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TROPHIES release new song!

Swedish hardcore punks TROPHIES just released a new song from their upcoming album “There Will Be No Light”,  which will be released in late October by Throughlove Records, Hoborec, and Prejudice Me Records. The song is called “Rite Of Passage” and can be heard below.

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The band commented:

In a world where the forces whom are supposed to protect and promote basic human rights, fail to do so miserably. 
In a world where history repeats itself over and over again, without 
any substantial effort for change from the people in charge.
In a world where our individual futures are more or less limited to the genitalia between our legs. Where it’s not o.k to feel different or differ from the molds of society.
In a world where we’re taught not to walk home alone, rather than teaching right and wrong to our young.
In a world where anti-democratic, national socialist parties are protected by the democracy through freedom of speech.

We give you Rite Of Passage.

We infest the streets they aim to keep clean. And from their ivory towers they chase a dystopian dream. As the world topples from under our feet, the sirens lure us out towards treacherous seas. We’re not people, we are merely a shell. Labelled “us” and “them” in this bureaucratic hell. This is how the world is governed, and this is not a world worth saving. I will pray for the acid rains to pour. I will fall asleep to the sound of a bomb-raid. Wake me up when the world has fallen. Wake me up when we are no more.


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