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IN SHORTS #29 📢 mid-December Punk & Metal News Update

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Photo: RED DEATH by Farrah Skeiky

TRASH TALK, DEEZ NUTS, CAPSIZE, BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL, and BOUNDARIES are teaming up for a European tour in March 2018. GO HERE to see the dates in 8 countries.

Soon after the release of their amazing split with OSTRACA, VRIL, and COMA REGALIA, Denver fierce emoviolence / screamo act UNTOLD WANT (ex IWAKURA) are back with a new single “Pecked Apart by The Beaks Of A Thousand Crows”! The track successfully pushes the genre’s envelope and serves a massive tsunami wave of sheer fury. Dive into it below.

San Diego scary hardcore powerviolent punks HEAT are streaming their new EP on Deranged Records.

San Diego four-piece Heat are breaking away from the pack with their furious sound, which channels first-wave SoCal powerviolence (Infest, Crossed Out, Slap-a-Ham in general), the urgency of SSD’s The Kids Will Have Their Say and the dizzying ferocity of Deathreat and Negative Approach. / Revolver Mag

Six primitive marching orders from San Diego’s HEAT culling lean inspiration from the well of early 80’s Boston dirge and late 80’s NYHC beat down hardcore, with upfront drum beats busting forward to propel charging guitars that bouyance tough, throaty vocals. Curt and to the point, with quick turns and drops in short quick bursts. The brute edges cut with stark simplicity recall Encincatas CROSSED OUT’s sparse meditation on IMPACT UNIT/ NEGATIVE FX style hardcore, though the burly vocals bark and bite between the curt toughness of DEATHREAT and a more frightening spouts of vocal spillage. Recalls many influences, copies none as HEAT slows to mosh, sets to stun, energetic rumbling that throttles in a broadly more expansive recording than hardcore originators, but shines in a stronger yet similarly manifest presentation / Ken Sanderson, Prank Records

Perth Emo/Indie/Spoken Word band TREEHOUSES (not to be confused with the Portuguese TREEHOUSES) release new hard-hitting, thought-provoking single “Acknowledge me”. ACKNOWLEDGE ME is an unreserved exploration of contradictions within relationships and the longing for recognition as an individual. ACKNOWLEDGE ME picks up where COPING left off, showcasing Treehouses’ musical breadth and unique approach to songwriting. With the release of this track TREEHOUSES are announcing an EAST COAST TOUR and TWO-TRACK SPLIT RELEASE with Canberra’s beloved SLEEPING DOGS.

Starting out as a two-piece poetry performance outfit, Treehouses rose from underground bedroom project to an internationally recognised staple of the emo/spoken word scene. Now with a full-length album, cassette single, collaborative EP and two national tours to their name, Treehouses have realised a full contemporary sound, coming into their own in 2017.

Duth DIY hardcore / punk rock label Smithsfoodgroup DIY has shared a new free compilation, featuring a bunch of great bands worth a listen: GROUP OF MAN, RITES, ATLAS, PIJN, and a lot more!

British experimental progressive metallers ROLO TOMASSI have shared a new single called “Balancing The Dark”, taken from their forthcoming 5th studio album ‘Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It’ available to preorder now on 2xLP/CD/DD, out 02/03/18.

Danny Carey of the legendary progressive rock/metal act TOOL has revealed that the band will release their new, highly anticipated record next year. GO HERE to check out the full MetalSucks Podcast.

TOOL released their latest album 10,000 Days in April 2006.

Gothenburg’s hardcore deathpunks VARGGRAV are streaming 2 new tracks called “Fist Fight With The Devil” and “Doomsday”! Both jams command attention throughout and promise more amazing reecords from the wild pack from the North.

Leeds spooky post punk tinged hardcore act HUMAN CERTAINTY (members of HEALING POWERS) have revealed the full stream of their new EP “Allowance of Harm, brimming with an uncommon mods, gritty urgency and more unhuman than ever before. Listen below.

Long-running Swedish experimental post-rock collective PG.LOST will release the Live At Dunk! Fest 2017 2xLP via Pelagic Records later this month. The overwhelming crowd response to PG.LOST’s seminal performance at Dunk! Festival 2017 left no doubt that this band is on the course for true greatness. The show was recorded and is now being released as a collaborative effort between Pelagic Records, Dunk!Records, who have already released stunning Live At Dunk albums of other genre-defining acts, and A Thousand Arm. GO HERE to pre-order and see a teaser video below.

