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IN SHORTS #36 📢 Quick News Roundup

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French chaotic hardcore pack BIRDS IN ROW are entering the studio next week to start recording their 7th release and second LP together with producer Amaury Sauvé. Expect more details and the full release later this year via Deathwish Inc.

Silesia, Poland’s hardcore punks GOOD LOOKIN’ OUT are streaming their kick ass new record ‘For a Life Not Wasted’, out now via DIY Koło and NIC Records. Their energy and confidence makes this anticipated record an exciting shot from one of the most vital-sounding Polish an European hardcore punk acts today. Dive into it right here!

San Francisco, California’s crossover metal punks PRIMAL RITE (Revelation Records) have dropped a new single called ‘Bow To No One’, their contribution to the flexi cover of New Noise Magazine issue #37. Preorders for their new LP “Dirge of Escapism” are up now on Revelation Records. Check out 3 blistering tracks from the record below.

Primal Rite is the shot in the arm the hardcore and metal scenes need. With 7″s already on Revelation Records, Grave Mistake Records, and Warthog Speak Records, plus a cassette on Pop Wig Records, the band is unleashing their debut full-length with Revelation this January. Guitars scream and solo, mixing the speed and chaos of Japanese hardcore, the crunch of Cleveland hardcore, the riffing and solos of thrash metal, and the pure, crushing power of the Floridian death-metal scene of the ’90s.

German emo post hardcore act MAHLSTROM are streaming a new song and video coming from their debut 12” record, to be released via Through Love Records.

IDIOTEQ-featured Toronto post rock / post metal infused experimental screamo / post hardcore fusionists RESPIRE are streaming their new song ‘Bound’, the opening track off their new LP Dénouement, recorded live in Montreal, in November 2017. The band’s highly anticipated follow-up to 2016 record “Gravity and Grace” will be released via Narshardaa Records, Zegema Beach Records, Middle-Man Records, and Dingleberry records! Dive into their violin driven sad sad offering below and GO HERE to see the cover of the new record.

This new horrifying and revolting noise release from Confusion Specialist Records and artists Condo Horro and Lucy Jane deals with displacement of Trans people by gentrification and real-estate speculation. Ever wondered how it sounds? Turn up your volumes and hit the play button below.

DIY Koło Records has launched a couple of new track off the newest self-titled LP from WITCHRITE, a hard hitting, crusty, d-beat thrash hardcore punk act from Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland.

Chilean melodic hardcore punks REMISSION are streaming a new amazing track Voices, off their new LP “Enemy of Silence”, coming soon on REACT! Records!

‘Remission are a Chilean hardcore band who sing in English and whose crashing, melodic, emotive take on the genre reminds me of the stuff that was coming out of Washington, DC in the late ’80s and early ’90s. This is obviously a very good thing, and Remission’s new one-off song “Voices” is one of the heartiest, most satisfying hardcore tracks I’ve heard in a long time. ‘ – Stereogum magazine

Spanish experimental, screamo infused noise act KLS is streaming their new record ‘Powerviolence’, co released by a number of great DIY labels Boira Discos, La Choza de Doe, Nooirax Producciones, Pick Your Twelve, Distri Comú, Culpable Records, Borx Records, Resisto Luego Existo, Hecatombe Records, Plug In The Gear, Krimskramz, Grindetxe
Saltamarges, Subpost, Ojalá Estë Mi Bici, Formes Diverses De Vida, L’Automne, and Purga Records. KLS deliver unique music at a unique level. It’s fair to say that rarely do we encounter a band that creative, and interesting.

Leeds hardcore punk band RAPTURE is streaming a new jam called “Big Contest”, taken from “I Glorify” EP on Quality Control HQ Records. The track will appear on the Limited LP, due out in 2018 on Youngblood Records, which collects all of the band’s works so far plus 3 brand new tracks! The band released their debut record ‘I Glorify’ in early 2017 (listen below).

Taking a big leap from their well received demo released last year, Rapture have further developed their signature sound blending Floorpunch, Turning Point with a hint of early Youth of Today, brimming with a powerful rhythm section and catchy guitar hooks. The fast paced lyrics focus on the social pressures of everyday life, the power of words that seem to be so freely dispensed in today’s society, online or otherwise, and the costly effect that they can have. Songs like ‘Rapture’ fly the flag for women in hardcore with lyrics such as ‘Let’s settle the score, I demand more, sick of this sexist war, straight to the core’. Meanwhile ‘The New Wave’ is a nod to the New Wave of British Hardcore that Rapture identify with, sharing members with a host of bands such as Obstruct, True Vision, Shrapnel and Big Cheese.


