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“Barn Burner” – groovy melodic metalcore / post hardcore act THIS GUN FOR HIRE premiere new video

Canadian melodic metalcore / post hardcore band THIS GUN FOR HIRE have put together a music video for their track Barn Burner and we’re pleased to have the opportuninty to share it with you exclusively! Stepping into the studio with engineer and producer Roger Swan (K-Os, BATTLE AXE) to record their first clutch of original songs, Tyler Burns (guitars), Shelby Tanaka (vocals), Axel Verstraeten (guitars) along with rhythm section in the shape of drummer Mitch Harsch and bassist Jake Murdoch completed their debut 12 track album ‘Something A Little More Sinister’. The debut displays a keen awareness of pace and dynamics. Moving deftly from the seething chaos of the eponymous opener ‘Infection’ to the grandiose and melodic epic of ‘To The Fallen and The Faithful’, and back again for the staccato grunt of album closer ‘Barn Burner’, which can be heard right here! If you dig bands like ALEXISONFIRE, EVERY TIME I DIE, THRICE, BEARTOOTH, or UNDEROATH, then you’ll dig these guys.

The band offered the following on the video:

“You ever been to one of those parties where you feel like you’re on top of the world? Well this isn’t one of those parties. Welcome to Barn Burner! Where the drinks aren’t free and the girls ain’t pretty. Get ready for a night full of hazards, disasters, and bastards where there’s no going home! Barn Burner is This Gun for Hire‘s party jam that doesn’t let up, even for a second. Delving into the Canadian atmosphere of bush and house parties. You better dust off those dancing shoes and buckle up for a wild… ish ride. Special thanks to Kris Hellstrom for creating another awesome video for us.”


The lights on the open doors.
Heels hit the dirt.
Push and shove,
Fill up this place quickly now.
All of the things that that your about to see
Are just a part of the plan.
So put your head back
Forget everything in the past.
It’s time for the noise to rise
And bring out the beasts inside.
From corner to corner,
Let’s bring the walls down
From the front of the crowd,
You can hear their roar,
“No man gets left behind!”
You won’t leave the familiar faces,
Because we’re all to pretty to die.
Raise a glass, raise a fist.
Let’s turn the dead in their sleep.
Blood and sweat and drink
That we’ll spill for you tonight
Gives us one hell of a time.
Please send us home
It is not your time
Please we can’t stay
Yes you can
Until the sun rise
Here’s a chance to show what you’re made of
Or just end up looking insane!
But when your in the dark,
It all looks the same!
Blood and sweat and drink
Gives us one hell of a time.


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