terrors. I was depressed, angry, and feeling like my life had reached a dead end.

11- Fade With Regret

We had the pleasure of writing “Fade With Regret” with Jake Russo of Death By Fireworks. The song is about the realization that all the unhappiness in my life was the direct result of my own choices. It also reflects on the loss of innocence that comes with growing older.

12- Lighthouse at Sea

“Lighthouse at Sea” drew strong influence from “8:18” by The Devil Wears Prada, mixing clean guitars with tortured screams throughout. The song is about my grandfathers suicide when I was 12 years old.

13- Actions & Their Consequences

We chose “Actions…” as the lead single for the album because it is our most high energy song on the record. It’s a song about struggling with my family, and watching them go through substance abuse, homelessness, and loss of faith.

California post hardcore act DOWN AGAIN breakdown their debut LP in a special track by track commentary
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