Long Island DIY label Dead Broke Rekerds is streaming Year of the Monkey Rooster (2016​-​2017), a new 30-track sampler featuring tracks from SAMIAM, RVIVR, and more great punk rock and meodic hardcore that will brighten your cold winter days and have you singing alone!

Good Fight Music is streaming a couple of new crazy jams from crossover thrash act EXTINCTION A.D. (signed with the label 4 years ago!), coming from their new record ‘Decimation Treaty’.

“Age of Revenge,” the latest single from Strong Island’s Extinction A.D., enters your ears with the subtly of a war. If ever there was an argument to be made that these dudes are the heirs apparent to the East Coast thrash throne forged by bands like Anthrax and Overkill, it’s this song. “Revenge” is the kind of tornado track that demands an instant circle pit and insists on headbanging so intense that your jaw bruises your sternum. It has a chorus that is at once menacing, anthemic, and catchier than a bear trap, a serpentine, dangerously drunk guitar solo, and drums like a coordinated air strike. It is a steel-toed kick to the nards of a song, and an assurance that thrash’s future looks bright, even as its founding fathers continue to get old and lame. “Age of Revenge” came to kick ass, and by golly, asses shall be kicked. –

Pittsburgh political punk band ANTI-FLAG are now premiering their new music video for “Finish What We Started” via Brooklyn Vegan. Brooklyn Vegan says, “Anti-Flag‘s political music has felt especially powerful in the Trump era, and they’re not done tackling the corrupt system that currently leads our country,” “Finish What We Started” comes off of the band’s 2017 album American Fall, available now via A-F Records. The band is on a headlining US tour now with Stray From The Path, White Noise, and Sharp Tooth. A full list of dates can be found in the article.

Anti-Flag have been staples in the punk rock scene since they formed in 1993. The band is well known for its left-wing political views, focusing on anti-war activism, imperialism, class struggle, human rights, and various sociopolitical sentiments. The “Finish What We Started” video continues this sentiment, featuring the footage of the band playing the track intertwined with shocking facts on the flaws in the American political system ranging from gun control to healthcare to sexual assault.

Eight Floors Above and Mind Over Matter Records are pleased to announce the first full-length release from Michigan-based IDIOTEQ-featured artist Damien Done (ex-AS FRIENDS RUST). Damien Done will release the forthcoming album Charm Offensive on February 18th through Los Angeles’ Mind Over Matter Records. Charm Offensive follows the Stay Black EP and the He Really Tried 7”, both through Germany’s Demons Run Amok Entertainment.

Damien Done returns with his first full-length effort, Charm Offensive — an album laden with tales of blackmail, voyeurism, secrecy and guilt. Still nodding to the doom-tinged rock’n’roll of his previous releases, Charm Offensive now sees Damien Done exploring a lush, gloomy pop frontier, at times calling to mind the shimmering black art of Tears for Fears, Billy Idol or Echo & The Bunnymen. Charm Offensive is dense and unsettling, but strangely sweet and impossibly distinct.

COMEBACK KID, KNOCKED LOSE, MALEVOLENCE, OBEY THE BRAVE , and new Swedish metal/hardcore beast MASS WARSHIP will be doing a short European tour around this year’s ‘Impericon Festival shows. GO HERE to see the details.

Indiana post hardcore / screamo label Middle-Man Records has launched a full stream of ‘All This Will Be’, the newest record from New York City’s CLOSER, one of the most captivating, emotional post hardcore bands to watch this year.

Closer is three-piece heavy emo / post-hardcore formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2016. Ryann Slauson, Griffin Irvine, and Matthew Van Asselt had all been playing together and separately in various other projects for many years, but this is the first joint songwriting venture the three have undertaken together. The band began when Matt and Ryann ran into each other outside of a practice space and made a spur of the moment plan to play together later that day. The first closer song was made up on the spot. Griffin joined on shortly after and the three quickly released a demo and began playing shows. Their debut LP “all this will be” will come out January 19th on Lauren Records, Conditions Records, and Middle Man Records.

