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“Plågad Av Ljuset” – Swedish crust hardcore punks FREDAG DEN 13:E strike back!

Three years since the release of their most recent full length “Domedagar“, Swedish swingin’ crust/d-beat hardcore punk veterans FREDAG DEN 13:E are back with their new record “Dystopisk Utsikt'”, and we’re thrilled to share their story, first details on their new offering with new vocalist, and most of all, their new raging track “Plågad Av Ljuset” that will make every faint-heart’s blood leap faster!

Dystopisk Utsikt’ was mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) in his studio Audiosiege in Portland. The release is a co-op between Alerta Antifascista (Germany), Halvfabrikat (Sweden), Deviance (France), Epidemic (Italy) and EveryDayHate (Poland) and is released on 200 limited edition gatefold-LP with poster, 800 black gatefold-LP, CD and digital download. The album will also be available on all streaming sites in June 2018.

The song “Plågad av ljuset” is the first song of the album. In short we could say that the lyrics are about the stressful anticipation of a new dawn which should bring a better tomorrow, but it actually never does.. Everything stays the same, which leads to more stress and anxiety, which in turn makes one feel held down and suppressed. The anticipation of a better tomorrow is itself the burden.

It was a lot of back and forth before deciding the order of the songs. This song was not at all thought of the be the opener.. But when all the songs were recorded it felt like the most natural choice.

We even decided to short the album from 13 to 11 songs because of the way we wanted to portray the album as a whole. We are still very proud of the dropped songs, but they simply stood out too much and didn’t fit the big picture.

We had plans on releasing an album last year but we didn’t feel that the songs were complete. We’ve been working harder in the writing process for this album than on any other before it, and we truly feel that it payed off. We’ve tried to maintain “our” sound, and at the same time worked hard not to repeat ourselves. Trying not to bore ourselves, or bore the listener, still without stepping outside our box – yet remain the same Fredag den 13:e – even with a new vocalist. Changing our vocalist is a pretty big thing. When Anders left the band, G had already done a stand-in tour with us, so when he was asked to join us full time he accepted. He had never written lyrics in Swedish before, but soon got into it and the outcome couldn’t have been more satisfying to all of us!

Fredag den 13e recording

The Scandicrust institution known as Fredag den 13:e was formed in Gothenburg/Sweden back in 2006. The five guys had met through local punk shows and decided to combine the raw power of Swedish punk acts like Anti Cimex and Mob47 with the rock n roll feel of Poison Idea and Motörhead. After the first 7” was released in 2007 the band have to this day released three full length albums – ’Under Iskalla Fanor’ (2010), ’Tjugohundratretton’ (2013) and ’Domedagar’ (2015). The most recent album received numerous of great reviews and were nominated for best Swedish punk/hardcore album at Manifestgalan in Stockholm, 2016. The band have also released two split 7”, participated on various compilations and toured all over Europe, for more than ten years. They have supported legendary Swedish bands like Entombed and Wolfbrigade, as well as fellow contemporary acts like Victims and Totalt Jävla Mörker.

After ten years in Fredag den 13:e, former lead singer Anders decided to leave the band in 2016. He gave his thoughts on the exit in an interview the very same year:

“D.I.Y-premisses have taken us to places and people, which I never would have seen or met without the band. During the years we have also developed a sound that I’m very proud of. The core has always been driven d-beat, but our influences very various. Along with that we have, at least in my opinion, always managed to put our own edge to it.”

The new vocalist G, formerly in bands like Dead Vows and Painted Wolves, joined the band in 2016 and started touring right away. At the very same time the band started writing music for a new album that was recorded in the winter of 2017 with Icos/Monachus-guitarist Oscar Karlsson behind the production.

Lead guitarist Jacob explains:

”I think this period of songwriting is the most productive one we have ever had. We had so much ideas that we for the first time actually could save some songs from the recording session, and we still have like 20 riffs for another album. And they are all killers!”

Fredag den 13e cover

The new album ‘Dystopisk Utsikt‘ contains 11 fierce tracks in the same style as their previous albums – the mix of riffs hailing from the last 30 years of rock music. In the opening track ‘Plågad Av Ljuset‘ you will hear fragments of the Gothenburg death sound made famous by At The Gates, followed by raging d-beat in ’1984′. The rock n roll-feel of Poison Idea hits the listener in ‘Av Skuld Och Skam’ and the HC-breakdowns are lined up in ‘Dödad Av Tid’. You will also hear fragments of Scandinavian black metal in riffs like ‘Orsak Föder Orsak’. Lead singer G explains the idea behind the lyrics on the album:

“The lyrics are not thematic like on their last album ’Domedagar‘ where the leitmotif was the end of the world, but on ”Dystopisk Utsikt” (which means ‘Dystopian View’) most of the lyrics involves the disgust towards religion, fascism and oppression that have risen all over the world during 16/17. Songs like ‘Fängslad Mentalt’, which translates ‘Mentally Imprisoned’, is about the constant fears living as a refugee and ‘Är Du Hora Eller Gud?’ (‘Are You A Whore Or God?) about sexual harassments that was made public by the #metoo movement.”

FREDAG DEN 13:E tour dates:

Hamburg DE 15-jun
Kiel DE 16-jun
Halmstad SE 29-jul
Gothenburg SE 17-aug
Malmö SE 24-aug
Oldenburg DE 25-aug
TBA BE/FR 26-aug
Nancy FR 27-aug
Marseille FR 28-aug
TBA IT/CH 29-aug
Vienna AUT 30-aug
Dresden DE 31-aug
TBA DE/DK 01-sep
TBA DK/DE 13-sep
Eindhoven NL 14-sep – Bloodshed Fest
TBA DE/DK 15-sep
Gothenburg SE 18-nov

“Plågad Av Ljuset” – Swedish crust hardcore punks FREDAG DEN 13:E strike back!
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