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Singapura emotive screamo act LEAD II NITRATE streaming new songs!

Singapore veteran emotive screamo / hardcore band LEAD II NITRATE have released 5 new tracks with some additional commentary and lyrics. The band formed in late ’98 and brings in emotional, gloomy hardcore punk, creating moods that almost no other subgenre of hardcore comes closer to capturing. Listen below.

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When the day comes, one has to choose
As the lesser of two evils get set to rule
As time passes by, it dawns upon us
For all that was pledged
Were empty promises
A minority to decide for the masses
Iron fist set as law blinds the oblivious
Reduced to statistics slowly we crumble
A mandate for all our protests are muffled
As we overlook the option of dissent
Often cowering, in fear law at hand
That would be symbolic of our consent
For them to rule further, (thus) spelling our end
We all try to wriggle free
Rid ourselves of our misery
Most of us fail
And eventually succumb
For the mandate
Never fails to hound

the present and last days of humanity
in this era of repression (oppression)
we must all resist
against the fascist waves (ways)
that will (soon) destroy all that is
our indoctrinated existence
its our choice to unlearn
(but) now it’s human killing human
all in the name of (hell and) heaven

utopia will never be attained
when our freedom bleeds us and tears us apart
humanity’s end grows fucking closer
a gradual product of our innate fear
weathering the storm (of) humanity gone wrong

most of us are brought up with mindsets pertaining to our upbringing. These set-in-stone mindsets often limit the creativity and spontaneity of a person for it hinders ideas beyond the falsified scope. This song aims to address that and hopefully encourage cultivation of TRUE alternative thought-dimensions
Erudition – progressively learning to aid my ambitions
Inspiration – to embody conviction
Realization – once thoughts are deciphered
Impiety – my subversion
(…) your mode of thought confined to your parameters. Afraid of crusading beyond those barriers (…)
Molestation – a rape of my mind
Paving hindrance – of any concrete salvation
Decimation – warrants attrition
Your pessimism – can be your downfall
Erudition, inspiration, realization, impiety.
Molestation, paving hindrance (to) decimation, pessimism..
Your pessimism will bring about your downfall.

over the times, people have cut off relations with each other, disrupted familial ties and even decimated each other over man-made laws and religions. How could we live to the fullest when we let subtle differences permeate and manipulate our lives?

Sacrificing your own blood for your law,
Erecting dogma, diminishing all love.
Discordant path, bent on pleasing your god
Forsaking reality to achieve nirvana

Inane fantasies devour your kind
A disgrace that such impiety could exist
Is this how you want me to feel; unwanted
Ignored, disowned?

(…) would you despise me if I was tattooed?
Would I still be if I was gay? Would I not? Would I be?
Would I not or would I be? (…)


the second version of our friendship anthem

If I fall, will you be, the arms which carry me?
If I cry, will you be the shoulder that consoles me?
If I do not subscribe to your beloved paradise
What if I choose to die where will you draw the line?



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