London based emotional post hardcore band TERRIBLE LOVE have launched a full stream of their new record ‘Doubt Mines’, available via Through Love Recors and Big Scary Monsters.

Having to overcome lineup changes, busy schedules and writers block caused the writing process to stretch out for the best part of a year. It is a small miracle that the record exists at all, let alone be a step up from 2015’s critically acclaimed ’Change Nothing’.

From the minimalist lament of the opener ‘First Flowers’ to the two and a half minute barrage of the title track, ‘Doubt Mines’ showcases a growth in the bands sound, adding melody and nuance without sacrificing any of the intensity of their brand of post-hardcore.

With production once again in the hands of Lewis Johns, the band spent a week in Southampton crafting the songs, resulting in a dynamic eighteen minutes of introspection and interweaving guitar lines, all bolstered by a brawny low end and deft drumming, and rounded out perfectly by new vocalist Jack Saunders.

Post-hardcore veterans BOYSETSFIRE have announced a couple of live dates for 2018. GO HERE to see the details. The band’s singer Nathan Gray is also releasing his solo album called Feral Hymns via End Hits Records.

As Profound Lore Records prepares for the March release of Bestial Hymns Of Perversion by Denver death horde OF FEATHER AND BONE, the label has issued the first audio sample from the album, issuing “Lust For Torment” upon the masses. Stream OF FEATHER AND BONE’s unrelenting “Lust For Torment” below.

After garnering substantial praise for their long sold-out 2016 demo, OF FEATHER AND BONE returned to Goldberg Studios and recorded with Steve Goldberg (Cephalic Carnage) at the helm. The resulting album delivers a tumultuous salvo of blasting death metal; a more than thirty-two-minute exploration of the genre’s most vile tactics. Mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound, and featuring stunning cover art courtesy of Stefan Todorovic, Bestial Hymns Of Perversion’s seven tracks of unrelenting death metal portend the destruction of the modern age.

IDIOTEQ-featured British hardcore punks SICK ONES have shared three remasters from their first demo The Volition EP.

JAWBREAKER’s gear has been stolen! Their California stash was broken into and a lot of precious gear has been robbed. GO HERE to learn more details. The band reunited for their first shows in 21 years last year and will play a couple of additional dates in February and March.

Melodic punk rockers THE DISTILLERS have announced a couple of reunion shows in April and May. See the details HERE.

HATEBREED have announced the details of their “20 Years Of Desire / 15 Years Of Perseverance” tour in March with CROWBAR, THE ACACIA STRAIN, and TWITCHING TONGUES. See the details HERE.

Toronto power pop punk rockers LETDOWN are streaming new energizing EP ‘.​.​Till Now’!

As metal/hardcore act BROKEN CROSS prepares for the release of its second album, Militant Misanthrope, the LP’s title track has been revealed through a premiere at Decibel Magazine.

Decibel Magazine declares with their premiere of the new song, “Super moshable hardcore punk with a healthy dose of thrash metal is what you’ll get on Militant Misanthrope, which makes sense since Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind mastered the record. New song ‘Militant Misanthrope’ is essentially a masterclass on what BROKEN CROSS do best.”

IDIOTEQ featured Vienna emo rockers YOUTH have teamed up with the amazing Miss The Stars blog to give you the full stream of their new record “The Difference in Us”. GO HERE to check it out.

Since their inception in the beginning of 2017, Youth merges the raw emo/punk sound of the 90s with more modern interpretations of the genre, creating a melancholic and yet moving atmosphere.

Santiago, Chile’s alt rockers SLOWKISS are premiering a new music video for “Erase Me” on BrooklynVegan. The track is taken from their latest EP, ‘Ultraviolet,’ which is getting a vinyl release in April via Wiretap Records.

Straight out of Chile, the southernmost spot in the world and the country with the strongest pop/rock scene of the Spanish-speaking territories, comes SLOWKISS.

A Santiago-based, English-speaking quartet lead by two sweet-singing girls who manage to combine the noisy darkness of shoegaze with “scream-in-your-face” punk rock and ethereal-sounding pop – in a most original way.

One can easily see SLOWKISS finding inspiration from their love of ‘90s alternative bands including Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins and The Pixies, along with their passion for the post-grunge sounds of acts like The Distillers and Violent Soho.

