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Fuzzy alt punk rockers GOOD COP drop new album “World Piss”; premiere new song & video “Neighbourhood”

Heads up, Handshakers & Lawmakers of the world, cause GOOD COP got a little something for you! After a debut cassette on Eternal Laser in 2015 and an inspiring shapeshift in 2018 (member-, not spiritwise!), they now come up with another wicked full-length vital spark of agitprop in return for all those empty shell principles traded by you in multiples while sounding like a travelling shit-salesmen with a mouthful of sample items. Here ’s to you, Shark Eyes, a decent load of excrement merriment, deeply rooted in garagey sediment – devotedly packed in ingeniously fresh and cheeky punk album: WORLD PISS! Jangly, catchy, snotty, dreamy… you name it, Good Cop got it. Snap! Regnat poopulus!

Today, we have teamed up with the band’s label CUT SURFACE from Vienna to give you a first airing of GOOD COP’s new video for their new song “Neighbourhood”, and a special list of other local artists worth your time. Watch the video above and check out the full “World Piss” album stream on Bandcamp.

GOOD COP are Manuela Rabitsch, Bastian Andorfer & Aaron Dall. Since 2013 they ´ve been active protagonists of Vienna’s underground, sharing stages with Stephen Steinbrink, Vex Ruffin, White Fang, Psychic Ills, Pisse and the likes. Unruly, fueled by sharp humour as well as skate culture, at times dreadnought noisy, then again delivering dreamy indie rock lullabies, Good Cop’s songs owe something to heavy listening of Pantera, Bad Religion, John Maus, Le Tigre and the likes, they say – in a wild mixture. Content wise, Good Cop prominently deal with the matter of fact that society and the current state of the world ain’t just a mere funfair, more rather largely unfair. You agree?! Well, then you better not waste your time and join Good Cop’s academy of WORLD PISS now, go sing along: „Who ’s on fire? Who ’s on fire? All the cop cars! All the cop cars!“ Just because „a litte spark of joy in the night, can ignite a much bigger light.“

Video directed by Bernhard Hussek. Edited by Aaron Dall.

GOOD COP cover

Other Viennese acts wirth a check, as recommended by GOOD COP:

The Damski – Past Becomes Reality
Crystal Soda Cream – Rationale Arbeitsschritte
Pü – Flux
F.E.I.D.L. – Fünf Finger Rabatt
Death Row Groupies – A.C.U.
Bad Weed – Delete Me
Das Schrei – immer lauter
GOOD COP by paaya

GOOD COP by paaya

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