PUSH band by Marco Teixeira
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“Dark Dive” – Portuguese hardcore quintet PUSH! comment on their new LP

PUSH band by Marco Teixeira
Portuguese hardcore quintet PUSH! have just premiered their new album Dark Dive, and we’re thrilled to give you a quick track by track commentary, brought to you directly by the band! Check it out below.

Dark Dive was mastered by Stu Mckay (MalevolenceBrutality Will Prevail) and follows a very busy four years for the band. Since 2015 PUSH! have played extensively in Portugal and Spain, sharing the stage with Madball, Strife, Backtrack, Brutality Will Prevail, Sworn Enemy, and the Portuguese legends Devil In Me and For The Glory.

PUSH! have also played several major festivals in Portugal, such as the European Pool Party 2015, alongside Broken Teeth and All For Nothing.

For fans of MadballDeez NutsStamping Ground and and even some early MetallicaPUSH! shine an important spotlight on an underrepresented part of the world. The band’s previous two albums (Breathe In The Future. Breathe Out The Past. and This Is Cruel. This Is Life.) were released in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

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We wanted something powerful this time. Something with impact and grooveness.
It’s a moshpit starter.

Free At Last:

“Free at last” talks about breaking your shackles using your own anger.
It’s all about self improvement and being ahead of society.

Denial and Envy:

It’s the political correctness epidemi that is breaking our bonds as human beings and part of a community called society.

Dark Dive:

The song that gives name to the album.
This song was recorded the first time in our first album.
Talks about reborning from the ashes and escaping from an inner black hole.

Pitfall trap:

This is a personal song for a guy we know that is given everything and complains a lot.
We’re not going to say who that person is ahaha.

Left with memories:

It’s a interlude played by our previous guitar player and the message is in the tittle.

With Love:

Nowadays it’s hard to find someone trustful and we’re not talking about personally.
From politicians to random people, it’s hard to find people with good intentions.

Cuffed to yourself:

Talks about kids that didn’t have the best parents so they had to find their own path in order to survive.

Ground floor:

“Ground floor” was written with a “nothing to loose” attitude.
Do what you want regardless what others think of it.

I keep silent:

Sometimes you only have to show your work and effort.
Don’t brag about something you didn’t do, keep your mouth shut and show results.


The tittle says everything.
The content of the lyrics are similar to “I keep silent”. People that only talk and don’t do shit.

“Dark Dive” – Portuguese hardcore quintet PUSH! comment on their new LP
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