Their 2015 debut EP ’The Cliff’ was met with rave reviews from tastemaker Chilean music press and radio programmers, and the band supported the release with sold-out shows up and down Chile.

SLOWKISS’ latest EP ‘Ultraviolet’ will be released on vinyl via Wiretap Records in April.

Greek heavy hardcore / beatdown band BELOW THE BOTTOM have premiered a new track called “Omega”.

Drunken Sailor Records is streaming the newest 7” from perth melodic raw garage punks BIKINI COPS Back on it with the brand new 7″ from raw melodic punks BIKINI COPS

The third EP from Perth’s Bikini Cops is a doozey – as well you might expect. Didn’t you know all the best punk hails from Australia these days? Sounds like they take as much influence from Black Flag and Circle Jerks as their countrymen The Saints and The Scientists, which is one helluva recipe for a potent (Molotov) cocktail. This snarls and swings and punches and piledrives and grunts and grooves with the best of ‘em. If you ever forget why you got into this whole punk marlarkey to begin with, this is a surefire way to remind yourself of its loose-hipped, curled-lipped charms.

Basically, I wish I had a penny for every time some dude tried to tell me that punk these days ain’t nuthin’ but commercialised, sanitised crap (‘house’ on your bingo card if they mention Hot Topic, especially if you suspect they don’t really know what Hot Topic is) – cuz Bikini Cops make me wanna shove alla those pennies forcibly underneath their fingernails while screaming the chorus to Stupid System in their face. I’m too nice a guy to do that really, of course, so instead I’ll just stick Three on my turntable and pogo round the house ‘til all the bones in my feet have shattered. It’s the only rational way to deal with music this good. – Will Fitzpatrick.

NYHC vets MADBALL will soon enter the studio to begin tracking a new album and follow-up to the band’s 2014 album, Hardcore Lives. They will be joined by RANCID’s Tim Armstrong as the producer. MADBALL has just kicked off their huge EMP Persistence Tour 2018 with HATEBREED, TERROR, and more! GO HERE to see the details.

The band has just released a new lyric video for their song “For The Cause”, coming from the Split 7″ with WISDDOM IN CHAINS, out now via Fast Break Records.

Progressive metallers BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME have inked a deal with Sumerian records, rleased a new video for their new song Condemned To The Gallows, and will release their new record Automata I on March 9th. The two-part studio album will be supported on a tour with THE DEAR HUNTER and LEPROUS in the States. GO HERE to see the dates.

Grunge and punk rock infused alt rockers MELT have released an impressive self-titled debut record that doesn’t buckle under its ambition. By expanding their obvious influences, MELT’s songwriting is very diverse and their debut offering is a complex adventure of atmospheric shades and moods. Definitely worth a check.

Get the record via iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer.

Deathwish Inc. has launched, a new podcast where J. Bannon talks with artists ranging from the worlds of music to fine art and everywhere in between. Listen to the latest episode featuring Gavin Van Vlack from Burn, Die 116, & Absolution. GO HERE to listen.

Ever wonder what goes on at the Deathwish water cooler? Office talk with everyone’s favorite group of dopes (aka music industry professionals). Conversations range from the latest Deathwish news to which longsleeve Mark is wearing this week. You’ll feel like one of the Deathwish crew.

Colombia DIY melodic punk rockers VAGALES are streaming their new self-titled record, packed with obvious allusions to their inspirators and heroes of punk, and spiced up with their own feel that makes the record with at least a couple of noteworthy stand-out tracks. Listen below.

Delayed Gratification Records has launched a full stream of the newest, crushing record from tech death metal / deathcore monster NATURAL SELECTION called ‘Dissolution of a God Complex”

English emotive rockers MOOSE BLOOD is premiering their new single “It’s Too Much”, taken from the band’s highly-anticipated new album “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore”, which will be released on March 9, 2018 on Hopeless Records. Fans can stream the song on YouTube and Spotify. Moose Blood previously released the song and official music video for “Talk In Your Sleep”, watch the music video here. The band will be on tour in Europe in the Spring, check out the dates below.