Hate5Six videographer has posted a live video of Washington, DC’s RED DEATH (members of Coke Bust, Secretarian Violence, Zoom, Genocide Pact, Pure Disgust) performing live at The Fire in Philadelphia, PA on December 3, 2017. Their new crossover thrash hardcore delicacy called Formidable Darkness is out December 8th on Triple B Records! Stream it below.

Australian label Black Wire Records has premiered an amazingly listenable compilation called “Black Wire to Common Ground Mixtape” featuring 15 gritty post punk and alt hardcore tracks that will make you totally hooked on their performers.

Hate5six posted a cool new live video of Boston hardcore pack RAMALLAH, performing live at Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, NY on November 19, 2017.

Beatdown Hardwear Records has been posting cool, unrefined live videos from NASTY, SLOPE, and LIONHEART. GO HERE to watch now.

Emo pop rockers MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK are streaming their new reissue of ‘Even If It Kills Me’, marking the record’s 10th Anniversary. GO HERE to listen and check out the original edit below.

Hungarian hardcore/metal act GRIMCITY have premiered a new single called Strangled, coming from their upcoming EP, to be released this coming Spring!

French post rock / electronic artist SAIREN is streaming his new record “Ultima Lux”, availabla now on Fluttery Records. Through a rich and harmonious sound language, Sairen delivers powerful contemplative music that evolves between post-rock, orchestral and electronic genres. With a style of writing occasionally borrowed from Classical genres and the use of amplified and electro instruments, Sairen offers a burning emotional sound universe, where each piece is an invitation to an uncertain and tumultuous journey.

A post-rock album is in nuances, expressing evolving feelings. Instruments of all stripes unite in a sound whirlwind where sadness coasts euphoria, and serenity succeeds the storm.

The album is comprised of thirteen tracks. The first song is Cassiopée, a wonderful post-rock piece where the contemplative melancholy induced by the strings changes little by little, leaving room for a flood of guitars. It depicts a starry night, which at first seems calm and motionless, but eventually, anyone with a view in the cosmos sees the moving stars engaging in endless battle. Like this first song, the album is all in nuances, expressing evolving feelings.

Post hardcore / punk legends DAG NASTY played a cool show at Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA, on December 8th, 2017. The gig was a part of their show December run in California.

Trier metalcore act I AM NOAH have shared a new music video of their song “The Abandoned“, taken from their upcoming EP “Final Breed“, out on 12th January 2018 on Bastardized Recordings! Directed by Benedikt Dresen of Upstart Media, the video can be seen below.

The final full cross-country Vans Warped Tour will happen in 2018.

Chicago’s celtic punk rockers FLATFOOT 56 have released their new video for ‘Odd Boat’, coming from their latest record of the same name, released earlier this year through Sailor’s Grave Records. Watch below and GO HERE to check out Tobin Bawinkel’s Americana project 6’10!

Southern rockish metalcore / post hardcore act FEED THE RHINO have premiered a new 360 degress video for ‘Featherweight’, coming from their new upcoming album ‘The Silence’, to be released on February 16th via Century Media Records. Watch below and see their upcoming dates HERE.

Feet First Productions has shared a full set video of NO TRIGGER performing live at this year’s FEST 16 at the High Dive in Gainesville, Fl on October 29th, 2017.

okaboutmyself posted a cool live video of metalllic hardcore pack SECT performing live at The Kingsland in Brooklyn, NY on December 8th, probably hours before my second daughter was born. Also on the bill were SICK SHIT and BLACKEST. Hmmm.

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE’s Josh Homme apparently got stoned, or drunk or whatever and kicked female photographer in the head. GO HERE to get all the details.

Chicago’s pop punk rockers CLIFFHANGER have shared a new video for their song “Lost Cards”. The track comes from their third EP Old Wounds, released earlier this Fall and available for streaming below.

Underground British band rock WEAK13 shocked many of their supporters due to a surprise collaboration with top Birmingham hip hop artist FONZi NeuTRON. A music video for a song titled “Frequency” emerged on the official Facebook and YouTube channel for rapper FONZi NeuTRON which reveals WEAK13 frontman & guitarist Nick J Townsend and Bassist Wesley Smith performing with him. The song which has a very underground 90’s feel has already gone down well with hip hop audiences and this seems to confirm that WEAK13 have no plans on staying quiet whilst they write the follow up to their well recieved debut album ‘They Live’ .

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