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Milwaukee’s SNAG and Indiana’s COMA REGALIA readying new split – watch new video for SNAG’s “On The Human Condition”

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Two stalwarts of the DIY screamo underground, Snag and Coma Regalia, have unveiled the first single, “On The Human Condition,” from their forthcoming split LP, set to release on October 6. The LP will feature five songs from each band, and will be available through Middle-Man Records and Shove Records, with a limited run of 300 copies worldwide.

After making waves with their 2021 album “Death Doula” and 2022’s “Invasive Species (Cop City),” Snag is back with what could be their most impassioned work yet. “On The Human Condition” is a cacophony of raw emotion, driven by intense rhythms and Slint-esque guitar work. The lyrics delve deep into the abyss of modern-day induced depression.

The accompanying video, directed by Snag themselves, offers a glimmer of hope amidst despair. It portrays an individual seeking solace through basement-show escapism as society crumbles around them.

Sam Szymborski, the band’s guitarist, explains, “The lyrics are a downer, dealing with the unbearable weight of depression. But we wanted the video to show that there’s community support out there when you need it.”

Bassist and vocalist Peter Murphy adds, “While our economic participation aggravates the climate crisis daily, we believe that the collectivism of DIY culture can serve as a counterpoint.”

Drummer Bryan Wysocki concludes, “The video showcases not just the struggles but also the way we can combat depression through community, music, and friendship.”

The single is a prelude to the full-length split LP with Coma Regalia, a band themselves fresh off a feature on Touché Amoré leader Jeremy Bolm’s massive screamo compilation “Balladeers, Redefined.” The LP is up for pre-order and promises to push boundaries, with each song more daring than the last.

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