San Francisco Bay Area metallers MACHINE HEAD have dropped a new video for their song ‘Kaleidoscope’, coming from their new record ‘Catharsis‘, due out on January 26th via a Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Melodic post hardcore rockers SILVERSTEIN have released a brand new video for Whiplash, the latest single from their new album Dead Reflection.

San Fernando punk act THE SHELL CORPORATION , have released a music video for their song “Make It Rain” off their upcoming album ‘Fucked.’ The album will be released on March 2, 2018 through La Escalera Records (U.S.) and Gunner Records (Europe). The band’s previous full-length album Mandrake was released in 2014 through Paper + Plastick and Solidarity Recordings.

Baltimore, Maryland-based crust/metal outfit NEOLITHIC is on the verge of releasing two new titles back-to-back this Winter – a split with Martyrdöd, followed by an EP, Cult Of Ignorance – both through Deep Six Records. Stream the EP’s lead track “Blinded” below.

NEOLITHIC draws heavy influence from d-beat hardcore and death metal, aiming to create their own sound of aggressive down-tuned pitch-black death/crust. The band’s lyrics touch on subjects of corruption, war, and death. The new band was only formed less than a year ago, in the Spring of 2017, by five Baltimore-area scene vets, with vocalist Evan Harting (Putrisect), bassist Matt Mutolo (Putrisect), drummer Jon John Michaud (ex-Swarm Of The Lotus), and guitarists Mitchell Roemer (ex-Pulling Teeth, ex-Old Lines) and Dustin Thornton (ex-Ruiner). Influences from the early Earache catalog artists like Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, and Brutal Truth surge with a more modern, brutal, crusty groove.

The first NEOLITHIC release for 2018 is the new split with Sweden’s Martyrdöd. Each band contributes a track to this short but wicked EP, with NEOLITHIC’s “Inner Adversary” on Side A and Martyrdöd’s “War Of Worlds” on Side B.

Long-running instrumentalists THIS WILL DESTROY YOU will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their eponymous 2008 studio album with a pair of shows in Seattle and Portland respectively where they will perform the record in its entirety. The band will also play the coveted Young Mountain album in full. Tickets go on sale this Friday at Both shows are all ages and will sell out fast. Don’t sleep on this!

Originally issued by Magic Bullet Records, This Will Destroy You was produced by Grammy-winning producer/engineer/mixer John Congleton (Blondie, Marilyn Manson, Bono etc.) at a studio in Spicewood, Texas owned by country music icon Willie Nelson. Critically lauded by fans and critics alike, Rock Sound compared it to, “the soundtrack to the impending apocalypse,” and awarded it the fifth best album of the year, Drowned In Sound called it, “a true classic of its kind,” while Punknews praised an, “engaging and occasionally stunning listen that marks a recognizable growth.”

Chicago heavy hardcore mob HARM’S WAY are streaming another new song from their new record “Posthuman” called “Call My Name“. “Posthuman“ is slated for a February 9th release through Metal Blade.

Dolores O’Riordan, singer for Irish band THE CRANBERRIES, has passed away at age 46. She was found unresponsive in hotel room in London, UK. GO HERE to see more details.

American rock veterens EELS have announced their new record The Deconstruction and shared a new song, their first since 2014’s The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett.

Marilyn Manson is planning on adding his friend Johnny Depp too his band line-up.

Indie Vision Music is back with a brand new compilation titled “Family & Friends Sampler 1” featuring 20 great tracks from a variety of independent bands and spanning a wide range of genres. This sampler is available on CD and Digital here with more digital stores becoming available soon. Click below to see full track listing including new songs from Craig’s Brother, Dogwood, Light The Way, Fire The Sun, Pleading Guilty and more.

CRASH THE CALM‘s new music video for their acoustic song “Goodbye & Goodluck” has landed online. The video features tour footage from their last run with STORIES UNTOLD in November. “Goodbye & Goodluck” is from Crash The Calm’s debut album ‘How’ve You Been?‘, released May 19, 2017.

Long Islanders Crash the Calm entered the scene in December 2014 after its members had decided to come together with the goals of making meaningful, cathartic music and trying their best to share that art with everyone they could. The five-piece play alternative rock that would fit in with the grunge of Balance & Composure and Superheaven but appeal to the ambient nature of Circa Survive and Moving Mountains. While Crash the Calm are certainly musical veterans–each member has been in multiple bands and composes music constantly–they have a looseness about them that stems from the trust and respect they have for each other, and this breathing room is exactly where they shine and what makes songs like their single “Holes”, “Irish Exit”, and “The Ambient Sound of Traffic” stand out amongst their peers.

Crash the Calm recorded their debut album, How’ve You Been?, at VuDu Studios (Hail the Sun, Gates, Glassjaw) with Nick Starrantino, Dom Nastasi & Mike Watts. The album was released on May 19, 2017 on Downport Records.

After putting in the hard work over the past two years, supporting bands such as Moose Blood, Real Friends, and The Getaway Plan, Melbourne’s STUCK OUT are stepping into the spotlight with the track Fade Away, the first single off their upcoming EP You Won’t Come Home, which is to be released February 9th through Greyscale Records, with pre-orders now available HERE. Watch The Video For Fade Away below.

Slovenski Punk Rock Portal has premiered a new issue of their ‘Punk Rock’ compilation, featuring a bunch of melodic punk rock and hardcore bands from Slovenia, including AxSx (Piran), Delaware/Dr. Zero (Sladki Vrh), Diareja Eksploziv (Ljubljana), Kennybal Smith (N. Gorica), Kid Control (Žalec), Mental Strike (Laško), Mt. Blanc (Maribor), NCODNC (Kočevje), Onslow (Maribor), Pigs Parlament (Goriška Brda), Real Life Version (Ajdovščina), Rutinska kontrola (Ljubljana), Sintetika (Kočevje), Svinjske Tačke (pAnkaran), The Margins (Pomurje), Band-Unicum (Murska Sobota), and Zopilote (Ljubljana). Listen below.

The label commented:

So here it is, compilation Punk Rock Val 17. It includes 34 songs made in 2017 by 17 local (slovenian) artists: Pigs Parlament (ska/punk/hc), Kennybal Smith (melodic hc/punk), Real Life Version (melodic hc/punk rock), Svinjske Tačke (punk rock), AxSx (grindcore/noise), Diareja Eksploziv (punk rock), Rutinska Kontrola (yugo punk rock), Zopilote (punk rock), Sintetika (punk), Nčodnč (punk/crossover/metal), Kid Control (pop punk), Mt. Blanc (sludge/post hc), Onslow (punk rock), Delaware (punk), Mental Strike (skate punk/melodic hc), The Margins (alt/grunge/indie), Unicum (crossover/rap/punk rock). We would like to thank all the bands who participated in the compilation.

But don’t be missguided. You can find much more then just punk-rock on this particular compilation. From punk to hardcore and even some blackened grindcore and rap, because the whole point was to capture a large place as possible, that covers alternative music of that kind. But the mentality is there as one, equal. This release is avaliable only in digital form through bandcamp and was done by ZPP (Založba Punk Portala) which is a small independent record label from Slovenia, which promote  good, loud and fast alternative music. So do check them out for more releases.

Albuquerque, NM’s pop punk rockers RIGHT ON, KID will release their debut ‘Forever Missing Out’ on February 16th. Pre-orders will be available soon at track off the record titled “Clarity” has debuted on Substream Magazine and can be checked out below.

Recorded in the studios at Duke City Sound in Albuquerque their sophomore Album ”FOREVER MISSING OUT“ includes pre-production by David Dominguez (Weezer, The Offspring, GnR, Queen Latifah, and Stained), Mixed by Seth Henderson (Knuckle Puck, Sleep On It, Belmont, Hold Close) Mastered by Kris Crummet (Knuckle Puck, Dance Gavin Dance, Slaves, Sleeping With Sirens) .

Melbourne, Australia based new wave and dark pop acts influenced post punk band UNDER THE CUT have just released their new EP “Intuition” on Riffbear Records. The EP is available on all streaming platforms. The new video for the single “Come Back” is out now and features Lucy Wilson (The Smith St Band, The Sugarcanes) on guest vocals. The Intuition EP release show and Riffbear Records label launch will be held on the 20th January at The Old Bar in Melbourne. The band will continue to support the release in the coming months.

Emo indie punks DONOVAN WOLFINGTON have premiered the first single “Wave” from their upcoming album WAVES! This will be their final album as a band and will be released by Community Records. GO HERE to check it out.

Melodic hardcore band KNUCKLE PUCK‘s spring tour with Boston Manor, Free Throw, Hot Mulligan, and Jetty Bones is coming up quick. Tickets are moving – find all dates HERE!

Billy Corgan spent some time in a Los Angeles recording studio with two founding members of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin. No further details on a possible reunion has been unveiled yet.

“Not sure what cross-eyed spy took this photo, but we had a visitor to the studio the other day,” Corgan wrote. “So many memories when you put the three of us together.”

MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE, the collaboration between NEUROSIS’ Scott Kelly and BURIED AT SEA’s Sanford Parker, will take to the streets next month on a twenty-five date North American tour. The trek commences February 10th in Chicago, Illinois, runs through March 10th in Vancouver, British Columbia, and will feature The Atlas Moth and Royal Thunder on select dates. See all confirmed performances HERE.

MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE released their self-titled debut via Neurot Recordings in 2016. A sonic manifestation of insomnia, complete with the tossing, turning, and perennial dread that comes with facing a new day, the five songs that comprise Mirrors For Psychic Warfare lurch and pulsate across a sullen, desolate landscape with an almost curious obsessiveness.

Istanbul’s new wave tinged garage punk rockers REPTILIANS FROM ANDROMEDA (featured on IDIOTEQ last year) are teasing their new record, to be released on January 22nd. “Dialogues For Monkeys” will feature 10 songs about life, death, truth and lies, love, lust, drugs and revolution. Mixed and mastered by Fran Ashcroft, of legendary 70’s British New Wave band THE MONOS, who’s worked with Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Dandy Warhols, and many more, with album artwork by renowned Canadian comic book artist Darren Merinuk, the record is being teased by 2 tracks and 2 videos below.

The new single/video from indie rock band OH GERONIMO‘s upcoming album The Sled has landed online. The uplifting indie-rock anthem is now available below.’Mountains’ is about straddling that thin line between ambition and humility. Everybody wants to be successful and sometimes we go to great lengths to achieve what we want to achieve, but it’s very important to keep our ego in-check. We must be kind to each other and ourselves. It’s easy to get consumed by goals and aspirations to the point where it brings you and everyone else around you down. The song is about withstanding the pressure to compromise who we are in order to be successful. The new album The Sled is out Feb 9th.

Denver’s doom/metal titans KHEMMIS announce new tour and festival dates for 2018, including the band’s European debut at Roadburn. KHEMMIS is currently working at Flatline Audio with Dave Otero, immersed in the recording of the band’s impending third album, which will see release this Summer 2018 on 20 Buck Spin for North America and Nuclear Blast Entertainment for the rest of the world excluding North America.

Portland punk rockers MEAN JEANS are streaming a couple of their new jingles from their new 23 jingles collection created in support of varying products and services ranging from Taco Bell, Corrs and Best Western to Skoal and Capri Sun for their upcoming full-length. The record is titled the Jingles Collection and it is due out on February 16, 2018 via Fat Wreck Chords.

Minnesota’s emotive indie rockers TINY MOVING PARTS shared a new track today called “Warm Hand Splash” via BrooklynVegan, who said of the track “Musically, the song is less frantic than some of the band’s earlier, highly mathy material, and a bit more pop-oriented (in a good way). They change things up a lot over the course of the four-minute song, and work in hints of Touche Amore, self-titled blink-182, and an American Football-esque ending (trumpets included).” The band’s new album Swell, set to be released on Triple Crown Records on January 26th. Pre-orders for the record are available now.

The band recently announced their winter headlining tour with support from Mom Jeans and Oso Oso. Kicking off in late January, the tour sees the trio winding their way across the country for over a month (all tour dates HERE).

Thumper Punk Records is stoked to announce the addition of Houston, Texas, based punk band THE PRETTYBADS to its evolving line-up. The Prettybads start from a base of Ramones-esque three chord punk, then layer on top their own unique sci-fi, doowop, surf, horror, and bubble gum pop influences. Fans of Blaster The Rocketman will love The Prettybads. The band is currently preparing to record their full-length debut album for release in the summer of 2018. Their current demo of “Maybe I’m Not The One You Wanted” is available for streaming and free download hosted by IndieVisionMusic and below.

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IN SHORTS #35 📢 mid January Punk/Metal/Indie News Roundup

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French chaotic hardcore maestros BIRDS IN ROW tease new record!